Parrot Names In Hindi (183 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

Parrot Names In Hindi (183 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

When you bring a new parrot into your home, it is important to choose the best name possible. In some cases, you might want a completely unique name that many other people haven’t heard of. 

You will likely turn to names in different languages with different meanings. Hindi, the language of India, has some of the most beautiful and unique names.

Take a look at this list of some of the best parrot names in Hindi for some inspiration.

Crimson Rosella Parrot

Best Parrot Names In Hindi

If you are looking for a name that will work for a male or female parrot, you will likely find one on this list.

Included with the name is their meaning, allowing you to determine if the name is a good fit for your parrot.

  1. Suman (सुमन) means “good mind”
  2. Radha (राधा) means “success”
  3. Nitya (नित्या) means “eternal, always”
  4. Durga (दुर्गा) means “unattainable”
  5. Isha (ईशा) means “lord”
  6. Swarna (स्वर्ण) means “golden”
  7. Rajani (रजनी) means “the dark one”, perfect for dark colored parrots
  8. Shakti (शक्ति) means “power”
  9. Lakshmi (लक्ष्मी) means “mark, sign”
  10. Kanta (कान्ता) means “desired, beautiful)
  11. Shashi (शशि) is a name for the moon
  12. Chanda (चण्डा) means “fierce”
  13. Arya/Aarya (आर्य) means “noble”
  14. Jyoti (ज्योती) means “light”
  15. Aruna (अरुणा) means “reddish brown, dawn”
  16. Sushila (सुशीला) means “good-tempered”
  17. Kiran (किरण) means “sunbeam”
  18. Vijaya (विजया) means “victory”
  19. Pushpa (पुष्पा) means “flower”
  20. Ratna (रत्न) means “treasure, jewel”
  21. Shyama (श्याम) means “blue, black, dark”
  22. Apurva (अपूर्व) means “new”
  23. Roshan (रोशन) means “bright, light”
  24. Kamala (कमला) means “pale red”
  25. Lucky (लकी) is a nickname for people with good luck
  26. Mitra (मित्र) means “friend”
  27. Rashmi (रश्मी) means “ray of sunlight”
  28. Hira (हीरा) means “diamond”
  29. Sonam (सोनम) means “fortunate, good karma”
  30. Jaya (जया) means “victory”
  31. Simran (सिमरन) means “meditation”
  32. Nilam/Neelam (नीलम) means “sapphire, dark blue”
  33. Madhu (मधु) means “honey, sweet”

Hindi Male Parrot Names

If you have a male parrot, you will likely want to give him a masculine name. Here are some fantastic options for male Hindi parrot names.

