Viking Cat Names (210 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

Viking Cat Names (210 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

Are you looking for an epic name for your feline friend? Name them after a Viking! Or skip the middle man and name your cat after a Norse God.

This guide of unique viking cat name ideas is sure to inspire, especially if you own a Norwegian forest cat!

Lets dive in.

Male Viking Cat Names

  1. Aric - This timeless name means Eternal Ruler.
  2. Gunnar - This Viking name means "he who can stand alone" -- perfect for a solitary cat.
  3. Leif - This popular name means "beloved".
  4. Loki - Loki was the trickster god of Norse myth.
  5. Magus - This name means Great, Big or Mighty.
  6. Ragnar - This name was popularized by a series of books and then the TV show Viking.
  7. Odin - Odin was the ruler of all of the Norse gods. Like a cat, he would often leave on solitary journies, wandering for long stretches of time before returning home. The name Odin means Master of Inspiration.
  8. Thor - This name belonged to one of the most important gods of ancient europe. Thor was the god of thunder and lightning. Vikings wore his hammer symbol around their necks in the way that Christians would later wear a cross. Sometimes spelled Tor.
  9. Vidar - This ancient name means Ruler.
  10. Ulrik - This Viking cat name means Noble Ruler.

See more male cat names

Female Viking Cat Names

Yes, women were Viking warriors too! Check out these feminine forenames for your fine female cat. 

  1. Astrid - Popularized by the series How to Train Your Dragon, this name means "divinely beautiful".
  2. Freya - This fantastic cat name means "noble lady". Freya is the most important goddess of ancient Viking religion, wife of the great Norse god Odin.
  3. Gefjun - This name is pronounced Gev-yune. She was an ancient goddess of agriculture and abundance.
  4. Gunhilda- This ancient name means "battle maiden".
  5. Ingrid - Made famous by the beautiful and talented Ingrid Bergman, this name means "beautiful beloved".
  6. Jord - Pronounced Yord, this norse goddess was the mother of Thor.
  7. Saga - This beautiful name is still commonly used today.
  8. Solveig - Pronounsed SOL-vay, this Norse name means "strong house" and is associated with the sun.
  9. Sigrid - This Scandanavian name means "beautiful victory".
  10. Siv - This name is taken from Thor's wife. Also spelled Siv. This goddess was known for her gorgeous golden hair, said to symbolize the earth's bounty and a fine harvest.
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50 Best Viking Cat Names

Here are our fifty favorite names for your Norse cat along with their meanings.

  1. Leif: descendant
  2. Ulf: wolf
  3. Rune: secret
  4. Bo: the resident
  5. Bjørn: bear
  6. Birger: keeper
  7. Frode: clever and wise
  8. Njal: giant
  9. Troels: Thor’s arrow
  10. Skarde: he with the cleft chin
  11. Toke: Thor and helmet
  12. Arne: eagle
  13. Sten: stone
  14. Kåre: he with curly hair
  15. Trygve: trustworthy
  16. Svend: to serve freely 
  17. Halfdan: he who is half Danish
  18. Roar: famous with a spear
  19. Ødger: wealthy spear bearer
  20. Knud: knot
  21. Torsten: Thor and the stone
  22. Åge: ancestor
  23. Erik: absolute ruler
  24. Harald: the lord and ruler
  25. Sune: son
  26. Gorm: he who worships the gods
  27. Ulfhild: battle wolf
  28. Gertrud: spear
  29. Gudrun: rune and god
  30. Astrid: beautiful, beloved
  31. Frida: peace
  32. Tove: dove
  33. Revna: raven
  34. Tora: belonging to the god Thor
  35. Estrid: beautiful goddess
  36. Bodil: fight and penance
  37. Gunhild: fight
  38. Thurid: Thor the beautiful
  39. Sif: bride and wife, beloved
  40. Sigrid: a victorious horsewoman
  41. Gro: to grow
  42. Signe: victorious
  43. Åse: goddess
  44. Helga: sacred
  45. Hilda: the fighter
  46. Liv: of life
  47. Randi: shield, shrine
  48. Yrsa: wild, she bear
  49. Thyra: helpful
  50. Inga: belonging to the god Inge

