Orange Male Cat Names: 100 Best Ideas In 2021

Orange Male Cat Names: 100 Best Ideas In 2021

Whether you are bringing home a cat, dog, or some other beloved pet, their well-being and safety are now your responsibility. No matter if it is a shelter adoption, stray adoption, or purchase from a breeder, your new bright orange-haired cat or kitten will need a name that suits their unique style and personality.

So, why not give them one of the best orange male cat names that the collective mind of the internet can provide?

Below we have taken the time to compile just such a list so that you can feel confident knowing that your little ball of fur will be able to wear his new name proudly as he slowly begins to take over his new home.

Here are our cat name ideas for your orange colored coat fur-ball:

  1. Cantaloupe
  2. Scar
  3. Simba (Lion King)
  4. Portokale
  5. Crimson
  6. Flame
  7. Blazer
  8. Candy Corn
  9. Garfield
  10. Marigold
  11. Orange Peel
  12. Satsuma
  13. Spark Plug
  14. The Ginga Ninja
  15. Pooh
  16. Ginger
  17. Weasley
  18. Firestar
  19. Big Red
  20. Caramel
  21. Ginge
  22. Leif
  23. Oliver
  24. Opie
  25. Rusty
  26. Sherbet
  27. Sullivan
  28. Teddy
  29. Rooney
  30. Prince Harry
  31. Kenny
  32. Chipmunk
  33. Daidaiiro
  34. Macaroni
  35. Jeruk
  36. Persimmon
  37. Mango
  38. Calvin
  39. Cornpop
  40. Harvest
  41. Marmalade
  42. Sgt. Pepper
  43. Carrot
  44. Archie
  45. Boots
  46. Cheddar
  47. Fanta
  48. Lumen
  49. Oren
  50. Sundance
  51. Waffles
  52. Flynn
  53. Rory
  54. Red
  55. Russet
  56. Rajah
  57. Winnie the Pooh
  58. Nutmeg
  59. Cayenne
  60. Tiger
  61. Blaze
  62. Carrots
  63. Dexter
  64. Ember
  65. Flames
  66. Heathcliff
  67. Maple
  68. Milo
  69. Nemo
  70. Paprika
  71. Queso
  72. Sunday
  73. Tangerine
  74. Wheatley
  75. Flannery
  76. Keegan
  77. Orange Juice
  78. Roughy
  79. Saffron
  80. Sandy
  81. Vincent
  82. Haz
  83. Monarch
  84. Katom
  85. Stimpy
  86. Sun
  87. Conan
  88. Curry
  89. Copper
  90. Cheeto
  91. Cali
  92. Colby
  93. Hobbes
  94. Mercury
  95. Reeses
  96. Rudy
  97. Rohan
  98. Sherbert
  99. Charmander
  100. Ernie
Orange Cat in the Woods

Orange Cat Name Inspiration

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Movies, books, celebrity figures, and famous orange cats in the media are just some of the categories where many pet names can often be found. Yet blogs like ours will give you the boost to your imagination that you need to see the types of names that cat owners use around the globe.

Whether the perfect name is on one of these lists, or they just help you build a name that matches your new kitten better, pet name lists are the perfect place to start looking for inspiration.

If you are struggling to find an amazing name for your feline friend, just look around or take a walk. People have chosen names like Star or Sunny often enough for these names to be popular across internet name lists and inspiration for those names is as easy as opening your eyes.

Inspiration is all around you. Just keep in mind that whatever name you choose, make sure that your entire family is on board so that your new pet can be greeted with love when they first come home.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Naming your new red/orange kitten or cat is a big responsibility. One that you want to be sure you are able to fulfill before you bring your furry friend into your home. However, it will take your new feline a few days to get used to his new name, so if you haven't settled on one, don't stress too much. Unlike with children, whom you have to register almost immediately after they are born, you can change your pet's name as many times as you want. Though, it isn't recommended that you make too many changes, or else you will find yourself with a non-responsive pet when you finally do settle on a name.

When you get your new orange kitty home from the breeder or bring your newly adopted ginger cat home from the shelter, try out the name that you like best and see if it fits. If it does, then great! Your job is done. However, if you call out to your pet and the name just sounds weird to your ears, go ahead and try another. At this point, your cat is far more influenced by your actions, than by what you are calling them. Make sure you take the time to really test out your favorites and go with the one that you love the most, and that suits your new pal the best.

Orange Male Cat Sitting on a Wall

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A New Name For Your Cat

Always keep these few simple things in mind when you are finding that perfect name for your orange cat.

Choosing a name for your new cat shouldn't be stressful, and it shouldn't inspire any type of anger or conflict between your family members. Keep in mind that bringing a new pet home to become a member of your family should always be something that is greeted with excitement and joy. No matter the issue, there are tried-and-true ways to decide which name to go with that doesn't need to involve a lot of complex emotions. Even something as simple as a coin toss can really help to maintain a positive attitude. If you are still undecided, you can possibly try one name for the first day and the second for the next day to really feel which name works best for your new friend.

Choose a name that you can shout down a busy street without drawing too much confusion, panic, or embarrassment. It may seem like an amazing idea to call your new cat Bomb because let's be honest, he is the bomb, but when you are shouting his name and people are fleeing or calling the police, you will likely regret your decision.

Try your new cat's name out a few times before making it official. It may seem silly, but practicing calling your cat's name can tell you pretty quickly if you like it or not.

Remember, you can change your cat's name at any point in the future if you feel like the name that you chose just doesn't fit.


Regardless of the name that you decide upon, your new cat or kitten will love you for being a great owner and companion. So, don't fret too much about the name that you decide to go with. Your cat won't know the difference between a great name, a funny name, a cute name, or just a silly name. All they really know is that they have a new home to call their own.

Remember to treat them right and care for their well-being and your cat will spend their days purring away in your lap, chasing their toys, and lounging on literally any flat surface that is available.

Though, if you really want to inspire love in your new feline, just pick up an empty cardboard box on the way home from picking up your new furry friend and watch their mysterious fascination with this simplistic toy as they claim it as their own.

Once you have taken some time to find your inspiration, or even to settle on a name that you want for your new pet, head over to our shop. There you will find custom products designed for any cat lover!

Need more inspiration? Check our list of cat name posts here or take a look at the related section below.

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Congratulations On Becoming A New Cat Owner!

Let us know which name you are thinking of giving to your red-haired cat in the comments below.

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