Pakistani Parrot Names (239 Awesome Urdu Ideas)

Pakistani Parrot Names (239 Awesome Urdu Ideas)

There are many parrot breeds out there along with a myriad of potential names for your new feathered friend.

Selecting a Pakistani parrot name for a pet bird that’s originally from the region can be a great and unusual way for seeking inspiration.

Peruse the lists below to see if any of these will work for your new family member. It doesn’t have to be a Pakistani bird for them to have such a moniker of course; your parrot could be an African grey parrot.

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Best Pakistani Unisex Parrot Names

The following names are good when you haven’t any idea what sex your parrot is. This way, if you ever do find out, you can save yourself a little embarrassment.

  1. Kara (Bangles)
  2. Zakhmi (Injured)
  3. Burj Hoot (Pisces)
  4. Mujrim (Convict)
  5. Sarayat (Osmosis)
  6. Burj Qous (Sagittarius)
  7. Doll (Aquarius)
  8. Chiriya (Bird)
  9. Shumali (Arctic)
  10. Makar Raa (Capricorn)
  11. Chhata Burj (Virgo)
  12. Zardi (Yellowness)
  13. Behri Qazaq (Pirate)
  14. Fasadi (Rioter)
  15. Burj Asad (Leo)
  16. Kaikra Cancer (Astrological)
  17. Mithan (Gemini)
  18. Ba Adab (Courteous)
  19. Ayyar (Hardhead)
  20. Sharnaz (Pride of the king)
  21. Soot (Vocal)
  22. Tala (Libra)
  23. Burj Sore (Taurus)
  24. Megh (Aries)
  25. Burj Aqrab (Scorpio)

Pakistani Male Parrot Names

When you’re certain sure that your parrot is a male, you can see if any of these names will suit.

Some are actual names of Pakistani people while others are words from the Urdu language.

  1. Muhallil (Person pronouncing faith)
  2. Aryan (Beyond anyone’s strength)
  3. Awamiri (Long lived)
  4. Birousk (Light or radiance)
  5. Yureed (Want, desire)
  6. Zauqi (Enthusiastic; full of life)
  7. Awamil (One with a role; active or effective)
  8. Atheel (High status or nobility)
  9. Changaz (Extremely brave man)
  10. Darain (Double)
  11. Zabir (Vast knowledge of religion)
  12. Zerdad (One who donates)
  13. Zayan (Beautifier)
  14. Samama (Companion of the prophet)
  15. Hazeem (Wise, intelligent man)
  16. Mizhir (Place filled with flowers)
  17. Urrab (Eloquent and fluent)
  18. Yamar (Live, alive)
  19. Chamali (One who serves water)
  20. Tafazal (Old age, an aged man)
  21. Ayamin (One who is blessed)
  22. Muzhir (A plant with flowers opening or have opened)
  23. Tadeen (One who informs)
  24. Attaf (Protector of the weak and oppressed)
  25. Fahmi (Understanding man)
  26. Yergha (One who strikes)
  27. Buraid (Nobleman)
  28. Awmar (Long lived, one who has a long life)
  29. Zuwayhir (Radiant, luminous)
  30. Azban (Fresh and sweet)
  31. Yeraz (Dream)
  32. Tarfaan (One who translates)
  33. Auraq (Dust or sand colored)
  34. Gulfaam (Rose faced)
  35. Guney (South)
  36. Berezat (Exalted)
  37. Badawi (Good news or good tidings; a messenger)
  38. Charlesh (Tribal chief)
  39. Zarar (Strict, wise)
  40. Vahar (Springtime)
  41. Dayyaan (Mighty ruler, judge or protector)
  42. Awadil (Justice, fairness)
  43. Hamza (Strong, steadfast)
  44. Etizaaz (Become mighty, honored)
  45. Rohaan (Pure as spirit)
  46. Tishk (Sunlight)
  47. Huzaifa (One who accompanies the prophet)
  48. Harnail (One who comes from Harnai, a city of Pakistan)
  49. Awj (Height, pinnacle, top)
  50. Tahoor (One who purifies)
  51. Bairbel (Precious gemstones)
  52. Taisir (Felicitation)
  53. Rusul (Messenger, message bearer)
  54. Mourib (Fluent, eloquent)
  55. Awrad (Rose colored, rosy; healthy and youthful:looking skin)
  56. Ayaan (Inclined toward God)
  57. Rayan (Brilliant, bright, radiant)
  58. Cheragh (Lamp)
  59. Yazan (Determined man)
  60. Fidvi (Ready to sacrifice himself)
  61. Chawish (Tribe leader)
  62. Atfat (Affection, compassion)
  63. Yazeed (He who makes progress)
  64. Awlya (Companion, good friend)
  65. Aysar (One who is better off; living better)
  66. Durab (Big door)
  67. Bambad (Early morning)
  68. Ruwaihim (Forgiving, kind and compassionate)
  69. Awan (Moment or time)
  70. Zaweel (Motion or activity)
  71. Kachela (Surname for Samma tribe; along Indus River)
  72. Chashida (Experienced man)
  73. Khaan (Ruler, king)
  74. Yafir (One who leaves a mark)
  75. Yadid (Beloved friend)
  76. Zahrun (Blossom, flower)
  77. Xobeen (Spear)
  78. Elaf (Safety, security)
  79. Zewad (Respected man)
  80. Yashem (Green leaf)
  81. Fazil (Kind, graceful man)
  82. Taial (Nature)
  83. Muzdahir (Thriving; blooming or prospering) 
  84. Dastageer (Supporter, helper)
  85. Ghazanfer (Brave man)
  86. Zayyir (Brilliant)
  87. Arham (Filled with compassion)
  88. Ali (Superior, elevated, prominent)
  89. Yesoob (A guiding person)
  90. Ilma (Knowledge and intelligence)
  91. Faizan (Charitable)
  92. Muhazzim (One who defeats others)
  93. Baashir (Bravery and loyalty)
  94. Ejlaal (Honor, exalt)