140 More Cool Viking Names For Cats

  1. Liv (girl) Protection
  2. Erich (boy) The eternal ruler
  3. Raven (girl) Raven
  4. Sigurd (boy) Victory or guardian
  5. Eir (girl) Mearcy
  6. Ingeborg (girl) Ing's protection or Ing's help
  7. Rindr (girl) Old Norse name 
  8. Rahn (boy) Ruler with advice
  9. Betzy (girl) My God is an oath/vow
  10. Sigrid (girl) Victory beautiful
  11. Thorstein (boy) Thor's stone
  12. Nanna (girl) Nanna is an Old Norse name
  13. Aric (boy) Eternal ruler
  14. Kormákr (boy) Son of the charioteer
  15. Audley (boy) Ancestor
  16. Ráðúlfr (boy) Wolf counsel
  17. Rollo (boy) Famous wolf
  18. Nerthus (girl) Nerthus is a Latin variant of th...
  19. Erland (boy) Foreigner
  20. Ralph (boy) Wolf council
  21. Inga (girl) Warrior
  22. Bernhard (boy) Brave like the bear
  23. Osborn (boy) God's bear
  24. Thora (girl) Feminine form of Thor
  25. Alvis (boy) Old and wise
  26. Hulda (girl) Weasel, mole
  27. Helge (boy) Holy, blessed
  28. Eric (boy) Ever ruler, always ruler
  29. Garth (boy) Garden, works in a garden
  30. Brynja (girl) Protection, armor
  31. Bo (boy) Handsome
  32. Inge (girl) Shortened form of names beginning with Inge
  33. Dagny (girl) New day
  34. Signa (girl) Victory, new
  35. Erling (boy) Descendant of the Chieftain or Noble
  36. Balder (boy) Prince
  37. Gerda (girl) Strong with the spear
  38. Hjalmar (boy) Helmeted warrior
  39. Tora (girl) Tora is a modern Scandinavian name
  40. Corey (boy) Lives in and / or near a hollow
  41. Esben (boy) God bear
  42. Thormund (boy) Thor's protection
  43. Tófa (girl) Beautiful child of Thor
  44. Erna (girl) Serious
  45. Thorwald (boy) Thor's ruler
  46. Olof (boy) Ancestor's latest descendant
  47. Blenda (girl) Blenda is a heroine of ancient myth
  48. Dagmar (girl) Day maid
  49. Alwilda (girl) Elf battle
  50. Leif (boy) Heir
  51. Njord (boy) Beloved of / belonging to Jord
  52. Sindri (boy) Child of the gods
  53. Freyja (girl) Alternate spelling of Freya
  54. Ewart (boy) Blessed guardian
  55. Vernelle (girl) Place were the alders are
  56. Dagmær (girl) Day maid
  57. Ericka (girl) Eternal ruler, feminine form
  58. Kirk (boy) Church, chapel 
  59. Alvar (boy) Elven army
  60. Kirby (boy) Church town, village with a church
  61. Jordis (girl) Sword weilding goddess
  62. Iona (girl) Island
  63. Sven (boy) Boy
  64. Rinda (girl) Rinda is a Latin variant of a Norse name
  65. Brenda (girl) Sword
  66. Olaf (boy) Ancestor's descendant
  67. Gustav (boy) Stave of the Goths
  68. Bolden (boy) Bolden is a Norse surname 
  69. Ragna (girl) Short form of names beginning with Ragna
  70. Thurman (boy) Thor's protection
  71. Ari (both) Lion
  72. Thurmond (boy) Thor's protection
  73. Thor (boy) Thunder
  74. Olan (boy) Royal forefather
  75. Erika (girl) Eternal ruler
  76. Stellan (boy) Stellan is a name whose meaning has been lost in the sands of time.
  77. Ivor (boy) Archer, warrior with the bow
  78. Tora (girl) Tora is a modern Scandinavian name
  79. Thurston (boy) Thor's stone
  80. Haraldr (boy) Army ruler
  81. Erik (boy) Eternal ruler
  82. Njörðr (boy) Njörðr is an Old Norse whose m...
  83. Odin (boy) Rage
  84. Randúlfr (boy) Edge of a shield
  85. Hjördís (girl) Sword goddess