  1. Hari (हरि) means “tawny, yellow, brown”
  2. Anand (आनंद) means “bliss, happiness”
  3. Amit (अमित) means “infinite”
  4. Abhay (अभय) means “fearless”
  5. Harshad (हर्षद) means “happiness”
  6. Vasu (वसु) means “excellent, bright”
  7. Ankit (अंकित) means “marked”
  8. Kamal (कमल) means “pale red”
  9. Kailash (कैलाश) means “crystal”
  10. Prashant (प्रशान्त) means “quiet, calm”
  11. Akash (आकाश) means “sky, open space”
  12. Ajeet/Ajit (अजीत) means “invincible”
  13. Nitin (नितिन) means “guidance”
  14. Mayur (मयूर) means “peacock”
  15. Raja (राजा) means “ruler, king”
  16. Karan (करण) means “clever”
  17. Anish (अनीश) means “supreme, without ruler”
  18. Yash (यश) means “praise”
  19. Manu (मनु) means “wise, thinking”
  20. Kavi (कवि) means “wise man”
  21. Amrit (अमृत) means “immortal”
  22. Navin (नवीन) means “new”
  23. Anik (अनीक) means “army”
  24. Pratap (प्रताप) means “glory”
  25. Dhananjay (धनंजय) means “winning wealth”
  26. Dharma (धर्म) means “virtue”
  27. Anupam (अनुपम) means “incomparable”
  28. Nihal (निहाल) means “happy, content”
  29. Amar (अमर) means “immortal”
  30. Nishant (निशान्त) means “dawn, night’s end”
  31. Nikhil (निखिल) means “entire”
  32. Indra (इन्द्र) means “drops of rain”
  33. Jayesh (जयेश) means “lord of victory”
  34. Pran (प्राण) means “breath”
  35. Ashish (आशीष) means “blessing, prayer”
  36. Lochan (लोचन) means “the eye”
  37. Abhinav (अभिनव) means “fresh, young”
  38. Lal (लाल) means “boy”
  39. Akhil (अखिल) means “complete, whole”
  40. Pradip (प्रदीप) means “light”
  41. Ankur (अङ्कुर) means “sprout”
  42. Vinay (विनय) means “modesty”
  43. Chetan (चेतन) means “soul”
  44. Sandip (संदीप) means “blazing”
  45. Akshay (अक्षय) means “imperishable”
  46. Ranjit/Ranjeet (रञ्जित) means “delighted, colored”
  47. Dev/Deo (देव) means “god”
  48. Abhilash (अभिलाष) means “wish, desire”
  49. Kalyan (कल्याण) means “lovely, beautiful”
  50. Prabhat (प्रभात) means “morning”
  51. Manas (मानस) means “spirit, mind”
  52. Ajay (अजय) means “unconquered”
  53. Prabodh (प्रबोध) means “awakening”
  54. Mukul (मुकुल) means “bud”
  55. Chandan (चन्दन) means “sandalwood”
  56. Anup (अनूप) means “lagoon”
  57. Prem (प्रेम) means “love”
  58. Agni (अग्नि) means “fire”
  59. Krishna (कृष्ण) means “dark, black”
  60. Mahendra (महेन्द्र) means “great”
  61. Anit (अनीत) means “not guided”
  62. Darshan (दर्शन) means “understanding”
  63. Nirmal (निर्मल) means “pure, clean)
  64. Om (ओम) a sacred sound
  65. Tushar (तुषार) means “snow, cold”
  66. Narendra (नरेन्द्र) means “lord of men”
  67. Pallav (पल्लव) means “budding leaf”
  68. Azad (आज़ाद) means “free”
  69. Anil (अनिल) means “wind, air”
  70. Pranay (प्रणय) means “guidance, leader”
  71. Abhijeet/Abhijit (अभिजीत) means “victorious”
  72. Asim (असीम) means “limitless”

Hindi Female Parrot Names

A female parrot deserves a name that is as beautiful as she is, and Hindi has an abundance of beautiful names. Take a look at this list of Hindi names for female parrots.