Pakistani Female Parrot Names

The Pakistani language has plenty of beautiful names for females. So, if you know your parrot is a girl, maybe one of these will work.

  1. Raim (Mother with strong affection for her child)
  2. Azayiz (Mighty, powerful and respectable)
  3. Haniya (Pleased, happy)
  4. Rutaba (Reputation)
  5. Sanaya (Deserving of admiration)
  6. Yalina (Soft and delicate)
  7. Effat (Virtue or chastity)
  8. Awaidia (One who consoles)
  9. Aleena (Bright and beautiful)
  10. Barjabeen (Bright star)
  11. Azrah (Support, protection or help)
  12. Baharan (Springtime season)
  13. Aqidah (Faith or belief)
  14. Bahnaz (Most lovable)
  15. Yaseera (Living well and blessed)
  16. Ateebah (Something soft, gentle and delicate)
  17. Zaweela (Motion, activity)
  18. Ayaneh (Long night)
  19. Mashael (Sources of radiance or light)
  20. Aqsaa (The pinnacle, top, utmost or farthest)
  21. Durdanah (Precious gemstone; gold, ruby or pearl)
  22. Awdiya (Valleys)
  23. Baheela (Beautiful woman)
  24. Awamira (Long lived)
  25. Attarah (Maker or seller of perfumes)
  26. Zaima (Female leader; women with leadership qualities)
  27. Inaya (Concern, care)
  28. Azbah (Fresh and sweet)
  29. Badrah (To be early or ahead of others)
  30. Azari (Chastity; a virgin or maiden)
  31. Muzhirah (Plant with opening flowers; blooming)
  32. Syeda (Mistress)
  33. Awamila (Active and industrious woman)
  34. Memona (Thriving and prosperous; of many blessings)
  35. Zahriyyah (Vase for a flower; flower-like)
  36. Shahparee (Royal fairy, king’s fairy; one who is extremely beautiful)
  37. Durnaz (Beautiful, adorable; like pearls)
  38. Badeeda (Specimen or example)
  39. Zuhr (First three nights of the lunar month; light or brilliance)
  40. Raheebah (Open-hearted and generous woman)
  41. Badeea (Innovative creative and smart)
  42. Aroos (Extraordinary beauty)
  43. Rahmiya (A woman who is compassionate)
  44. Rahmi (A compassionate and merciful woman)
  45. Anaya (Without a superior, look up to God)
  46. Awarif (A woman with intelligence and wisdom)
  47. Bahiriya (Prominent, brilliant and renowned)
  48. Zimal (Clothing that covers the entire body)
  49. Awaiza (Consoler)
  50. Sourma (Moonlight, as beautiful as the moon)
  51. Azzaa (Female gazelle)
  52. Jinani (From paradise or heavenly)
  53. Atfah (Affectionate, compassionate)
  54. Yaquta (Gold, ruby, pearl and coral; gemstones)
  55. Awaisha (Female who has a good life)
  56. Maira (Light and swift)
  57. Ateera (Fragrant, perfume:like)
  58. Muhaimin (Protector)
  59. Ansharah (When the heart becomes open; relaxation and relief) 
  60. Zumurrud (Emerald or precious stone)
  61. Daumaa (Sea or ocean)
  62. Atafah (Affectionate and compassionate)
  63. Seherunnisa (Woman of the dawn)
  64. Shehrnaz (Cute and beautiful woman)
  65. Awja (Pinnacle, top or highest point)
  66. Eshaal (Enlivened or excited)
  67. Irhaa (To make calm or serene)
  68. Zerlinda (Beautiful morning or beautiful dawn)
  69. Shaima (One who is good natured)
  70. Yameena (Prospering and fruitful)
  71. Ebrah (Learns from experience; ultimate wisdom)
  72. Ruhaimah (Merciful, compassionate woman)  
  73. Badiha (Instinctual or intuitive)
  74. Shahlyla (Female royalty of the night; princess or queen)
  75. Zaneerah (Intelligent, wise woman)
  76. Arubiyyah (Fluent, eloquent)
  77. Gulnaz (Soft like a flower with a beautiful smell; soft, kind and sensitive)
  78. Zoreed (One with strong intentions)
  79. Hazeema (Wise and intelligent)
  80. Anadia (Tender, delicate and moist)
  81. Bahayah (Beauty and radiance)
  82. Liyana (Delicate and tender woman)
  83. Ashofta (Confused in love; an excited, anxious person)
  84. Qudrah (Power, ability and capacity of a woman)  
  85. Arfaana (Wise, wisdom and decisive; intelligent)
  86. Asali (Made of honey)
  87. Atubah (Soft, gentle and delicate)
  88. Bahisa (Eternal student; seeker, explorer)
  89. Aynoor (Beautiful and gorgeous woman)  
  90. Baarizah (Prominent personality)
  91. Yushfa (Youthful)
  92. Atiyyaat (Gifts)
  93. Alaya (Exalted, high status, sublime, superb, very beautiful)
  94. Baghisha (Light rain within an area that's small)   
  95. Aroofa (Knowledgeable, patient, wise)

