51 Icelandic Cat Names (What Makes Them So Unique?)

51 Icelandic Cat Names (What Makes Them So Unique?)

Icelandic culture is unique in many ways. Icelandic people are known for their rich storytelling, Icelandic horses, and Icelandic cats!

Have you ever wondered what makes Icelandic cats so special? In this blog post, we will explore 51 Icelandic cat names that are perfect for your new furry friend.

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Male Icelandic Cat Names

Here are some Icelandic Male Cat Names:

1. Finnur

This name references another Scandinavian country. Finnur is an Icelandic name that means “one from Finland”.

2. Brandr

A lot of Scandinavian names have medieval roots. Brandr, which means sword, is another one of these names.

3. Kristian

Kristian is the Scandinavian spelling of Christian. The spread of Christianity is an important part of Scandinavia’s cultural history.

4. Geir

Geir is an Icelandic name that refers to a pointed weapon that one uses on the battlefield.

5. Sindri

Not all masculine names are derived from macho war imagery. Sindri is an Icelandic male name that means “he who sparkles”.

6. Alexander

Alexander is an old Icelandic name that means “Defender of Mankind”. This is a name that has appeared in many cultures outside of Iceland.

7. Bjarki

Some bears are big and scary, some are cute and cuddly. Bjarki refers to the smaller kind.

8. Aron

Aron is an Icelandic name that means “giant mountain” or “exalted and lofty one”.

9. Birkir

Iceland is famous for its birch trees, and that’s where this name comes from. Birkir means birch tree in Iceland.

10. Baldur

This might be the most Icelandic name of all. Baldr literally means “one who comes from Iceland”.

11. Berrant

Berrant is a name given to someone who is strong, like a bear.

12. Jon

In Icelandic tradition, Jon is a name that means “God is gracious”. People named Jon love to help others.

13. Kari

Kari is a gender neutral name with different meanings for each gender. When ascribed to a male, Kari means “tremendous”.

14. Dagbjartur

Because of its latitude, Iceland spends a significant portion of the year shrouded in darkness. Sunlight is important to them, and that’s why Dagbjartur means sunlight, or bright day.

15. Adalward

Adalward is an Icelandic name that means “The noble guardian”. The Vikings were revered for being protectors.

16. Elvar

Elvar is a name that means elf warrior in Iceland. Alternatively, it can be spelled as Alvar.

17. Adalstienn

In Iceland, Adalstienn means “noble stone”. This emphasizes the importance of nobility in Icelandic history.

18. Armann

Armann means “messenger”. This name is similar to Hermes in Greek tradition.

19. Eyvindur

Eyvindur is an Icelandic name that means “lucky warrior”. This is another example of Icelandic names having a Viking influence.

20. Holti

Despite its small size, Iceland is known for its forests and scenic beauty. Holti is an Icelandic name that refers to someone “from the small forests”.

21. Viktor

Viktor is the Scandinavian form of Victor. Both names mean “victory”.

22. Brynjar

Likewise, Brynjar means armor or warrior. This is another name that echoes Iceland’s Viking heritage.

23. Jokull

Jokull means “joy” or someone who is searching for happiness and serenity.

24. Mikkael

This is the Scandinavian version of Michael, and it means someone who is like God.

25. Dyri

Deer are some of the most common animals running around in Iceland. Dyri means deer in Icelandic.

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Female Icelandic Cat Names

Now onto some Icelandic female cat names. Icelandic women are known for being strong and independent, just like their male counterparts.

This is reflected in the names Icelandic parents choose for their daughters.

26. Hodd

Hodd is an Icelandic name for women with great hair. Literally, it means “a woman whose hair is beautiful”.

27. Svanhildur

Svanhildur is another old female Icelandic name that means “swan”. This is one of the prettiest names on the list.

28. Ljot

Ljot is an Icelandic female name for someone who “fills everyone’s life with light”.

29. Fridrik

Fridrik is a female Icelandic name that means “one who governs peacefully”.

30. Saga

Saga is a female Icelandic name for omnipotence. In Icelandic this name literally means “the all-seeing one”.

31. Thordis

Thor is one of the most important Scandinavian gods and Thordis is an Icelandic name that literally means “woman of Thor”.

32. Valdis

Valdis is an Icelandic name honoring an old Norse god. Valdis is the “goddess of the dead”. Many Icelandic names are tributes to Norse gods.

33. Osk

Osk is a female Icelandic name that means “longing” or “desire” in Icelandic.

34. Adalbjorg

Adalbjorg is a Scandinavian name that means “Noble protection” in Iceland.

35. Eydis

In Scandinavian culture, Eydis is a name that refers to the “Goddess of good fortune”.

