Green Parrot Names (36 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

Green Parrot Names (36 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

Green parrots are beautiful and majestic animals with a great capacity for intelligence. While finding the perfect name for your feathery friend can seem difficult, there are several sources you could derive inspiration from to give your new parrot a name that suits it perfectly.

Have you recently acquired a new parrot, but aren't sure what all of the possibilities for green parrot names are?

Sometimes, you will want to take some time to get to know your parrot's personality before jumping into giving it a name. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, there is no shortage of possibilities you could find inspiration from.

That is why we have put together this comprehensive list of names for green parrots - to make it easier for new parrot owners to get assistance in coming up with the perfect name for their brand new, feathered family member.

Green Parrot Names

Male Green Parrot Names

Is your new feathery friend a male parrot? Give it a male-specific name with one of these neat ideas for handles:

1. Ace

The ace is the top card in the deck, and parrots like to remind everyone they're the boss.

2. Bowser

Bowser is the big green King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. series. Fans of the series might like to give their bird this name if he has a huge, dynamic personality.

3. Forest

Celebrate green nature and trees with this natural-sounding name. 

4. Amazon

This could be a cliché' name for an Amazon parrot, but it can still be a suitable one.

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    Female Green Parrot Names

    Got yourself a new female green parrot? If so, you might want to see if any of these potential ideas for female-specific names might be a good fit for your new exotic pet:

    1. Tinkerbell

    Who doesn't remember the adorable green fairy who accompanies Peter Pan in the classic Peter Pan film? This could be a very cute idea for a female parrot.

    2. Melody

    Your parrot is sure to be singing some pretty melodies for you, so celebrate it with this cute female name for your bird. 

    3. Zelda

    Are you a fan of the Legend of Zelda series? If so, you might like to celebrate the series with this name. 

    4. Pearl

    Got a one-of-a-kind parrot? Embrace it with the name of this one-of-a-kind jewel!

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    Names For Small Green Parrots

    Got a smaller green parrot? No problem! You can always give it a name that says "I'm small, and I'm proud!" Here are some neat ideas for names for a smaller parrot: 

    1. Pixie

    Pixies are small little fairies, a suiting name for a smaller parrot. 

    2. Sweet Pea

    Peas are very small, but still, pack a lot of flavors! If you have a small bird with a lot of personality, this could be the perfect name!

    3. Camo

    Does your little parrot blend right into the environment? This could be a perfect name if so. 

    4. Lime

    A small green fruit with a lot of flavor - you can see how this could be a suitable name for a personable, small bird. 

    Names For Large Green Parrots

    What if your green parrot is a little bigger? There are some interesting ideas you could consider naming a larger bird, so keep some of these ideas in mind for potential names for your bigger feathery pal:

    1. Evergreen

    Large evergreen trees rule the forest - just like your large green parrot surely rules the roost. 

    2. Mint

    Does your large parrot have a fresh personality? This might be a cool name. 

    3. Sage

    A name with two different meanings - this could also imply that your large bird is full of sage wisdom. 

    4. King

    Large birds are the kings of the skies, so why not reflect it with this royal name?

    Good Names For Green Parrots

    Have you thought about assigning a name to your good parrot based on a movie or a pirate story?

    Here is a shortlist of potential names that might evoke memories of some parrot-related references from movies, television shows, and more. 

    1. Paulie

    Straight from the movie Paulie, anyone who has seen this film will instantly harken back to the voice of Jay Mohr when they hear this reference to the celebrity green parrot.

    2. Iago

    Anyone who has seen the movie Aladdin might appreciate this reference to the parrot sidekick of the villainous Jafar in the Disney classic. 

    3. Nigel

    Are you or anyone in your family fans of the animated movie Rio? If so, you might laugh at this reference to the cockatoo from the film. 

    4. Hulk

    Fans of The Incredible Hulk are sure to love this reference.

    Cool Names For Green Parrots

    Make your parrot part of the in-crowd with a cool name!

    Here are some ideas you can use if you want to give your parrot a name to give it a seat with the cool kids: 

    1. Fawkes

    If your green parrot has red splotches, this could be an interesting name that will throw fans back to the Harry Potter series. 

    2. Gossip

    Does your bird chatter a lot? This could be a suitable moniker!

    3. Cosmo

    This is a neat, almost mystic-sounding name for any bird.

    4. Tiki

    Green parrots can sometimes look a little tropical, so why not match that with a tropical-sounding name?

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    Cute Names For Green Parrots

    Want to give a cuter name to your parrot which is sure to give you a smile when you think about it or share stories about your bird with others?

