15 Pet Memorial Gift Ideas For Someone Who Lost A Pet

15 Pet Memorial Gift Ideas For Someone Who Lost A Pet

If you have ever had a pet in your life, then you know how special they are. These animal friends are not just a part of your home, but a little piece of your heart too. Losing a pet can be heartbreaking. If someone close to you has experienced a pet loss, giving them pet memorial gifts can help them fondly remember their lost pet.

Giving the right gift to a grieving pet owner shows them that you understand their pain. The gift should be such that it makes them feel close to their beloved lost pet. Your sympathy gift should help them pay tribute to their lost animal friend and cherish their time together.

If you have never given a pet memorial gift to someone before, you probably don’t know where to begin.

Here are some gift ideas for you:

1. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

A paw print wind chime can be a great gifting idea for a friend who has lost their beloved dog. The sweet, musical notes of the wind chime can help your friend reminisce about the wonderful time spent with their loving pets.

You can customize a wind chime by engraving it with a special quote or poem to represent their lost pet.

The windchime linked here includes a Teri Harrison poem card- Pawprints left by you. A part of the poem is also engraved on the paw print. The heartfelt poem can help relay your love and compassion to your friend.

The wind chime can be hung both indoors and outdoors, or in the favorite place of the lost pet. Each time the wind blows, it will bring memories of the beautiful time spent with the furry friend.

You can personalize this gift by engraving the name of the pet at the back of the metal top of the wind chime.

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2. Pet Memorial Garden Stone

A pet memorial garden stone can help keep the memory of the lost pet alive in your heart. If someone you know has lost a dog or cat, a memorial garden stone could be a special keepsake.

You can order a 3D dog or a cat resting on stone through the link given here. The one here says, "You have left our lives but will never leave our hearts". You may find other garden stones with quotes that truly reflect what you feel inside.

With these garden stones, you can create a memorial garden for the pet. Place the stone in your garden or backyard amidst flowers and greenery. You can also place the stone on the grave of the lost pet.

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3. Sympathy Cards

If a friend or family member has recently lost a beloved pet dog, their experience can be overwhelming. If you stay in another city or if your family member's home is not large enough, sympathy cards can be great in such situations.

If you live afar, you can mail the sympathy card to them. They can tuck the card in a book or place it on a nightstand in memory of their pet.

The card that is linked here measures 6.7” x 1.7” and features the Rainbow Bridge poem. The card has a small paw print on a rainbow background. It also has a small hole at the top which can be used to hang the card at a convenient spot. The card comes in a small envelope.

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4. Pet Memorial Blanket

    It is a wonderful feeling to cuddle with your pet. When a friend loses a pet, they often miss the snuggles they shared with their furry friend. With the loss of a pet, such moments are also lost forever.

    In such situations, gifting a pet blanket can help ease the feeling of emptiness. Whenever they miss their pet, they can hug the blanket to remember their lost friend.

    The pet blanket linked here can be customized as per your liking. You can have a picture of the pet or a picture of your friend with the pet printed on the blanket. Just upload a picture you like before you place the order.

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    5. Pet Memorial Picture Frames

    A picture frame can be a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a lost pet. Picture frames can be used to display the favorite pictures of your pet. Every time you see these pictures, it will bring back fond memories of the time spent with your pet.

    The photo frame linked here can display a 4” x 6” photo of your pet. You can display this picture frame anywhere in the house. You can hang it with a triangle hanger or place it on any table using an easel backing.

    The photo frame here reads “You left paw prints on my heart”, a sentiment that rings true with all pet lovers. You can choose other memorial frames too with quotes that are close to your heart.

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    6. Gift Baskets

      Bringing your friend or family member, their favorite meal or treat can be an effective way to alleviate grief.

      When a person is mourning the loss of a beloved pet eating is often the last thing on their mind. Food gift baskets can be a source of comfort in such trying times.

      The gift basket linked here includes comfort foods like soup, cookies, rolls, and a ladle in a beautiful package.

      If not food, then other gift basket ideas could be gifting coloring books with colored pencils. Coloring has been proven to be very therapeutic during times of loss. You can also include a journal and a pen for your friend to jot down their feeling during this time.

      7. Personalized Pet Memorial Stones

      Personalizing memorabilia can make it is a very special keepsake. It can be a very thoughtful pet remembrance gift.

      You can help a friend or loved one remember their beloved pet by gifting this paw print pet memorial stone. It comes in a paw print shape with a 2” x 3” photo frame. These pet memorial stones come etched with heart touching poems to remember your furry friends by. Your friend can keep the memorial stone close by to bring back memories of their pets.

      These personalized pet memorial stones look equally good both indoors and outdoors. The stone can stand on its base if displayed on a table or shelf. It will also look great in your garden as it is made of weatherproof resin and is designed to withstand the outdoor elements. If you decide to place the stone outdoors, it is better to laminate the photo that you place inside. You can find the latest price on Amazon here.

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      8. Pet Loss Keychain

      What could be a better pet sympathy gift than the one you can carry around. Keychains can be one of the best pet loss gifts. Gifting a keychain to a pet owner can help them carry the memory of their pet with them wherever they go. It can help reduce the pain and loss that they are feeling.