36. Emma

Emma is a Scandinavian name that means “universal whole” in Iceland.

37. Andrea

Andrea is the female form of Andrew. In Iceland both of these names mean “defender of mankind”.

38. Katla

Katla is a female Icelandic name that can mean either cauldron or helmet.

39. Hekla

Hekla is a female Icelandic name that means “cloak”. It gets cold in Iceland and it’s important to stay warm.

40. Birna

Birna is an Icelandic name that refers to a female bear. Bears play an important role in Icelandic culture.

41. Fridr

This is the most beautiful name on this list. Fridr is literally the Icelandic name for “beautiful”.

42. Ylfa

The cold wintery climate of Iceland makes it the perfect habitat for wolves. Ylfa is a female Icelandic name for “wolf”.

43. Embla

Embla is an Icelandic name drawing upon Norse Mythology. Legend has it that Embla was the first woman to walk on Earth.

44. Kristjana

Kristjana is the Icelandic variant of Kristina. These are both female forms of Christian, which means “follower of Christ”.

45. Alfdis

Alfdis is another spiritual Scandinavian name. Alfdis means “Goddess” or “divine woman”.

46. Boga

Continuing the theme of medieval Icelandic names, Boga means “good with a bow”. Bow hunting was an important sport during the Viking age and is still respected to this day.

47. Sunna

On a similar note, Sunna also refers to someone who brightens people’s day. Sunna is an Icelandic name for “she is the sun”.

48. Artice

Article is a Scandinavian name that means “of lofty hill” or “follower of Thor” in Iceland.

49. Artina

Artina is another spelling of the name Artice. These are both tributes to Thor. Thor is the Norse god of thunder.

50. Lilja

Scandinavia is home to some of the most beautiful flowers on Earth and Iceland is no exception. Lilja is a name that means “flower lily” in Iceland.

51. Freyja

Freyja is the goddess of love in Norse mythology. This name has a beautiful meaning, Freyja being the goddess of “love and fertility”.

Cat Name Inspiration

There are a few ways to come up with a name for your new feline friend. You could choose a name that is inspired by their personality, their fur color or pattern, or even where they came from.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

If your cat is feisty and full of energy, try naming them after an animal that is known for being fierce, like lion, tiger, jaguar, cougar, or leopard.

If your cat has beautiful markings or a unique coat color, consider using words related to nature or the sky to name them – like cloud, storm, starlight, moonbeam etc.

If your cat was adopted from a shelter or another country, you could name them after the place they came from – like Cairo, Sydney, Paris, Mumbai etc.

If you want to go with a traditional name, there are plenty of options that start with A-Z. Some popular cat names include Ace, Atticus, Benny, Boots, Charlie, and Daisy.

No matter what name you choose for your new feline friend, be sure to spend some time getting to know them so that the perfect moniker will feel just right!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while you are considering names for your furry friend:

1. Make Sure The Name Is Easy To Say

Making sure your pet's name is easy to say will make life much easier for you and your pet. You'll want to choose a name that is easily distinguishable from other words, and one that you won't stumble over when saying it in a hurry.

#Tip: If the name has multiple syllables, try shortening it to something more manageable. For example, "Bella" can become "Belle."

2. Don't Choose A Name That's Too Similar To Your Own Or Anyone Else In The Family

Choosing a name that's too similar to the name of anyone else in your family, including you and other pets.

This can lead to confusion for those who don't know your pet well and is likely to cause frustration with people calling out names that sound too alike.

3. Consider What Kind Of Personality Your Cat Has

When picking a name for your new feline friend, consider the personality that you think your cat has.

Do you have a sassy and independent kitty? A playful and active one? Or a sweet and mellow lap cat? Choose a name to fit their personality!

4. Pick Something Unique And Creative Like "Paprika" Or "Tiger Lily"

Pick a name that is unique and creative such as "Paprika" or "Tiger Lily." If you choose a more interesting pet name, it will make your cat feel special.

It will also be easier to distinguish them from every other cat with the same name at their vet or when meeting new furry friends.

5. Avoid Naming Your Cat After Other Animals, Foods, Colors, People, Places, Objects, etc., Since It May Be Confusing When Calling Them By Their Name

Try to avoid naming your cat after other animals, foods, colors, people, or places because it may be confusing when calling them by their name. For example, if you have two dogs named "Rover" and "Rex," they are likely to get confused with each other.

Another example is if you named your cat after your favorite food, such as "Carrot," it may get confusing at the dinner table when you ask a family member to pass you the "Carrots."


Icelandic names are a great way to make your furry friend feel special and unique. Whether they have an interesting personality or come from a different country, there is likely a name suited for them in Iceland.

For more cat name inspiration, check out our other guides!

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