  86. Siri (girl) Victory or beautiful (bonus points for confusing your friends' phones)
  87. Astrid (girl) God's fair, god's strength
  88. Einar (boy) One warrior, lone warrior
  89. Tor (boy) Thunder, varriant of Thor
  90. Brynjar (boy) Protection, armor
  91. Thurston (boy) Thor's stone
  92. Erica (girl) Feminine form of Eric, meaning ruler
  93. Lamont (boy) Law man
  94. Oscar (boy) Deer lover
  95. Freya (girl) Lady
  96. Thorwald (boy) Thor's ruler
  97. Knute (boy) Knot
  98. Brenner (boy) To burn
  99. Rosco (boy) Doe in the woods
  100. Shelby (girl) Ancient surname
  101. Roscoe (boy) Doe in the wood
  102. Evander (boy) Bow warrior, archer
  103. Gunner (boy) Warrior
  104. Hildur (girl) Battle
  105. Thora (girl) Thora is a modern, feminine form of Thor
  106. Thorstein (boy) Thor's stone
  107. Helga (girl) Holy, blessed
  108. Elli (girl) Old age, wisdom
  109. Sigurðr (boy) Victory or guardian
  110. Alfhild (girl) Elf battle
  111. Saga (girl) Seeing one, great journey 
  112. Dustin (boy) Dusty place
  113. Bjorn (boy) Bear
  114. Ívarr (boy) Archer, warrior with the bow
  115. Eiríkr (boy) Ever ruler or always ruler
  116. Hildr (girl) battle
  117. Dahlia (girl) Valley
  118. Ole (boy) Ancestor's descendant
  119. Tor (boy) Thunder
  120. Óðinn (boy) Rage, frenzy
  121. Signe (girl) Victory new
  122. Ericson (boy) Son of Eric or son of the eternal one
  123. Gunnar (boy) Warrior
  124. Tófa (girl) Beautiful Thor
  125. Brenna (girl) Sorrow
  126. Halle (girl) Rock
  127. Signý (girl) Victory or new
  128. Erick (boy) Eternal ruler
  129. Alfarr (boy) Elf army
  130. Thurman (boy) Thor's protection
  131. Brandr (boy) Sword
  132. Ragnvaldr (boy) Advice
  133. Sigríðrgirl Victory beautiful
  134. Ingergirl Ing is beautiful
  135. Hjalmer (boy) Helmeted warrior
  136. Brynhildr (girl) Battle armor and / or protection in battle
  137. Thormund (boy) Thor's protection
  138. Asbjørn (boy) God bear
  139. Rowan (both) cute little redhead
  140. Thurmond (boy) Thor's protection

Cat Name Inspiration

Need more inspiration? Try watching the show Viking or listening to the audiobooks of the books that the show Viking was based on. Hearing the names aloud will help you to get a feel for them and make a decision.

The first book in the series is called The Last Kingdom. Or you could skip the fiction and seek out some other books on Vikings, Norse language or Norse mythology.

Help Choosing The Right Name

You want to choose the right name for your cat. What does that even mean? Well, you want to choose a name that's well suited to your cat. Consider your cat's personality and unique character traits. Take their appearance into consideration, but be mindful of which traits will remain steady and which will change as they grow from kitten to cat. 

Choose a name that you love... and one that you're prepared to shout from the rooftops if your little Norse god goes a wandering. 


We hope this guide has been helpful to you on your epic journey. If you haven't found the right name yet, don't despair! The perfect unique cat name is out there, just waiting to be discovered. 

For more cat name inspiration, check out our other guides! The right name is out there.

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