Vietnamese Cat Names With Meanings (287 Awesome Ideas)

Vietnamese Cat Names With Meanings (287 Awesome Ideas)

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, with close to 600 million cats around. Vietnamese Cat Names are an integral part of Vietnamese culture and every Vietnamese cat should have a name that is unique and special.

This blog post provides 287 Vietnamese Cat Names with their meanings so you can find the perfect name for your new kitty!

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Best Vietnamese Cat Names

These Vietnamese cat names are great for any cat, boy or girl, as the names are unisex. 

They are inspired by Vietnamese words, and you can find the perfect one that matches your cat’s “purr-sonality!”

  1. Aivy- Gift of God
  2. Buồn Ngủ- Sleepyhead
  3. Vui- Funny
  4. Bach- One Who Lives by a Stream
  5. Linh- Soul
  6. Toan- Safe, Secure, or Peace
  7. Phuc- Luck
  8. Xuan- Season of Spring
  9. Cam- Orange Fruit
  10. Vinh- Glorious or Bay Gulf
  11. Ha- Sunshine
  12. Khuyen- Advisor
  13. Bac- Silver
  14. Trieu- Small Tide or Wave
  15. Công- Equitable or Fair
  16. Trai- Oyster
  17. Vien- Complete
  18. Thanh- Delicate Sky
  19. Bin- Bill
  20. Twan- Smart
  21. Dung- Brave and Compassionate
  22. Tai- Talented
  23. Xuan- Spring
  24. Khanh- Celebrate
  25. Bún- Noodle
  26. Dúc- Good Character or Virtue
  27. Cát- Lucky or Good
  28. Ngoc- Precious Stone
  29. Chinh- Righteousness
  30. Cuong- Flourishing or Healthy
  31. Thuong- Love Tenderly
  32. An Dung- Peaceful Hero
  33. Nhung- Velvet
  34. Tí Hon- Tiny
  35. Sang- Noble
  36. Tôm- Tom
  37. Bu- Leader
  38. Ngot- Sweet
  39. Heo- Pig
  40. Kim- Golden
  41. Binh- Peaceful
  42. Tran- Old or Ancient
  43. An- Safe and Sound
  44. Hanh- Happiness
  45. Châm- Slow
  46. Ly- Reason or Golden Lion
  47. Châu- Pearl
  48. Kai- Victory
  49. Na- Custard Apple
  50. Quy- Treasured
  51. Còi- Short or Stunted
  52. Long- Dragon
  53. Minh- Clever or Bright
  54. Tít- Small Eyes
  55. Hao- Good or Heaven
  56. Thuy- Friendly or Gentle
  57. Trang- A Serious Being, or Intelligent
  58. Cara- Dear One
  59. Anh- Smart
  60. Lanh- Gentle or Kind
  61. Pham- Vast
  62. Mèo- Cat
  63. Béo- Chubby
  64. Cais- Rejoicer
  65. Oi- Guava
  66. - River
  67. Dan- Red
  68. Buu- Principle or Chief
  69. Mít- Jackfruit
  70. Chung- Goblet
  71. Nhanh- Fast
  72. - Little
  73. Le- Joy or Pearl
  74. Ngai- Herb
  75. Thuan- Tamed
  76. Quang- A Pure Being
  77. Giang- River
  78. Khuong-Helper
  79. Hien- Meek or Gentle
  80. Thu- Autumn or Poem
  81. Pho- Soup
  82. Bô Bô- Babbling
  83. - Elder or Eldest
  84. Duong- Virile
  85. Truc- Bamboo
  86. Ai- Love
  87. Trong- Respected
  88. Tràng- Decorated
  89. Chien- Warrior
  90. Danh- Famous
  91. Bao- Treasure
  92. Phong- Wind
  93. Diem- Jewel or Gem
  94. Hai- Living, River, or Lion
  95. Xoài- Mango
  96. Canh- Calm
  97. Nguyen- Musican of Stringed Instrument
  98. Min- Mint
  99. Tu- Sharp or Smart
  100. Banh Bot Loc- Dumpling


Male Vietnamese Cat Names

These Asian cat names are perfect for the little lad in your house. They are names that represent male characteristics or names that are traditionally used for boys.

