Cat Names For Brothers (127 Awesome Ideas)

Cat names for brothers can be tricky because there's a lot of them! We have listed some of the best ones to make your life a little easier.

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Aesthetic Cat Names (358 Awesome Ideas for Males and Females)

Not sure what to name your new feline friend? Click here to check out a great list of aesthetic cat names.

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Vietnamese Cat Names With Meanings (287 Awesome Ideas)

This blog post provides 287 Vietnamese Cat Names with their meanings so you can find the perfect name for your new kitty!

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51 Demon Cat Names (Awesome Ideas For Your New Pet)

You have just adopted a cat from the local shelter. The adoption counselor has already given it a name, but you want to give your feline friend an even better one. What do you call your new pet? A demon cat name!

Demon cats are often portrayed in movies and literature as evil or bad luck, but they can make for great pets with the right name. Here is our list of demon cat names for all types of kitties!

Evil Looking Cat

Male Demon Cat Names


Abbadon is the destroying angel and an advisor to evil. He is one of the reigning chiefs of demons.


Abduxuel is a demonic ruler of lunar houses and mansions.


Abraxas is a frightening demon. He holds a whip and he has the head of a king and instead of feet, he has snakes coming out of his legs.


Adad is a demon that controls the weather. He is known as the “god of the storm”.


Adramalech was the lord of hell in Assyrian religions. Worship of Adramalech included human sacrifice.


Adriel is a powerful Enochian demon that is in control of mansions on the moon.


Abigar is a demon that can predict fortunes and gives military advice to generals and heads of state.


Aclahayr is the demonic embodiment of genius.


Ammon is a sun god. He is comparable to Lucifer in many ways, except for the fact that Ammon is in control of life and reproduction.


Abdiel is the lord of slaves and slavery.

See more male cat names

Female Demon Cat Names


Dearg-Due is a Celtic demon similar to the succubus. She rises from her grave to seduce men and suck their blood.


Aosoth is a female demon who embodies the works of passion and death.


Druj is a female archdemon. She is the lord and master of lies. She takes pleasure in leading men astray.


Vanth is the demon of death. She guides the dead to the underworld.


Yachemi is an evil female demon who preys on those who are lost. She attacks and eats travelers who have gone astray.

Hantu Kopek

Hantu Kopek is another female demon whose mission is to instill nightmares in people.


Hailing from Ethiopia, Aynaet is a female demon who is the master of the death stare.


Drude is a sadistic female demon that gives people nightmares and suffocates them in their sleep.


Onoskelis is a particularly frightening fallen angel who now lives in caves and perverts the goodness of men.


Wutr is a cannibal demon. She eats humans alive.


Ammit is an Egyptian goddess who devours the souls of those who fail their final judgment.

Demon Names For Black Cats


Jahi is a sadistic female demon who is known for poisoning her victims.


Lamashtu is one of the most evil demon names on this list. Lamashtu is especially sadistic because she targets pregnant women and steals their children from them.


Fujin is usually paired with Raijin. Fujin is a demon of wind.


Dantanian is a fallen angel. He’s hard to recognize because his face is always changing.


Empusa is a shape-shifting Greek demon. She’s another cannibalistic demon who preys on weary travelers.


Raijin is often paired together with Fujin. Raijin is in charge of lightning, thunder, and storms.


Izanami is the wife of Izanagi. They are the mother and father of all gods in Japanese mythology.


Izanagi is the husband of Izanami, they are the mother and father of all gods in Japanese mythology.


Werzelya is a particularly cruel demon from the Ethiopian religion. Werzelya is famous for murdering her daughter and feasting on her daughter’s blood.


In Christian mythology, Decarabia is a demon that takes the form of a pentagram. He controls over 30 legions, has influence over birds, and also sometimes shows up in the form of a pentacle.

Cool Demon Names for Cats


Diablos is the archnemesis of the archangel Michael. He roams the Earth to tempt Christians and lead them astray from God’s will.


Amdusias is a fallen angel who appears as a unicorn and is regarded as the demon of music. They are also one of the Grand Dukes of Hades.


The embodiment of evil, Djinn are Islamic demons that live in the desert. Djinn are particularly scary because unlike angels, djinn have free will.


In Christian demonology, Amaymon is one of the princes of hell. Amaymon is one of the only demons who has power over Asmodeus.


Dialen is a female demon that is said to actually like humans. Dialen are distinguished by their hoven feet. They often help humans or present them with gifts.


Dimme is a Sumerian demon that causes postpartum sickness in mothers and babies.

Charmo Vetr

Charmo Vetr is a demon from the Kam tribe. She preys on the lost travelers in foggy valleys, but she can be appeased with animal sacrifice.


Andrephalus commands over thirty legions in hell, and they teach people astrology. They take the form of a peacock and are one of the dukes of hell.


Batibat is a frightening demon from the Philipines. She is said to be associated with trees and she is known for causing sudden death to people who are asleep.


In Iranian religions, Akatash is an arch-demon who is one of the lords of evil. They are on a mission to work with other demons to defeat Zarathustra.

