Cat Names For Brothers (127 Awesome Ideas)

Cat Names For Brothers (127 Awesome Ideas)

You've named your cat and now you need to name your cat's brother. Cat names for brothers can be tricky because there's a lot of them!

But don't worry we're here to help! In this blog post, we will give our best ideas for naming cats after siblings.

There are some traditional choices like "Bear," or "Buddy," and then there are some more unique names like "Izzie," or "Pete."

Whatever you choose, just make sure it fits the personality of both your cat and your cat's brother!

Kitten Brothers

Best Cat Names For Brothers

Whether you have a set of twins or a whole litter of boy kittens, Pet Pattern has plenty of names for brother cats. The following list has a name for every cat imaginable! 

Sometimes they are rowdy, and sometimes they are loving. Either way, you can find a name representing who your boy cats are!

The following real cat names are perfect for brothers: 

  1. Fred, Philip
  2. Oliver, Lucas
  3. Hans, Frans
  4. Dexter, Bob
  5. Jack, Hank
  6. Tyler, Oscar
  7. Chris, David
  8. Charlie, Matthew
  9. Carter, Brad
  10. Greg, Martin
  11. Brad, Jesse
  12. Bob, Mike
  13. Bruce, Baxter
  14. Kyle, John
  15. Matt, Max

The following creative cat names are perfect for brothers:

  1. Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse - from Tom and Jerry
  2. Doc, Marty - from Back to the Future
  3. Puss, Boots - from Puss and Boots
  4. Ben, Jerry - from Ben and Jerry’s
  5. Shrek, Donkey - from Shrek
  6. Herbert, Ross - from Steel Magnolias
  7. Sandwich, Pickle
  8. Romeo, William - from Shakespeare
  9. Batman, Robin - from Batman and Robin
  10. Mario, Luigi - from Mario
  11. Bud, Light
  12. Salt, Pepper
  13. Furry, Murry
  14. Sylvester, Tweety - from the Looney Tunes
  15. Woody, Buzz - from A Toy’s Story
  16. Chief, Wilber
  17. Timone, Pumba - from The Lion King
  18. Mark, Jacob - from Mark Jacobs
  19. Colby, Jack
  20. Sawyer, Huckleberry - from Huckleberry Finn
  21. Dill, Pickle
  22. Ron, Harry - from Harry Potter
  23. Scooby, Shaggy - from Scooby-Doo
  24. Naruto, Sasuke - from Naruto
  25. Bugs, Daffy - from the Looney Tunes
  26. Joe, Nick, Kevin - from the Jonas Brothers
  27. Han, Chewy - from Star Wars
  28. Garfield, Jon - from Garfield
  29. Rick, Morty - from Rick and Morty
  30. Milo, Otis - from the Adventure’s of Milo and Otis
  31. Smokey, Bandit - from Smokey and the Bandit
  32. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles - from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  33. Cosmo, Thistle
  34. Rascal, Tuff
  35. Spongebob, Patrick - from Spongebob Squarepants
  36. Riff, Raff

Best Cat Names For Sisters

A matching name exists for every cat duo, no matter their personality. Whether you are looking for cutesy names like Gumdrop and Sprinkles or a more political approach like Malia and Sasha, you can find a name that suits every cat’s personality.

There are more real names, and then there are creative names. The real names are cat names that are similar to a human’s. These names are perfect for the cat whose soul is authentically human-like. 

Creative names are unique. They have less of a human-like personality and more independence than a cat. Your cats’ wildness, energy, and personality will shine through while naming them, and it will show in a creative name like Ambrose or Aster. 

The creative naming process may take longer than others because you must explore your pet’s personality before fully understanding it.