Some of the words do not have meanings, because they are simply popular names.

  1. Khac- Overcome
  2. Tien- Advance or March Forward
  3. Lam- Blue or Indigo
  4. Nhat- Long Life
  5. Cung- Hard or Polite
  6. Gia- Excellent
  7. Tho- Longevity
  8. Hoc- Study or Studious
  9. Tao- Peach or Long Life
  10. Quát- Embrace, Encircle, or Hug
  11. Khoa- Science
  12. Son- Mountain
  13. Dat- Accomplished or Achievement
  14. Duoaud- Manly and Virile
  15. Nhiêm
  16. Hôi- Assembly
  17. Loc- Flower Bud
  18. Thông- Master or Open Mind
  19. Tong- Fragrant
  20. Huynh- Older Brother
  21. Giáp- Heavenly Stem or Wood
  22. Thang- Soar
  23. Kiet- Hero
  24. Chi- Tree Branch
  25. Khoi- Precious
  26. Lâm- Forest
  27. Si- Being a Gentleman or Scholarly
  28. Hòa- Harmonious or Peaceful
  29. Dau- Fight
  30. Hau- Lord or Nobleman
  31. Kien- Hard or Firm
  32. Chiê’n- Fight or Battle
  33. Bien- Sea or Ocean
  34. Nghi- Suspected or Suspicious
  35. Dong- The East
  36. Kieu- Seductive, lovable, or prized
  37. Luc- Force, Power, or Strength
  38. Mau- Lush or Talented
  39. Nhât- Sun or Day
  40. Tân- New
  41. Tùng- Pine Tree
  42. Nho’n- Compassionate
  43. Vuong- King or Ruler
  44. Dzuy
  45. Tou
  46. Dhin- Suitable or Liberal
  47. Hoang- A Mythical Bird or Phoenix
  48. Tuan- Obedient, Handsome, or Talented
  49. Xanh- Green
  50. Tín- Believe
  51. Minhhai
  52. Thai- Multiple
  53. Dinesha- Stable and Calm
  54. Teo
  55. Thinh- Prosperity
  56. Lap- Independent
  57. Yen- Swallow
  58. Phát- Deliver or Messenger
  59. Vu- Wizard
  60. Lân- Lustre of Jade or the mythical Qilin
  61. Quôc- Nation or Country
  62. Dao- Path
  63. Xuong- Prosper or Sunlight
  64. Vang
  65. Luân- Ethical or Logical
  66. Khai- Victory
  67. Duy- Moral
  68. Thuc- Aware
  69. Thien- Moral, Good, or Smooth
  70. Lãng- Adventurous or Handsome
  71. Cadeo- Folksong or Song
  72. Hiep- Knight, Hero, or Chivalrous
  73. Dai- Great Generation or Noble
  74. Khang- Peaceful, Quiet, or Healthy
  75. Truong- School
  76. Chanly
  77. Báo- Leopard or Spotted Cat
  78. Hung- Prosperity
  79. De- Royalty
  80. Ngiêm- Serious
  81. Dinh- Calm or Mountain Summit
  82. Sâm- Forest
  83. Ti
  84. Lahn- Quick or Smart
  85. Nam- Possessing Many Good Qualities
  86. Oanh- Bird
  87. Bay
  88. Ca- Firstborn Son
  89. Mang- Powerful or Strong
  90. Tung- Dignified
  91. Tin- Thinker
  92. Pin- A Faithful Boy
  93. Van- Cloud or Male
  94. Nam- Scraper

Female Vietnamese Cat Names

This next list is perfect for your female kitties. The names are either common female names in Vietnam or words representing feminine traits that you could name your cat.