Japanese Demon Cat Names


Tengo are goblins that are believed to live in mountains. They actively look for opportunities to play tricks on people.


Yamauba is also known as a mountain ogress. They are believed to be old women living in the mountains who crave human flesh and spend a lot of their time looking for people to eat.


Amaterasu is one of the most important Shinto gods. She is a goddess of the sun. Legend says that the Japanese Royal Family descended from Amaterasu.


Kiyohime is the spirit of a young woman who was rejected by the monk that she fell in love with. She took the form of a serpent so that she could seek revenge on the monk.


Oiwa is the spirit of a young woman who was poisoned by her husband. She walks the Earth seeking revenge on him.


Kuchisake-onna is the “slit-mouthed woman”. She wears a surgical mask to hide her deformities and asks people if they think she’s beautiful. If she asks you, it’s a bad idea to say yes or no.


Kannon is a Japanese spirit that is known for its mercy and compassion. When Christianity was banned in Japan, Kannon was sometimes used as a substitute for an image of Mary and Jesus.

Shuten Doji

Shuten Doji has one of the most frightening appearances of any demon on this list. They are fifty feet tall with five horns and fifteen eyes.


Yuki-onna is a pale white ghost with pale white clothing and black hair. Perfect name for a white cat.

Aka Manto

Aka Manto haunts women’s bathrooms, asking if they want a red cloak or a blue cloak. If they say red, he tears the flesh off their back. If they say blue, he strangles them to death.

Cat Name Inspiration

Inspiration for cat names can come from anywhere. Sometimes people name their cats after celebrities or characters in books and movies.

Other times, people might choose a name that has a special meaning to them.

One of our favorite sources for cat names is nature. There are so many beautiful and unique names to choose from, and they all have special meanings.

Here are a few examples:

  • Breeze – A gentle wind
  • Sparrow – A small bird that is known for its song
  • Butterfly – A colorful butterfly
  • Tiger – The king of the jungle
  • Leopard – A large wildcat with spots on its fur
  • Rainbow – The colors of a rainbow in the sky
  • Sunset – The colors of the sky at sunset

Other popular sources for cat names are famous people, literary characters, and TV shows.

Some of these examples include:

Marilyn Monroe – Actress Marilyn Monroe played a role in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  and sang one of her most well-known songs called "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

Abraham Lincoln – The 16th President of the United States who was known to have an incredible amount of patience even when he faced difficult times during his presidency

Huckleberry Finn – One of Mark Twain's most iconic literary characters from his book Huckleberry Finn. Huck is a kindhearted but mischievous boy that lives along the Mississippi River with little parental guidance. He has quite a few mishaps throughout the book, but he always manages to learn from his mistakes

Buffy Summers – The title character of the popular TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is a young woman who was chosen to fight vampires and other demons that threatened her town of Sunnydale

There are literally thousands of names to choose from when it comes to naming your cat. So take your time, do some research, and find the perfect name for your new furry friend!

As you can see, there are many different sources of inspiration for cat names. Whether you're looking for a name with a special meaning or one that's inspired by nature or pop culture, you're sure to find something perfect for your kitty.

Don't forget to take your time in finding the right name for your pet!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right name for your cat:

1. Pick A Name That Is Unique And Easy To Pronounce

When choosing a name for your cat, it's important to pick one that is unique and easy to pronounce.

This will help make sure that your cat doesn't get confused with any other animals in the house and that people can easily say her name when they want to call her.

Some great names to consider are Simba, Luna, Felix, or Mia.

If you're looking for something a little more unique, why not try naming your cat after a character from your favorite book or movie?

Some examples include Harry Potter characters like Hermione or Hagrid, or Disney characters like Belle or Flynn Rider.

Whatever name you choose, just make sure it's one both you and your cat can agree on!

2. Avoid Naming Your Cat After Other People In The House, Like Siblings Or Parents

When looking for a name for your cat, it's important to avoid picking one that is already being used in the house by another family member.

This will help make sure that you're not getting into any unnecessary fights with other members of your household and that everyone can feel free to call their pet using whatever name they want without worrying about hurting someone else's feelings.

3. Ask friends and family what they think of the proposed names before making a final decision

If you're stuck on picking a name for your cat, it can be a good idea to ask your friends and family what they think of the names you've picked.

This will help give you some insight into whether or not these are going to be popular choices among others in your household so that everyone can have a voice in naming their new pet.

It's important to remember that just because someone doesn't like a name, it doesn't mean this is automatically going to make the cat unhappy! There are plenty of cats out there with human-given names who love being called by whatever moniker they were given from birth.

So feel free to stick with one name even if other members of your house don't particularly care for it too much. This will let know that no matter what anyone says, the final decision is always up to you!


Demon names for cats can be hard to come up with, but don’t worry because we have tons of awesome ideas for you! Demon names are great if you want your kitty to scare away rodents or other pests.

We hope this blog post helped you find the perfect name for your new feline friend and now all that’s left is filling out those adoption papers so they know how loved they will be in their new home!

Need more inspiration? Check our list of cat name posts here or take a look at the related section below.

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