      The keychain linked here has a paw print, an angel wing, and a charm. The charm is etched with a beautiful quote that says

      “When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are far apart. For every time you think of me, I’m right here–inside your heart.

      Words like these can work wonders when you are overcome with feelings of grief. You can simply look at the words on the keychain to remember your pet to get through such tough times.

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      9. Pet Memorial Cremation Urns For Dogs And Cats

      Losing a pet is no less painful than losing a loved one. After all, pets are just like your family members.

      A beautiful, hand-crafted urn can give your pets a final resting place. They come in beautiful colors just like your love for your beloved pet.

      The urn linked here is available in three sizes and is suitable for dogs and cats or any other pets.

      An urn can be a great gifting option as you give the pet owner a discreet way to cherish their lost pet.

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      10. Sterling Silver Animal Pendants

      A memory keepsake that you can keep close to your heart can be one of the best gifts for loss. You can gift it to a friend or buy one for yourself. After all, our pets do leave their paw prints on our hearts forever.

      The sterling silver pendant linked here comes engraved with a message “I love you forever and ever”. The adorable pendant can be a great gift for someone who has lost a pet and even for someone who loves their pets.

      The size of the pendant is 0.57” x 1.1”. Made of 925 sterling silver, it comes with a durable and strong box chain. You will also receive a gift box when you order the pendant.

      When you wear this pendant, you can always feel the love of your pet going to your heart. You can choose from a large number of options. There are dog memorial pendants available as well as those for other common pets.

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      11. Personalized Dog Memorial Candle Tea Light Gift

      For pet owners who have lost their dogs, this can be a sentimental pet loss gifts. You can buy this beautiful, hand-crafted work of art by clicking here. The gift outlines the silhouette of your dog breed. It comes with a personalized pet sympathy tea light holder.

      You can help someone experiencing the pain of loss through love and light. The art piece looks beautiful with a candle or tea light, which comes free with the piece. You also get a free personalized nameplate along with each of these candle holders. You can engrave the name of the pet to make it more sentimental and personal.

      The size of the piece is 7 1/8” x 3 ½” and is available in a chestnut or pine finish. You can choose from nine metallic colors to highlight the silhouette of the chosen dog breed.

      The personalized artwork is not just one of the best dog memorial gifts but can also be a great accent piece for any part of the house.

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      12. Pet Memory Box

      Another great idea for pet loss gifts is a pet memory box. This keepsake box can help a pet owner treasure the memories of their dog or cat forever.

      The memory box looks like a treasure chest and measures 7” x 6” x 5”. You can gift this to someone grieving for their pet to store precious keepsakes of their lost companion.

      You can customize the picture engraved on the front of the box. You can have a picture of your furry friend engraved on the box if you like. A great place to keep treasured pictures, collars, and other small knick-knacks of your four-legged companion. Opening the box can help you take a walk down memory lane with your precious friend.

      All the boxes are made of high-quality pine and available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

      To buy this pet memory box, click here.

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      13. Pet Memorial Photo Album

        If a friend or loved one is mourning the loss of a pet, they would like to hold on to some fond memories. Photographs can be the best way to preserve such loving memories.

        For a friend who was always on an adventure with their pets, a photo album can help preserve all those treasured memories. It can help create a keepsake for all the adventures that they had embarked on together. Flipping through the photo album can help them feel more connected with their pets during times of grief.

        14. Loss Of Pet Candles

        How do you tell someone who has lost their pet that you are sorry? Expressing your compassion can sometimes be difficult. Not with gifts like these.

        A gift like this candle can truly express what you feel in your heart.

        15. Pet Loss Care Package

        When you show your heartfelt sympathy to a pet owner grieving the loss of a pet, it can mean a lot to them. A pet loss care package can be a great way to show just that.

        The package comes with a keepsake paw print pendant, a candle holder, and a remembrance journal. It also comes with two booklets. The booklet about celebrating love highlights the love between the pet owner and his companion. The other one about how to hold a pet memorial ceremony suggests ways to honor the memory of the beloved pet.

        Each of the items in the package has been carefully chosen to represent symbols of love and remembrance. It is a heartfelt way to share your support with a grieving friend as it represents a deeply comforting and supportive gesture.

        The package items will become special keepsakes for the pet owner as they realize how much love and support they are receiving in these difficult times.

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        Losing a dear pet can be extremely painful and at times overwhelming to many. When you gift someone a pet loss gift, you extend your support to them to overcome the loss of their beloved companion. You show them that you understand their grief at the immense loss. You show them you understand how much sorrow and pain the loss of a pet can cause.

        These gifts represent sympathy and helps the pet owners understand that they are not alone. They show them that you care about them. These memorial gifts not only help you express love but also honor the memories of the lost friend. Your friends and loved ones will deeply appreciate your sentiments as you help them pay tribute to their furry friends.

        You can buy these gifts online, or from stores or even make them on your own. What matters really are your sentiments behind these gifts.

        If you wish to check out the gift options listed above, you may do so by visiting Amazon or Pet Pattern.

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