English Bulldog Names: 190 Pawsome Ideas

English Bulldog Names: 190 Pawsome Ideas

The English Bulldog, also known as the British Bulldog, is a medium-sized dog breed. Other famous bulldog breeds are the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog.

The dog breed is known for its distinctive wrinkly skin and pushed-in nose. Despite their hefty and muscular stature, bulldogs tend to have a kind and dignified demeanor, not aggressive. Bulldogs are called so because they were initially used in a blood sport called “bull baiting”, which is now banned.

If you are now a proud dog owner of a cute bulldog, you must be looking up English Bulldog names for your little pet. Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the best Bulldog names to help you find the perfect name for your new companion.

Top 100 English Bulldog Names

Naming your bulldog puppy is an important task as it helps you connect with your new pet. It is fun to name your pet after famous characters or after popular canine characters from books and movies. You can choose a name to represent their calm, friendly nature or their strong, muscular looks.

Here are the top 100 English Bulldog names that you can choose from:

  1. Abbie
  2. Acer
  3. Adolf
  4. Adonis
  5. Alvin
  6. Anubis
  7. Atlas
  8. Augie
  9. August
  10. Babushka
  11. Bacon
  12. Baloo
  13. Bandit
  14. Bear
  15. Beast
  16. Belvedere
  17. Bingo
  18. Bogart
  19. Bon-bon
  20. Bruiser
  21. Brutus
  22. Bubba
  23. Buddy
  24. Butch
  25. Chomper
  26. Colossus
  27. Coyote
  28. Diesel
  29. Dodge
  30. Duke
  31. Fergus
  32. Fuzz
  33. Geronimo
  34. Giggles
  35. Gizmo
  36. Goliath
  37. Goofy
  38. Grimm
  39. Groucho
  40. Grubber
  41. Hawkeye
  42. Hector
  43. Hercules
  44. Hershey
  45. Hulk
  46. Hunk
  47. Huntress
  48. Juicy
  49. Justice
  50. Kirby
  51. Lollypop
  52. Mafia
  53. Marmaduke
  54. Max
  55. Maximus
  56. Mercy
  57. Mike
  58. Munchkin
  59. Mustang
  60. Otto
  61. Paws
  62. Pepper
  63. Porky
  64. Pudgy
  65. Pumba
  66. Pumpkin
  67. Rambo
  68. Rasputin
  69. Razor
  70. Rocky
  71. Rogue
  72. Rufus
  73. Sausage
  74. Scooby
  75. Scooter
  76. Scout
  77. Shorty
  78. Skipper
  79. Snoopy
  80. Spike
  81. Spot
  82. Storm
  83. Sultan
  84. Sweet Pea
  85. Tank
  86. Tigress
  87. Trapper
  88. Tropicana
  89. Tubby
  90. Venom
  91. Viola
  92. Vodka
  93. Wilbur
  94. Wilma
  95. Wrigley
  96. Wrinkles
  97. Yani
  98. Yoda
  99. Zaff
  100. Zeppelin

Top 20 Female English Bulldog Names

Female English Bulldogs are not just adorable but powerful too. Don’t you think that a name that represents both power and feminity would be great for your girl dog?

Here are the top 20 female Bulldog names for your precious pet:

  • Anastasia: Anastasia Nikolaevna was the Grand Duchess of Russia, and possibly the last surviving member of the Russian royal family.
  • Angel: An angel is a spiritual entity believed to be the messengers of God.
  • Anne: Anne was one of the queens of Great Britain.
  • Ariel: Ariel is a famous cartoon character from the children’s book “The little mermaid”.
  • Audrey: Audrey is a feminine name of French origin, meaning noble strength. It was also the name of a very famous Hollywood actress.
  • Bernadette: Bernadette is a French name meaning brave bear.
  • Bridget: The name Bridget is of Irish origin and means power and strength.
  • Daphne: Daphne was a character in Greek mythology. The name also means a laurel tree.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth was the Queen of England during the Shakespearean era.
  • Gertrude: Gertrude is a name with its roots in the German language. It means a spear of strength.
  • Lady Jane: Lady Jane Grey was the Queen of England is 1553.
  • Lenna: The name Lenna is of German origin and means lion-hearted.
  • Luna: Luna has its origins in Latin and means “the moon”.
  • Maliha: Maliha is an Islamic name, which means beautiful or pleasant.
  • Matilda: Matilda is a German origin name meaning mighty in battle.
  • Mildred: The name Mildred is of English origin and means gentle strength.
  • Ruby: The ruby is a lustrous, precious stone that comes from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red.
  • Tetsu: Tetsu is a Japanese word meaning iron.
  • Valda: Valda is of German origin, meaning “powerful ruler”.
  • Valencia: It is a Spanish origin name meaning valor and health.