    Here are a few ideas you can think about which will be sure to bring a grin when you call your parrot or introduce others to your pet: 

    1. Yoshi

    One of the most beloved green characters from the Super Mario Bros. series of video games, gamers in your circle of friends might appreciate this reference. 

    2. Yoda

    Parrots are thought to be highly intelligent birds, and who is more intelligent than the wise old sage from the famed Star Wars series of films? 

    3. Grinch

    Everyone remembers the villain who stole Christmas in the Dr. Seuss classic, so why not a throwback to those memories with this cute name? 

    4. Lucky

    Green is thought to be a lucky character, so why not make your bird a lucky one with this adorable name?

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    Funny Names For Green Parrots

    Want to evoke a bit of laughter whenever you let people know what your bird's name is? Why not choose a name that's both cute and funny.

    There are all kinds of hilarious names you could contemplate when it comes to ideas for naming your green colored parrot in this fashion, but here are some of the funniest ideas that might jog your creativity: 

    1. Pickles

    What better way to celebrate a great snack and a smart bird who share the same color than to name your new bird this moniker for some good laughs? 

    2. Alexa

    Everyone knows parrots can become squawky and chatty, and will often pipe up when hearing their name - much like Amazon's famous AI assistant, Alexa.

    3. Polly

    This one might be a little cliché' for some, but everyone knows the old line "Polly wants a cracker!" 

    4. Jeeves

    If you ask your bird something, you might just get a reply - this name could be a cute reference to the old, now-defunct search engine, Ask Jeeves. 

    Unique Names For Green Parrots

    Want to give your parrot a more unique name?

    Here are some interesting name ideas you can keep in mind if you would prefer to get away from more conventional and cliché' bird names: 

    1. Davy Jones

    Anyone who likes pirate parrot names might want to consider this funny reference to a classic pirate story.

    2. Shamrock

    Shamrock is thought to be lucky in Irish legend - why not make your parrot your lucky charm with this unique name?

    3. Emerald

    The gorgeous green jewel is a beauty to behold, and your majestic green parrot might be, too. This could be a good fit for your rare and gorgeous friend.

    4. Kiwi

    Kiwi is a delightful green fruit with a lot of personality. This could be a good name for a bird with a ton of its own personality.

    Bird Name Inspiration

    There are some great resources out there that you can use when it comes to finding inspiration for your new pet's name, but as with any other pet, you should know how you can find the inspiration to choose the right name for your green parrot. 

    If you are having a hard time, know that you don't have to choose a name right away. In fact, it can be useful to wait a while to learn about your bird's personality before giving it a name. After all, you want to make sure the name you give your new friend is one that will suit it well.

    Keep some of the following tips in mind for ways that you can find the perfectly-inspired name for your pet. 

    Help Choosing The Right Name

    When it comes to making sure you have nailed down the perfect parrot name, you can use some of these hints to capture your parrot's personality in the perfect designation:

    Use The Bird's Color For Inspiration

    One of the first places you should look for inspiration when it comes to naming your parrot is its color. This can help you narrow down your potential list of ideas for names if nothing else.

    Look To Entertainment For Help

    There is no shortage of great ideas for naming ideas for birds or any other pet when you look to your favorite television shows, books, films, and video games for assistance. A bonus about this is that others are sure to get these references, as well.

    Think Of Symbolism And Lore

    People who are fascinated by mythology and folklore are sure to find inspiration for names from some of their favorite ancient stories. Think back to some of your favorite types of mythologies and see there are any ideas you might like present.

    Remember, Your Pet Is Going To Be Around For A Long Time!

    Parrots can live for quite a long time, anywhere from 20 to even 100 years. With this kind of longevity, you are going to want to make sure you have given your parrot the perfect name, so ponder it carefully.

    What's The Right Name For Your Feathered Friend?

    Pet birds can be a joy to have around, and they can sure have a ton of personality. With the perfect name for your pet parrot, you can capture the essence of that personality into a single word or phrase, giving your bird plenty of character.

    There are all kinds of different parrot types out there - from the wildly intelligent African Grey parrot to the quaker parrot and even the scarlet macaw, owners of green parrots know just how much of a unique personality their birds have. You should reflect that highly unique character with an equally unique name.

    We get it - coming up with names can be hard sometimes. Hopefully, between some of the ideas presented here, you should have some great ideas for possible names for your green parrot, regardless of whether you wanted to go with funny parrot names, cute parrot names, famous parrot names, pirate parrot names, or something else entirely.

    As you can see, there is a whole world of possibilities that you can consider - so get creative and pick the perfect name for your colored bird!

    Do you love birds? Be sure to check out our blog on birds for more information and inspiration for name ideas be it green, blue, bright red, or even yellow!

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    Are there any other amazing green names we may be missing? Let us know we would love to add your suggestions!

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