Turkish Dog Names (261 Awesome Ideas For Males And Females)

Turkish Dog Names (261 Awesome Ideas For Males And Females)

There are seven different Turkish dog breeds and all of them are impressively amazing. There are Kangals, which have the strongest bite of any dog in the world. But, there is also the Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash, the Turkish Greyhound and so many others. All the Turkish breeds are strong, swift and fierce.

So, if you have one of these fantastic dogs as a new companion, you want to select the best name of Turkish origin. Peruse this list of Turkish dog names that come from such a fabled area of the Middle East.

Kangal Shepherd Dog

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Best Turkish Dog Names

The list below indicates some of the best names for dogs with Turkish breeding.

These encompass male, female and unisex monikers.

  1. Asuman: God of Breaths
  2. Azra: Help
  3. Behrem: the Planet Mars
  4. Beyza: White or Pure
  5. Bugat: Lightning Bolt
  6. Ceylan: Antelope
  7. Dicle: Life-Giving River
  8. Doga: In Love with God and/or Nature
  9. Elif: First Letter in the Alphabet; Slender
  10. Emine: Fearless, Courageous
  11. Karawan: Protection from the Evil Eye
  12. Kiral: Supreme Leader
  13. Meltem: Gentle Summer Breeze
  14. Shakirat: Appreciative
  15. Sibel: Oracle
  16. Tamaz: Strong Dog
  17. Tansu: Dawn Water
  18. Tengiz: Ocean or Sea
  19. Yadgar: Impressive
  20. Zeki: Clever

Female Turkish Dog Names

If your precious pup is a female, try one of these appellations for her.

These are perfect for females who are also of the Catalburun breed.

  1. Ada: Noble Kind
  2. Aergul: Bouquet of Blooming Roses
  3. Afet: Attractive, Lovable or Bewitching Beauty
  4. Ahu: Beautiful, Bright
  5. Aimal: Wish, Desire
  6. Aiyla: Moonlight, Moon Halo; Strong Fighter; Easy to Love
  7. Akasma: Climbing White Rose
  8. Alara: Aquatic or Water Fairy; Nymph
  9. Alev: Light, Flame or Brightness
  10. Anise: Aniseed
  11. Arda: Warm 
  12. Asli: Genuine or Real
  13. Ayla: Oak Tree
  14. Aylin: Form of Helen
  15. Aymelek: Angel of the Moon
  16. Ayperi: Fairy of the Moon
  17. Aysel: Moonlike
  18. Aysun: Moon Face
  19. Ayten: Shiny Skin as the Moon
  20. Banou: Princes or Royal Lady
  21. Burcu: Sweet Fragrance
  22. Cari: Free man
  23. Carla: Flows like Water
  24. Ceyda: Beautiful
  25. Damia: A Single Drop
  26. Deva: Divine
  27. Dora: Gift
  28. Ecrin: Reward
  29. Edric: Robust
  30. Eldar: Born to Fight with Fire
  31. Emel: Desire
  32. Emira: Princess
  33. Esana: Safeguard
  34. Esma: Kind Defender or Exists
  35. Esmeray: Dark or New Moon
  36. Fairuza: Turquoise Gem
  37. Feray: Radiance of the Moon
  38. Filliz: Develop
  39. Funda: of Sound Mind and Body
  40. Gaye: Reflective Ornament or Happy
  41. Gulizar: Rosy Pink Cheeks
  42. Gulya: Blossom
  43. Hale: Nook
  44. Halima: Gentle
  45. Hande: Infectious Smile
  46. Harika: Good Looking
  47. Hiranur: Diamond Fire
  48. Inayat: Favor
  49. Jale: Dew
  50. Joozher: Dignified
  51. Jorawar: Charm
  52. Juandalynn: Jolly
  53. Jubalia: Upstanding Personality
  54. Kara: Friend
  55. Kismet: Portion, Lot or Luck
  56. Lalam: Tulip
  57. Lunara: Rose or Pomegranate
  58. Miray: to Glow like the Moon
  59. Necia: Cohort
  60. Nuray: Bright as the Moon, Light Moon, Light of the Moon or Moonlight
  61. Nurgul: Rose of Radiance
  62. Onur: Honor
  63. Pembe: Pink and Beautiful
  64. Pinar: Fountain
  65. Rezan: Bright and Clear
  66. Sema: Earthbound
  67. Seyyal: Traveler
  68. Sita: Homesick
  69. Sona: Golden
  70. Sukru: Thankful
  71. Sumeyye: High above Others
  72. Tubba: Diligent and Pure
  73. Verda: Truth
  74. Yesenia: Flora
  75. Zambak: Flower or Lily
  76. Zeynep: Valuable Gemstone
  77. Zlem: Yearning

