Irish Cat Names (155 Male And Female Choices)

Having a hard time to come up with a pet name that's cute yet unique?

You would want to aim for a name which is both unique and personifies the temperament of your cat. Cats have personalities which are somewhat distinctive.

Finding a name that not only sounds beautiful, but suits your cat's personality is important.

If you are determined to find a beautiful and special name for your new feline friend, Irish cat names are a creative way to go. Irish society adorns a host of stunning names that are meaningful and beautiful.

The Irish heritage, its famous Irish cream, and the famous Irish whiskey are only some ideas when deciding upon the name of your feline.

Check out our awesome list of some adorable Irish names that are sure to make you spoiled for choice. We list out some fun Irish names for your cat in a comprehensive list. We have segregated the cat names into male cats, female cats, black cats, orange cats, and funny cat names.

Let's dive in.

Irish Cat Names

Female Irish Cat Names

  1. Adan
  2. Aghna
  3. Alanna
  4. Ailisa
  5. Arline
  6. Athdara
  7. Attracta
  8. Breena
  9. Brenda
  10. Cacia
  11. Cadi
  12. Caitlin
  13. Carolan
  14. Cattee
  15. Ceire
  16. Ciara
  17. Clodagh
  18. Concepta
  19. Corri
  20. Colleem
  21. Cristy
  22. Darcia
  23. Dana
  24. Darerca
  25. Darcelle
  26. Deidre
  27. Derforgal
  28. Dominica
  29. Duayna
  30. Devinee
  31. Duvessa
  32. Eavan
  33. Eila
  34. Eithne
  35. Eilene
  36. Ena
  37. Ethna
  38. Fainche
  39. Finella
  40. Fynballa
  41. Fallon
  42. Gliona
  43. Granuaile
  44. Gobinet
  45. Honoria
  46. Hiolair
  47. Islene
  48. Kealsea
  49. Kerra
  50. Kaitlan

Male Irish Cat Names

  1. Cody
  2. Darcy – Dark
  3. Flynn
  4. Eamon – Guardian of the riches
  5. Quigley – Shaggy
  6. Pierce – Rock
  7. Mal – Chief
  8. Owen
  9. Carney – Victorious
  10. Hurley – Sea tide
  11. Godfrey – Peace from God
  12. Tierney – Lord, master
  13. Riley
  14. Goídel – Mythological creator of Goidelic languages
  15. Tyrell – Tyr, Norse god of battle
  16. Cillian – Battle
  17. Rafferty – Prosperous
  18. Raghnall – Strong
  19. Conan – Little wolf
  20. Sean – God’s grace
  21. Donovan – Little dark prince
  22. Ronan – Little seal
  23. Fintan – From Fintan mac Bóchra, mythological seer
  24. Miles
  25. Haley – Clever
  26. Finley – Fair hero
  27. Fionn – Fair or white
  28. Kieran – Dark-haired
  29. Griffin
  30. Eoin – God’s gift
  31. Doyle – Dark stranger
  32. Carraig – Rock
  33. Finnegan – Fair or white
  34. Rys – Enthusiasm
  35. Padraig – Noble
  36. Aidan – Flame
  37. Scully – Herald
  38. Lugh – Warrior god, father of Cú Chulainn
  39. Aengus – Strong- god of love and youth
  40. Phelan – Joyful
  41. Colm – Dove
  42. Logan
  43. Kevin
  44. Cían – Ancient- Lugh’s father in Irish mythology
  45. Abban – Abbot
  46. Nolyn – Noble
  47. Niall – Champion
  48. Keenan – Ancient
  49. Eimhin – Swift
  50. Ualtar – Fighter

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Funny Irish Cat Names

  1. Pangur
  2. Cat
  3. Melodeon
  4. Altogether
  5. Craic
  6. Dubh
  7. Pusheen
  8. Cait
  9. Guinness
  10. Fin MacCool
  11. Elvis
  12. Puca
  13. Bailey
  14. Shandy
  15. Gael
  16. Charm
  17. Lucky
  18. Paddy
  19. Celt
  20. Emerald
  21. Clover
  22. Oatcake
  23. Tayto
  24. Boann
  25. Conchobar

Irish Names For Orange Cats

  1. Furgus
  2. Rory – Red king
  3. Roisin – Little rose
  4. Aidan – Little fire
  5. Flynn – Son of the red-haired one
  6. Keegan
  7. Clancy – Red-haired warrior
  8. Aurora – Red king
  9. Flana or Flannery – Red-skinned
  10. Rohan

Irish Names For Black Cats

  1. Kieran - Dark and Black Haired
  2. Donovan - Dark Little Prince
  3. Darcy - Dark Color
  4. Dubheasa - Dark Beauty
  5. Ciara - Dark Haired
  6. Darcelle - Darl Color
  7. Dublin - A Black Pool
  8. Kira - Black Color
  9. Doyle - Dark Colored Stranger
  10. Duvessa - Dark Beauty

Cat Names Inspired By Irish Cities

  1. Belfast
  2. Bray
  3. Cashel
  4. Dublin
  5. Ennis
  6. Galway
  7. Shannon
  8. Sligo
  9. Tullamore
  10. Wexford (located in southeast Ireland)

Cat Name Inspiration

In the right way, a cat name inspiration can be drawn from a variety of data around us.

Using the cat breed as a parameter is a common aspect of naming your cat. There are other forms of inspiration, which could range from naming cats after the name of a city, food or heritage. Cartoon and animated characters are other popular choices.

Ireland, with some of the largest cities, Irish culture are some great examples of choice when it comes to picking a name for your cat. Other popular choices include Northern Ireland and Southeast Ireland, specially known for their beautiful towns and cities.

A common misconception is the fact that cats do not remember their names, so why bother to keep a name at all?

This is an absolute wrong conception. Cats not only remember their names, but also respond to it. They do require a certain amount of time and training getting used to the name. But once they do, they will respond to it.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Some common factors to be kept in mind when choosing a name for your cat include:

  • The length of the name. Long titles must be minimized, even in situations where the truncated form is used almost every day. Cats do not interpret words like humans, so a short name remains important, so they understand the overall voice.
  • Wait until you know your cat. I mean, you can't help but draw up a list of potential pretty names for cats. Not until you get the thrilling news of a new arrival in the household, but it simply doesn't work this route. A mere glance is appropriate occasionally and you realize that the name "David" doesn't fit him, but maybe "Lazy". It should be noted that the personality of the cat plays a big role when it comes to choosing its name.
  • Do not subject to mistaken interpretation. The name chosen does not correspond with other household members' identities, or pets who are already at home. You would annoy the cat. Because everybody needs a correct and unique initial name, you would have very little regard from him/her.
  • Another important aspect of choosing a name for your cat would be to avoid using command words. These would include small command words like stop, go, etc as that may confuse the cat.
  • Another important aspect of choosing the name for your cat is to make it a family affair. Include everybody in the process. There is no bad idea when it comes to choosing a name. Even the little ones of the family can come up with a unique name, so involve all.

In conclusion, cat names are a way of personalizing and ensuring that your pet is a part of the family. It is a family affair and ideally should involve everybody. Cats make ideal urban pets for our society.

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