Pakistani Unique Parrot Names

The rest of the names listed here are unusual and unique for any parrot, whether a boy or girl. If your parrot is the kind that talks, some of these might be fun and interesting to hear your pet repeat it.

  1. Saktah (Cataplexy)
  2. Zarf (Trachea)
  3. Alhamdulillah (Hallelujah)
  4. Fazool Go (Babbler)
  5. Matti (Dust)
  6. Kaj Aafiat (Jericho)
  7. Taqabli (Pointillism)
  8. Jawaa (Brave)
  9. Bawarchi (Chef)
  10. Jaiz (Justified)
  11. Mizaj (Gallant)
  12. Raah Jung (Warpath)
  13. Maalik Aurat (Boss lady)
  14. Raaj (Dominion)
  15. Urf (Alias)
  16. Aik Khilona (Kaleidoscope)
  17. Pakka Rang (Colorfast)
  18. Ghaar (Cave)
  19. Honda (Cauldron)
  20. Bhunara (Ladybird)
  21. Aelwa (Aloe)
  22. Nokar (Vassal)
  23. Kar (Blustering)
  24. Tatolna (Fumble)
  25. Mis (Copper)

Bird Name Inspiration

If any of the names in this list don’t really seem to suit your pet parrot, you can always look up an Urdu to English dictionary. First, you’ll want to pay attention to your bird. Note its mannerisms, behaviors, habits and natural patterns.

If it’s a colorful bird, perhaps you want to name it after a precious stone or brightly colored jewel. If it’s a grey parrot, maybe you want to give it something that reflects its dusty, darker appearance.

You could also look into the myriad of famous parrots from TV, movies or cartoons. Disney’s movie “Rio,” may have some interesting options for you to consider.

You could also take to social media and see if anyone has some fantastic recommendations which can be a great source of inspiration.

Help Choosing The Right Name

If your bird is going to be living long in your household and it talks, you want to pick a name you won’t get sick of hearing. Ensure that the name won’t become tiresome or an embarrassment to say down the road. So, you want to determine if the name is funny or cute only in the moment or if it has some lasting power.


Picking a name for your pet parrot should be a fairly easy endeavor. The great thing is you can select the name that you like best. It’s not like picking a name for a dog, cat or horse, where you’ll have to see how the animal responds.

With parrots, you can select whichever one you think best. All you have to do is be persistent and repetitive to the bird understands the sound. Eventually, it will come to know you and the sound of your voice.

Do you love birds? Be sure to check out our blog on birds for more information and inspiration for name ideas. Check out the bird blog here!

Are there any other Pakistani names we are missing? Let us know we would love to add your suggestions!

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