Greek Cat Names (156 Awesome Naming Ideas)

Greek Cat Names (156 Awesome Naming Ideas)

Your new cat is special. He/she doesn’t deserve to have a mundane name. If you’re looking for a name that’s really spectacular, powerful and completely unique, you should consider Greek cat names.

Greece has a long and vibrant history that spans thousands of years. One facet of ancient Greek life that survives even today is their love for pets. Hundreds of paintings, sculptures and reliefs show ancient Greeks with their beloved dogs and even apes!

Cats weren’t available in Greece until after they started trading with Egypt and traders brought felines to Greek islands.

After this momentous event, the rest, as they say, was history. Just as with dogs, cats were showered with love and affection. They were named after famous saints – because orthodox Christianity was the prevailing religion in Greece around the 17th-18th Century.

But around the mid-18th Century, Greeks started to name their cats a little differently. They chose divinity and mythological characters to name their cats. 

Here, we have compiled a list of cat names for your cat that are inspired by Greece. Please read on ahead to find the perfect name.

Greek Cat Names

Female Greek Cat Names

If you are having difficulty choosing a name for your female cat, here is a list of Greek names that you can choose from:

  1. Chryse
  2. Aura
  3. Circe
  4. Chloe
  5. Charis
  6. Clio
  7. Cleta
  8. Angelia
  9. Anthea
  10. Arete
  11. Arche
  12. Alala
  13. Bia
  14. Coronis
  15. Delia
  16. Echo
  17. Cybele
  18. Hemera
  19. Hera
  20. Galene
  21. Melia
  22. Lyssa
  23. Irene
  24. Makaria
  25. Orithyia
  26. Rhapso
  27. Tiasa
  28. Lethe
  29. Moria
  30. Note

Male Greek Cat Names

It can be difficult to choose the perfect name for your male cats. Listed below are a few unique names that you can choose from:

  1. Demitri
  2. Elijah
  3. Milos
  4. Nico
  5. Helio
  6. Calix
  7. Nyke
  8. Spiros
  9. Cosmo
  10. Theron
  11. Ajax
  12. Argus
  13. Bronte
  14. Castor
  15. Charon
  16. Dareios
  17. Erebos
  18. Damon
  19. Eros
  20. Glaucus
  21. Hector
  22. Judas
  23. Kyros
  24. Origen
  25. Pyrros
  26. Theron
  27. Seth
  28. Nikolas
  29. Kyros
  30. Homer

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Greek God Names For Cats

Greek gods and goddesses are some of the most powerful and beautiful beings that humankind has ever heard of. Drawing inspiration from their names for your pet can be a very good idea. It is going to be unique, to suit the uniqueness of your pet. It will also give them a sense of power and beauty that can only be attached to a Greek god.

Here are some of the best Greek God names for your cat:

  1. Alastor – He was the avenger of all evil deeds, and the god of feuds.
  2. Aeolus – The Greek god of the air, breeze and wind.
  3. Apollo – One of the most popular Olympians, he was the Greek god of music, dance, and knowledge.
  4. Aether – One of the ancient Greek gods of light.
  5. Atlas – He was the ancient Greek god of Astronomy.
  6. Ares – The powerful Greek god of war.
  7. Caerus – The god of luck and opportunity.
  8. Cerus – The powerful bull, which has today given us the constellation of Taurus.
  9. Cronos – The god who controlled time.
  10. Cronus – One of the most powerful Titans, and also the father of Zeus. He was the god of agriculture.
  11. Dionysius – One of the most elegant and beautiful Greek gods, he was the god of religious rituals, theater and ecstasy.
  12. Helios – Very popularly called as Sol, he is the god of the sun.
  13. Kratos – The god of power.
  14. Plutus – The God of Wealth.
  15. Triton – Son of Poseidon, he was also the messenger of the sea.
  16. Pallas – One of the Titans, he was also the god of warcraft.
  17. Notus – The Greek god of the winds, the name means “The South Wind”.
  18. Nereus – The father of the Nereids dwelling in the sea, and the Titan god of water.
  19. Morpheus – The Greek god responsible for sleep and dreams.
  20. Venus – Also known as the “Evening Star” in Greek Mythology.
  21. Hermes – The god of trade and money.
  22. Heracles – Inspiration behind Hercules, the god of heroes and athletes.
  23. Paean – The one who cures the pain of all gods.
  24. Orion – Born from the fire.
Blue Eyed Cat

Greek Goddess Names For Cats

Is your cat a female, with the elegance of a goddess? What better way to name them than after a Greek goddess?

Here is a list of names of Greek goddesses and their meanings:

