Hawaiian Cat Names: 100 Awesome Furbaby Names

If you are a cat owner who lives in Hawaii or loves Hawaii and everything the state stands for, you may want to give your feline friend an awesome Hawaiian cat name. You may want inspiration after visiting Hawaii which could be to do with anything that represents the state. This can range from the picturesque landscape to the vibrant culture, flowers, and white sandy beaches.

Hawaii is a renowned tourist destination known for its abundant attractions. Hawaii has beautiful islands featuring white sandy beaches and lush flora. Hawaii is also renowned for its food delicacies and traditional celebrations. The state is packed with beautiful and welcoming natives. There are also countless activities to do in Hawaii.


If you’ve experienced Hawaii first hand and you are a cat owner, it’s understandable why you’d want to give your cat a Hawaiian name. Below we have listed the top 100 names this beautiful state has to offer and the corresponding meaning to make it easy for you to choose.

100 Hawaiian Cat Names:

  1. Akamu: Means formed by God, the almighty or earth
  2. Akamai: Means intelligent or clever
  3. Akoni: Worthy of praise or admiration
  4. Aloha: Love, compassion, and peace. Aloha is also a popular greeting (hello and goodbye)
  5. Aolani: Means beautiful or heavenly
  6. Aheahe: Means gentle breeze
  7. Ano: means immaculate. Great name for a near-perfect cat
  8. Akela: Mean wisdom. Great cat name for a cat that is deemed wise
  9. Asera: Means lucky. Great Hawaiian male or female cat name for a cat that is a lucky charm
  10. Apikalia: Means father’s delight
  11. Alemana: Means warrior, fighter or protector
  12. Alamea: Great name for a precious cat
  13. Alika: Guardia or protector
  14. Aliikai: Means Queen of the sea.
  15. Alani: Does your cat love fruits. Name him Alani meaning in love with fruit
  16. Bane: Long-awaited child. Great name if you waited to get him/her
  17. Ekewaka: Guardian or riches/protector of riches
  18. Eleu: Great name for a lively and agile.
  19. Haku: Superior leader or overseer
  20. Hanale: Means lord of the manor
  21. Hoala: Means agitate. Does your cat get agitate easily?
  22. Hani: If your cat is your absolute source of joy, name him hani meaning happy
  23. Healani: Means haze from the heavens
  24. Hikialani: Looking at heaven
  25. Hona: Do you love kissing your cat. Name him Hona meaning kiss
  26. Hoku: Means star. Is your cat your star? If yes, Hoku is a great name
  27. Hiapo: Means 1st born in Hawaii. Is your cat your firstborn? Call him/her hiapo
  28. Haloa: Does your cat mean the world to you? Name him Haloa meaning eternity
  29. Iekika: Unisex name meaning one who foresees
  30. Ioane: God’s favor
  31. Iwalani: Means royal seagull
  32. Iokepa: Means God will increase
  33. Ikaika: Male strength/man of strength
  34. Iniki: Means hurricane. Great name if your cat is troublesome
  35. Iolana: Means soaring hawk. Great name for cats that soar like hawks.
  36. Ipo: Is your cat extremely dear to you. Call him ipo, meaning sweetheart or lover.
  37. Kahiau: Very generous. Good name for a generous cat
  38. Kaholo: Light-footed or nimble
  39. Kahau: Foundation or base
  40. Kahula: Means dancing. Perfect for a cat that loves dancing or a cat owner who loves dancing
  41. Kaiko: Strong sea current
  42. Kahuna: Means secret. Suitable name for a mysterious cat.
  43. Kainoa: Namesake
  44. Kaipo: Darling or cherished one
  45. Kala: Princess or lady-like. Perfect cat name for a female cat with unmatched feminine characteristics
  46. Kamuela: Able or with the power to hear God
  47. Kanani: Handsome. Great name for a good looking male cat
  48. Kawai: originating from water
  49. Kawika: Beloved by God
  50. Kawena: Shinning or glowing
  51. Keala: Perfumed or fragrant.
  52. Kekepania: Femenine with a crown (Queen)
  53. Kekao: Courageous or Brave
  54. Keao: The light of daytime
  55. Kilikina: A Christian woman
  56. Kimo: Holding the heel
  57. Kini: Available in plenty. Abundance
  58. Konane: Shining bright like the moon
  59. Kai: Means celebration or rejoice
  60. Kieli: means heavenly garden
  61. Kulani: Means like heaven. Suitable if your cat means heaven to you
  62. Keola: Means life and wellbeing. Great name if your cat gives your life meaning
  63. Kai: Means celebrate or rejoice. If your cat makes you want to celebrate, Kai is a great Hawaiian cat name.
  64. Kona: Lady-like. If your female cat is lady-like, call her Kona.
  65. Kaelyn: Means meadow. Great name if your cat loves grasslands.
  66. Koa: Means strong. Is your cat strong?
  67. Kahili: Mean feather. Does your cat have feather-like characteristics? Is he light in weight?
  68. Kaleikaumaka: Means beloved child. Does your cat feel like a beloved child to you?
  69. Kekoa: Means brave one. Perfect name for a cat that has portrayed extraordinary bravery.
  70. Kukane: like a man or Man-like
  71. Lahahana: Warmth from the sun
  72. Luana: Source of happiness and pleasure
  73. Makanui: With eyes of greatness
  74. Makaio: God’s reward. God has rewarded
  75. Maleko: Warrior pledged to Mars
  76. Mali: Means flatter or secure victory through flattery.
  77. Meli: Means honey. Could also mean bee.
  78. Nahoa: Means bold and defiant
  79. Nui: Significant or important
  80. Noelani: Means heavenly mist. Great name for a beautiful cat
  81. Nani: Means very beautiful. If your cat is beyond beautiful, call her Nani
  82. Oke: Hawaiian for Oscar
  83. Olina: Feminine Hawaiian cat name for a joyous cat
  84. Ohana: Is your cat all you got? Call him Ohana, meaning family.
  85. Palani: Freeman
  86. Pekelo: Means stone
  87. Pilikea: Means trouble
  88. Polo: Means plump or large
  89. Pukini: Means pudding
  90. Polupolu: Means flabby
  91. Peni: Homestead near bent grass plain
  92. Puanani: Beautiful or gorgeous flower
  93. Roselani: Means heavenly rose
  94. Tua: At the back or behind
  95. Uluwehi: Lush or well growing
  96. Viktor: Means conqueror. Perfect name for a cat that has come out victorious after challenging situations.
  97. Wikolia: Victorious woman
  98. Wikiwiki: Means superfast. Perfect name for an extremely fast cat.
  99. Wahine: Means Hawaiian woman.
  100. Weuweu: Great cat name for a fluffy Hawaiian cat

Hawaiian Cat Names

There you go. You can't miss a good name from the above list of Hawaiian cat names representing Hawaii in every way from what Hawaii represents to how the state makes you feel. If you need some more suggestions, you can name your cat Honolulu after the most famous Hawaiian island. You can also call him/her Hawaii.

Names have a lot of significance to us. Since your cat is part of your family, take your time and choose a great name for him/her. If you love your cat because he reminds you of a special place like Hawaii, you have many great names to choose from above.

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