  1. Puja (पूजा) means “honor”
  2. Divya (दिव्या) means “heavenly, divine”
  3. Kamakshi (कामाक्षी) means “love”
  4. Rajkumari (राजकुमारी) means “princess”
  5. Priti (प्रीति) means “love, pleasure, joy”
  6. Mridula (मृदुला) means “delicate, gentle”
  7. Devika (देविका) means “little goddess”
  8. Aradhana (आराधना) means “worship”
  9. Karishma (करिश्मा) means “miracle”
  10. Asha (आशा) means “desire, hope”
  11. Lilavati (लीलावती) means “amusing”
  12. Gita (गीता) means “song”
  13. Maya (माया) means “illusion”
  14. Arushi (अरुषी) means “dawn, reddish”
  15. Malini (मालिनी) means “fragrant”
  16. Nisha (निशा) means “night”
  17. Kavita (कविता) means “poem”
  18. Lavanya (लावण्या) means “grace, beauty”
  19. Manju (मंजु) means “beautiful”
  20. Lalita (ललिता) means “charming, playful”
  21. Shakuntala (शकुंतला) means “bird”
  22. Sanjana (संजना) means “uniting”
  23. Nandita (नंदिता) means “joy”
  24. Pushpa (पुष्पा) means “flower”
  25. Manjula (मंजुला) means “pleasing”
  26. Mala (माला) means “necklace”
  27. Drishti (दृष्टि) means “sight”
  28. Varsha (वर्षा) means “rain”
  29. Savitri (सावित्री) means “of the sun”
  30. Shanta (शांता) means “calm”
  31. Kirtida (कीर्तिदा) means “one who is famous”
  32. Ishita (इशिता) means “supremacy”
  33. Aditi (अदिति) means “boundless”
  34. Pratima (प्रतिमा) means “image”
  35. Jyotsna (ज्योत्स्ना) means “moonlight”
  36. Reshmi (रेशमी) means “silk”
  37. Kalpana (कल्पना) means “fantasy”
  38. Gauri (गौरी) means “white”
  39. Parvati (पार्वती) means “of the mountains”
  40. Mira (मीरा) means “ocean”
  41. Rajini (राज्ञी) means “queen”
  42. Malati (मालती) means “jasmine”
  43. Devi (देवी) means “goddess”
  44. Madhuri (माधुरी) means “sweetness”
  45. Aparna (अपर्णा) means “leafless”
  46. Archana (अर्चना) means “praising, honoring”
  47. Kalyani (कल्याणी) means “lovely, beautiful”
  48. Shreya (श्रेया) means “best”
  49. Disha (दिशा) means “direction”
  50. Indira (इन्दिरा) means “beauty”
  51. Khushi (खुशी) means “happiness”
  52. Dipti (दीप्ती) means “brightness”
  53. Hema (हेमा) means “golden”
  54. Dipa (दीपा) means “light”
  55. Tanu (तनु) means “slender”
  56. Esha (एषा) means “desire”
  57. Indu (इन्दु) means “bright drop”
  58. Vidya (विद्या) means “knowledge”
  59. Kamini (कामिनी) means “desirable”
  60. Mukta (मुक्ता) means “liberated”
  61. Nila/Neela (नीला) means “dark blue”
  62. Anisha (अनिशा) means “sleepless”
  63. Upasana (उपासना) means “devotion”
  64. Lila (लीला) means “amusement, play”
  65. Sona (सोना) means “gold”
  66. Bhavana (भावना) means “manifesting”
  67. Richa (ऋचा) means “praise”
  68. Vasuda (वसुदा) means “granting wealth”
  69. Ila (इला) means “speech” or “earth”
  70. Ishani (इशानी) means “possessing”
  71. Sumati (सुमती) means “wise”
  72. Lina (लीना) means “united”
  73. Akanksha (आकाङ्क्षा) means “desire”
  74. Priya (प्रिया) means “beloved”
  75. Riya (रिया) means “singer”
  76. Mohini (मोहिनी) means “infatuating”
  77. Sneha (स्नेहा) means “tenderness”
  78. Abha (आभा) means “light”

Bird Name Inspiration

There are so many different places you can find inspiration for naming your new parrot. For example, you can use the color of the bird to determine a name for them. You can also decide to use the name of a loved one that you want to honor.

It is also possible to find inspiration for a good parrot name by watching a movie (like the famous parrot "Blu" from the movie Rio) or a simple internet search online. Hopefully this list of Hindi names for parrots has been able to strike some inspiration for you!

Help Choosing the Right Name

When you are naming your parrot, it can be tricky to figure out the right name. You can use your parrot’s behavior and personality to choose a name. The best way to make sure you make the right choice is to test out the name with your parrot a few times.

If your parrot is a fan of the name, they will likely let you know by bobbing their head or speaking up. If your parrot doesn’t like the name, keep trying until you find one that works for both of you. 

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while for the two of you to agree on a name. This is completely fine. It is much better to wait and find the right name than to choose a name that isn’t perfect.


If you are bringing a parrot pet into your home, you will want to start the search for the perfect name beforehand. This will give you plenty of time to decide if you like the name before giving it to your pet parrot.

If you want a unique name, consider a name from a different language, such as the Hindi names on this list.

Do you love pet birds? Be sure to check out our blog on birds for more information and inspiration for name ideas. Check out the bird blog here!

Are there any other Hindi names we are missing? Let us know we would love to add your suggestions!

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