  1. Achelois – This Greek moon goddess washed away the pain of a sufferer. Hence, her name too means, “she who washes away the pain”.
  2. Alcyone – She was one of the daughters of the Greek gods, Pleione and Atlas. Once married to the god of water Poseidon, she bore him several powerful children.
  3. Amphitrite – This Goddess was a Nereid, and also the wife of Poseidon.
  4. Alectrona – One of the earliest Greek goddesses of the sun.
  5. Apate – Always associated with the fresh-smelling gardens, flowers and trees.
  6. Aphrodite – One of the most well-known Greek goddesses, she is the Goddess of beauty, and love.
  7. Aphaea – A mother goddess, she has a temple dedicated to her name on the Greek island of Aigina.
  8. Antheia – She is the Goddess of marshes, flowers, swamps, and gardens.
  9. Astraea – More commonly known as the “Star Maiden”, her association always lies with true justice.
  10. Artemis – Another very well known Greek goddess, she was known for her hunting skills.
  11. Ate – Greek Goddess of delusion and mischief.
  12. Atropos – One of the most powerful goddesses, she controls the fate of all the mortals.
  13. Athena – She is the daughter of Zeus and also the Goddess of war, poetry and art.
  14. Calliope – Another daughter of Zeus, she is the muse of poetry.
  15. Brizo – One of the most ancient Greek goddesses, she was responsible for protecting sailors and mariners.
  16. Eris – The Greek Goddess of Chaos.
  17. Gaia – The first-ever Greek Goddess of the Earth.
  18. Hebe – The Goddess who signifies immortality and youth.
  19. Hera – The Goddess of all things female, she is married to the Greek god Zeus.
  20. Iris – One of the messengers of the Gods, she is the Greek Goddess of rainbows.
  21. Nemesis – The Greek Goddess of revenge.
  22. Nyx – The first-ever Goddess of the night.
  23. Rhea – She is the daughter of Gaia, and the Goddess of nature.

Greek Mythology Cat Names

Greek mythology has a huge number of inspiring and powerful characters, who you can name your cat after:

  1. Achilles – The famous Greek hero who played a huge role in the Trojan war. The famous saying “Achilles Heel” comes from him, as his heel was the only part of his body that could be harmed. The rest of him was immortal.
  2. Actaeton – A popular Greek hero in mythology, he was a famed hunter who could only be slain by the Goddess of hunt, Artemis herself.
  3. Daedalus – He is a great Greek thinker and widely regarded as the father of inventions in Greek mythology.
  4. Icarus – The story of Icarus, the confident - is still widely spread across Greece.
  5. Jason – Another hero from the tales of Greek mythology, he was the most powerful man to be ever born on the planet.
  6. Odysseus – The Greek god of wit and intelligence.
  7. Perseus – The Greek God known for his power and the only one capable of slaying Medusa.
  8. Medusa – Just one look from her could turn a man into stone, she held great power in her eyes.
  9. Theseus – The Greek god, who was able to make use of a small silk thread to escape all his crisis. Was known for his intelligence and wit.
  10. Hades – The powerful Greek god who rules the underworld.

Greek City Names For Cats

Greek cities are another good place to take inspiration for your cat's name. They have amazing, beautiful, and elegant names suited perfectly for cats.

  1. Santorini – An island located in Greece (southern Aegean Sea), a dream vacation spot.
  2. Abila – A city located in Ancient Greece.
  3. Athens – The capital city of Greece.
  4. Aegina – An Island off the coast of Greece, in the Sardonic Gulf.
  5. Akrai – Located in Modern Day Sicily, but was a part of Ancient Greece.
  6. Aleria – Located in Ancient Greece, currently a part of modern-day France.
  7. Aegae – Another beautiful city located in Greece.
  8. Amnisos – Located in the area of Crete in Greece.
  9. Andros – One of the northernmost islands of Greece.
  10. Patras – This beautiful city, is the third-largest in Greece, and a regional capital.

Popular Greek Mythology Names For Cats

For those of you wanting to take inspiration from Greek Mythology, here are a few examples:

  1. Adonis – Signifies a handsome young Greek god.
  2. Anubis – The powerful god of death.
  3. Argo – The ship that carried Jason, the powerful on his voyage.
  4. Belen – The powerful arrow.
  5. Delphi – An ancient city, home to the ancient Greeks.
  6. Dione – In ancient Greece, this was signified as “The Divine”.
  7. Hestia – The oldest Greek goddess.
  8. Leto – The Greek Goddess of the night.
  9. Feodora – A gift given by god.
  10. Olympia – The female version of the powerful city, Olympus.

Funny Greek Names For Cats

  1. Hypnos – The Greek god of sleep.
  2. Momus – The Greek god of satire.
  3. Thalia – The Goddess of comedy and satire.
  4. Chaos – Like the one created by your kitten, this gave rise to everything we see today.
  5. Calypso – She is a gorgeous and well-spoken nymph.

Ancient Greek Names For Cats

Ancient Greek names have this mystery and magic in them. Here are a few ideas for you to choose from:

  1. Demeter – The god of harvest and a lover of nature.
  2. Hermes – The god of speed, just like your kitten who zooms across the room.
  3. Muse – In Greek mythology, muses are the masters of a certain subject and stick to it forever. This will also suit your cat, who you hold as a muse to you.
  4. Persephone – One of the most gentle gods, who spends a significant amount of time in the underworld with Hades.
Cute Black And White Cat In Greece

Cat Name Inspiration

The best place to get inspiration to name your cat is your cat's personality itself. For example, if your cat loves to be cuddled and hugged, then naming her Aphrodite, after the Goddess of Love, is a smart move. Similarly, if your cat has a very thunderous personality and he prefers to call the shots when you can pet him and when you can’t, then Zeus can be a fitting name.

You could also choose a name that has always inspired you. For example, if your cat is your muse and she/he makes you more creative in your job or personal life, then name the cat Muse. Or if your favorite character from the Iliad is Achilles, name your cat after him.

Help Choosing The Right Name

The best way to choose a name for your cat is to understand the bond you both share. For example, if both you and your cat are very chaotic in your lifestyles, leaving things as they are and being messy in general, then Chaos can make a really endearing name for your cat.

Once you understand this bond, you shall be able to choose a name that suits both of you.

Need more inspiration? Check our list of cat name posts here or take a look at the related section below.

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