If you are looking for a different, yet a powerful name for your female dog, we suggest considering one of the above.

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English Bulldog Names

Top 20 Male English Bulldog Names

With their cute squished face, yet muscular, strong body, you need a strong yet cute name for your little boy.

Here are the top 20 male bulldog names for you to consider for your boy dog:

  • Achilles: Achilles was one of the greatest Greek warriors and the hero of the Trojan war.
  • Angus: The name Angus is of Scottish Gaelic origin, meaning “one strength”.
  • Armada: Armada means a fleet of warships.
  • Bazooka: Bazooka is a rocket launcher used to destroy tanks in battle.
  • Benedict: The name Benedict has been derived from the Latin name Benedictus meaning blessed one.
  • Byron: Lord Byron was an English poet well-known for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle.
  • Caesar: Julius Caesar was one of the most powerful Roman emperors of all time.
  • Champion: A champion is one who surpasses all rivals in a competition.
  • Columbus: Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who discovered the new world.
  • Denzel: Denzel is a name of Cornish origin, meaning “from the high stronghold”.
  • Draco: It is the Latin name for serpent and a popular character from the Harry Potter series.
  • Dynamite: Dynamite is the name of an extremely powerful explosive.
  • Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari was the designer and manufacturer of the very famous Ferrari racing cars.
  • Fort: The name Fort has its roots in French, meaning “strong”.
  • Genghis: Genghis Khan was a powerful Mongolian ruler and one of the most powerful military leaders in the world.
  • Kenzo: Kenzo is a Japanese name which means “strong and healthy”.
  • Nemesis: Nemesis means an adversary or rival.
  • Ragnar: Ragnar is a Scandinavian name, which means warrior.
  • Puma: Puma is a large, brown, wild cat similar to the cheetah.
  • Zeus: Zeus is the Greek God of the sky and thunder and is also the King of Gods.

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50 Unique Bulldog Names

Bulldogs have a unique look, and that might inspire you to choose a unique name for your new family member.

If that’s the case, here are some unique English Bulldog names for your favorite pet:

  1. Axel
  2. Babe
  3. Babyface
  4. Bentley
  5. Big Guy
  6. Bitsy
  7. Chalupa
  8. Chewbarka
  9. Crash
  10. Cuddles
  11. Dimples
  12. Dudley
  13. Durango
  14. Fletch
  15. Foxy
  16. Frisbee
  17. Gizmo
  18. Hodor
  19. Hooch
  20. Hugo
  21. Igor
  22. Jaws
  23. Jedi
  24. Jelly Bean
  25. Kudo
  26. Lexi
  27. Madge
  28. Meeko
  29. Muffin
  30. Ninja
  31. Noodles
  32. Odin
  33. Peanut
  34. Pee Wee
  35. Pooch
  36. Primo
  37. Rascal
  38. Rebel
  39. Rocco
  40. Root beer
  41. Ruffian
  42. Skittles
  43. Sumo
  44. Titan
  45. Toots
  46. Turbo
  47. Tyson
  48. Wasabi
  49. Yankee
  50. Ziggy
English Bulldog

Name Inspiration

Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds and make for very loyal companions. They are powerful and courageous, yet friendly and adorable. Bringing one home could easily be one of the best decisions in your life. Naming your dog is an equally important task.

If you can’s think of a name on the spot, look up the list above and you may find one that just right for your furry friend. Your friends or family could also help out in choosing the right name for your dog.

If you are the intellectual sorts, you can always name your dog after your favorite book character. Powerful people of historical importance also make for great names for your Bulldog. Caesar was a very powerful Roman Emperor and is also a very popular name for bulldogs.

Celebrity names can also be a very good option when choosing a name for your beloved dog. Think about your favorite actor or actress. Or maybe, you would like to name your dog after one of their famous characters.

The inspiration for a dog name can come from anywhere. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t think of a name immediately. Many pet owners struggle to find the right name for their dog. Take your time. Your pet is not in the least bit hurry to get a name. What matters most is that you give your pet the love and care it deserves. You can show your love for your dog in many different ways.

Congratulations On Becoming The Proud Pet Parent Of An English Bulldog!

Remember, no matter what you name your pup, it is always going to love and cherish you. Listen to your heart when you choose a name for your puppy, and your puppy is bound to love it too.

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