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Male Turkish Dog Names

When you know you have a good, strong boy, you want his name to reflect his demeanor and personality.

Surely there’s one down below that will fit your pooch.

  1. Aagha: Lord, Chief; Authority
  2. Abay: Talented
  3. Abi: Elder Brother
  4. Abu: Father
  5. Adalar: Red Island
  6. Adem: Earth
  7. Adlee: Just or Fair; Judged by God
  8. Ajdin: Lucky, Bright, Happy
  9. Ajnur: Moonlight; Moon’s Glow
  10. Akara: Chief; Challenge Embracer; Risk Taker
  11. Alibek: The Highest Ruler, Chief or Lord
  12. Alp: Brave Hero; Valor
  13. Altan: Red Dawn
  14. Anarbek: Master of Pomegranates
  15. Arystanbek: Lion Chief
  16. Asen: Bulgarian King
  17. Asker: Soldier
  18. Aslan: Lion
  19. Asumen: Sky
  20. Atil: Big River
  21. Avi: My Father
  22. Ayaz: Cool Night Breeze
  23. Ayden: Enlightened
  24. Azizbek: Mighty Chief
  25. Bahadir: Brave or Valiant
  26. Bahar: Spring of Life
  27. Baki: Quick, Analytical Mind
  28. Bakytbek: Happy Chief
  29. Baran: Forceful
  30. Bari: Of Allah
  31. Baris: Quiet, Peaceful or Calm
  32. Bechir: Discerning
  33. Beibut: Peace
  34. Berk: Birch Clearing
  35. Berkan: Strong Blood
  36. Cahil: Young, Naïve
  37. Can: Full of Life, Heart and/or Spirit
  38. Candan: Sincerely
  39. Candana: Sincere
  40. Cenk: War Victor
  41. Cetin: Tough and Hard
  42. Demir: Made of Iron
  43. Duman: Smokey
  44. Emin: Trustworthy
  45. Emir: Prince
  46. Emmad: Leader
  47. Emre: Loving Friend or Older Brother
  48. Enayat: Blessing
  49. Encarna: Kind
  50. Ender: Scarce
  51. Ensar: Helper
  52. Enver: Bright
  53. Eren: Saint
  54. Ergin: Mature
  55. Erol: Brave
  56. Etemad: Reliant
  57. Eymen: Fortunate, Auspicious
  58. Galip: Conqueror or Winner
  59. Gul: Rose
  60. Hakan: Emperor
  61. Halil: Honorable Comrade
  62. Hasad: Harvest
  63. Hosmunt: Clever
  64. Ismet: Honor
  65. Kartal: Eagle
  66. Kasim: Dispenser of Food and Goods
  67. Levent: Attractive
  68. Mehmet: Praiseworthy
  69. Mert: Lover of Silence
  70. Mesut: Pleasure or Joy
  71. Metin: Wielding Force
  72. Mirac: to Raise on High
  73. Murat: the Manifestation of Wishes
  74. Niroop: Bright or Shining
  75. Oguz: Treasure
  76. Okan: Noble
  77. Onur: Decency
  78. Orhan: Meek
  79. Osmanek: Expressive
  80. Otar: Meadow
  81. Oz: Divine
  82. Rifat: High Status
  83. Safet: Pure
  84. Sevket: Dignity and Power
  85. Shakir: Grateful, Thankful
  86. Sinan: A Spear’s Sharpened End
  87. Soner: the Last Man
  88. Timur: Tall
  89. Truang: Meadow
  90. Ulugbek: Mighty Chief
  91. Xerxes: Chief
  92. Yusuf: He Will Enlarge
  93. Zehab: Shining or Golden
  94. Zeki: Smart or Clever