The following real cat names are perfect for sisters:

  1. Anna, Hanna
  2. Lucy, Linda
  3. Anna, Elise
  4. Imogen, Ivy
  5. Aster, Dawn
  6. Louise, Annabelle
  7. Kelly, Carly
  8. Rose, Violet
  9. Claudia, Claire
  10. Bailey, Kailey
  11. Julie, Julia
  12. Bella, Luna
  13. Pam, Marlene
  14. Sarah, Caroline
  15. Beth, Ruth
  16. Emily, Elaine
  17. Milo, Miley
  18. Penelope, Petunia
  19. Carry, Sally
  20. Alice, Annie
  21. Milly, Molly
  22. Penny, Patty
  23. Belle, Buttercup

The following creative cat names are perfect for sisters:

  1. Malia, Sasha - the Obama sisters
  2. Muffin, Cupcake
  3. Strawberry, Banana
  4. Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles - from the Powerpuff Girls
  5. Ana, Elsa -from Frozen
  6. Cutie, Pie
  7. Summer, Rain
  8. Mary-Kate, Ashley - the Olson twins
  9. Sun, Star, Milky Way, Moon
  10. Flower, Daisy
  11. Lucky, Clover
  12. Chocolate, Vanilla
  13. Caramel, Fudge, Sprinkles
  14. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie - the Kardashian and Jenner sisters
  15. Cheese, Crackers
  16. Jess, CeCe - from New Girl
  17. Cupcake, Sprinkles
  18. Queenie, Princess
  19. Honey, Bee
  20. Quirky, Giggles

Best Cat Names For Brothers And Sisters

Naming your male and female cats something matching can form a unique bond that lasts a lifetime.

In addition to finding names you enjoy, choose a set of names that fits their personalities.

The following real cat names are perfect for brothers and sisters:

  1. Phil, Jennifer
  2. Mark, Maria
  3. Chelsea, Pierre
  4. Jesse, Jenny
  5. Michael, Lisa
  6. Fiona, Rick
  7. Rick, Kara
  8. Winston, Wendy

The following creative cat names are perfect for brothers and sisters:

  1. Toto, Dorothy - from Wizard of OZ
  2. Eggs, Bacon
  3. Harley, Jack - from Batman
  4. Simba, Nala
  5. Charlie, Angel - from Charlie’s Angels
  6. Orangey, Tiffany - from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  7. Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz - from the Aristocats
  8. Fish, Chips
  9. Garfield, Jon, Liz
  10. Max, Emma
  11. Tina, Turner
  12. Hi, Jinx
  13. Miss Kitty, Mr. Kitty
  14. Luke, Leia - from Star Wars
  15. Piggy, Kermit
  16. Salt, Pepper
  17. Lilo, Stitch - from Lilo and Stitch
  18. Mario, Peach
  19. Prince, Princess
  20. Ken, Barbie - from Barbie
  21. Salem, Sabrina - from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  22. Lemon, Lime
  23. Felix, Felicette
  24. Hermano, Hermana - brother and sister
  25. Phil, Lil - from Rugrats

Cat Name Inspiration

It does not need to be difficult to choose a name for your cats! Just find inspiration, and it will come naturally.

Inspire yourself by thinking about the things that inspire you, surrounding yourself with things you enjoy, and spending time with your new kittens.

Famous Cats:

  1. Felicette the Astrocat
  2. Wilberforce
  3. Towser “the Mouser”
  4. Socks Clinton
  5. Tabby and Dixie (Lincoln’s cats)
  6. Cream Puff

Cinematic Cats:

  1. Baron
  2. Luna
  3. Felix
  4. Salem
  5. Tom Cat
  6. Tigger
  7. Orangey
  8. The Cheshire Cat
  9. Sylvester
  10. The Pink Panther
  11. Puss and Boots
  12. Garfield

Help Choosing the Right Name

Choosing the right names for your new feline family members is important, and it mostly relies on the inspiration you have. Turning to friends and family is a great idea when you feel stuck. It can help to hear ideas from other people.

Sharing ideas and conversation might lead you toward the inspiration you need to name your new kittens their best names! If you spend time with your family or friends, let them meet your new kittens. It allows them to get to know their personalities and see who they are beyond a photograph or video.

If you are having trouble finding a source of inspiration even after asking for help, try bringing yourself to a place you enjoy. The spark of joy might be what is needed to inspire you to help choose the right name for your new cats.

If you become overwhelmed, consider taking a moment to relax. Do not overthink the naming process, or you will stress yourself out.

It is okay to take a break and come back again later. It is better to acquaint yourself with your new kittens or cats so you do not risk a desire to rename them later on.


The best way to find names for kittens is to take a look at your inspiration. If you feel stuck, ask friends and family members what they think of the options available.

It can also help if you bring yourself somewhere that makes you happy so that it will inspire some good name choices!

Lastly, do not overthink this process or else you might be tempted to rename your cats later on.

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