  1. Baotran- Precious or Gem
  2. Dâu- Rooster. This is especially relevant when given during the year of the rooster.
  3. May- Lucky
  4. Hài- Fairy Shoe
  5. Trucly
  6. Hung- Pink Rose
  7. Hong- Rose or Pink
  8. Thanh-ha- Teal River
  9. Ai- Sentimental Love
  10. Qui- Turtle
  11. Mo’- To Dream
  12. Hoacam
  13. Hanh Phu’c- Blessing from Above
  14. Giahan- Happy Family
  15. Tam- Heart
  16. Cai- Greens or Female
  17. Cuc- Chrysanthemum
  18. Sen- Lotus Flower
  19. Mai- Cherry Blosson
  20. - Doll
  21. Hoa- Flower or Peace
  22. Kim-Ly- Golden Lion
  23. Huê- Enlightenment
  24. - Pear
  25. Nu- Girl
  26. Wu- Witch
  27. Tho’m- Fragrant
  28. Ha-nhi
  29. Duyên- Grace or Fate
  30. Thom- Sweet Smelling
  31. Tu-Star
  32. Mychau- Great
  33. Trac- Rosewood
  34. Liên- Lotus
  35. Thienan- Stable
  36. Thùy Du’o’ng- Weeping Willow
  37. Vung- Musical
  38. Thu’o’ng- Love
  39. Au- Old Woman
  40. Cam Tú- Elegance
  41. Uoc- Wishes
  42. Dông- Winter
  43. Dong-chim- Eastern Bird
  44. Am- Lunar
  45. Ping- Peace
  46. Nga- Beautiful or Good
  47. Bu’ó’m- Butterfly
  48. Trami- Rose
  49. Hwa- Flower
  50. Chau- Pearls
  51. Lua- Silk
  52. Ngon- Good Communication
  53. Phun- Indomitable
  54. Quyên- Graceful
  55. Hang- Moon
  56. Maivy- Yellow Flowers
  57. Nguyet- Moon or From the Moon
  58. Baolinh- Protective or Spring
  59. Mytien
  60. Lang- Sweet Potato
  61. Diep- Butterfly
  62. Isave- Isabel
  63. Bich- Jade
  64. Nhuy- Wish
  65. Tuyen- Angel
  66. Kimlinh
  67. Thao- Respectful of Parents
  68. Hue- Lily
  69. Man- Plum
  70. Tuyet- Snow
  71. Chun- Pure or Honest
  72. Minhthu- Happy or Spontaneous
  73. Bian- Secretive
  74. Phoung- A Legendary Bird
  75. Nhi- Child
  76. Lananh- Orchid
  77. Su’o’ng- Frost or Dew
  78. Hong-hanh- Pink apricot Blossom
  79. Nhang- Shiny
  80. Nhu- Gentle or Peaceful, According to One’s Wishes
  81. Thi- Poem
  82. Dep- Beautiful
  83. Tuyên- Ray
  84. Hông Yen- Pink Swallow Bird
  85. Loan- Lucky Bird
  86. Kiêu- Graceful or Beloved
  87. My-Duyen- Beautiful
  88. Suong- Fog
  89. Trinh- Pure
  90. Ut- Last
  91. Vân- Cloud
  92. Tuyn- Ray
  93. Phuong- Destiny

Cat Name Inspiration

Cat name inspiration can be difficult to find. You want something that is unique, but also representative of your exotic cat.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect name for your feline friend:

  • Think about your cat's personality. Do they have a lot of energy or are they more laid back? Are they playful or curious? Naming your cat after an attribute they possess is a great way to show your affection.
  • Do some research. There are many different cultures that have traditional cat names. Looking into these can give you some unique ideas for names.
  • Consider their appearance as well. Many people choose names based on the color or markings of their cat's fur.

Once you've decided on a name, be sure to use it consistently! Cats respond better to consistency and will learn who they are responding to faster when everyone in the house uses their name correctly.

Naming your cat is one of the first steps in creating a bond with them, so take your time and find the perfect fit!


We hope you enjoyed this post on Vietnamese cat names. We have provided a wide variety of names for both male and female cats, as well as meanings for each name.

Be sure to check out our other posts on cat names for more ideas! And if you are ever stuck on what to name your new feline friend, these lists should help.

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