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Cute Turkish Dog Names

Whether you have a male or a female dog, when they’re too adorable for words, they need a name that shows it.

There are so many cute names listed here, it’s not if you’ll find a name, it’s about which one to pick!

  1. Akay: Full Moon
  2. Ata: Ancestor
  3. Azzat: Gazelle
  4. Bata: Buddy or Friend
  5. Bayar: Delightful
  6. Candanin: Honest
  7. Deniz: Happy or Joyful Sea
  8. Gamze: Dimple
  9. Habibi: Sweetheart
  10. Hasad: Harvest
  11. Naji: Intimate Companion; Bosom Buddy
  12. Nazik: Delicate
  13. Nehir: River
  14. Nuray: Bright as the Moon, Light Moon, Light of the Moon or Moonlight
  15. Ozge: Unique
  16. Rabia: Springtime
  17. Reyhan: Basil
  18. Safiye: Genuine
  19. Sefa: Pleasing
  20. Serap: Illusion
  21. Sevgill: Dear
  22. Sevinc: Delight
  23. Sezen: Sensation

Good Turkish Dog Names

This list has a decent number of good, healthy names for your Turkish dog.

Some of these come imported from other cultures, but people seem to love naming their Anatolian Shepherd any one of these.

  1. Asur: Turkish for “Assyrian”
  2. Agca: White
  3. Bora: Rainstorm
  4. Cairo: Victorious One
  5. Demir: Iron
  6. Eber: Good
  7. Ece: Prolific or Famous; Attractive
  8. Ediz: Lavish
  9. Efe: Massive Strength and Love
  10. Emiri: a Royal Person
  11. Gaye: Reflective Ornament or Happy
  12. Guny: South
  13. Hakki: Justice
  14. Kumru: Dove
  15. Kurt: Wolf
  16. Sadik: Faithful
  17. Tali: Lucky
  18. Talu: Beneficial

Popular Turkish Dog Names

The names you see in the following list are some of the most popular Turkish names for dogs in the world.

People all over the globe find these very appropriate for their Kangal or Anatolian Shepherd.

  1. Hidir: Common Boy’s Name in Turkey
  2. Kader: Destiny or Fate
  3. Kadri: Pure
  4. Kahraman: Hero
  5. Latafat: Elegance
  6. Latifah: Elegant
  7. Mustafa: Chosen One
  8. Neval: New City
  9. Nijaz: Wish
  10. Olcay: Champion
  11. Omer: Talker
  12. Osmen: Walks the Right Path
  13. Ozan: Storyteller or Composer
  14. Rahsheda: Upright
  15. Roshan: Bright Light
  16. Galip: Conqueror or Winner
  17. Shahinaz: Beloved
  18. Silaah: Reunite
  19. Songi: the Final Rose
  20. Suleyman: Man of Peace
  21. Tabib: Healer
  22. Tanju: Blessed by God
  23. Tarkan: Strong and Bold
  24. Toulin: Moon’s Halo
  25. Tuncay: Bronze Moon
  26. Yildiz: Astronomical Star
  27. Zehra: Luminous
  28. Zel: Special
  29. Zhumabek: Friday Minister

Dog Name Inspiration

In order to give your dog the right Turkish name, you have to observe the dog first. In the case you have a puppy, try to remember that not all of its mannerisms will stay as they mature. They will calm down and, with training, will be very well-behaved. So, don’t pick a name that might be embarrassing later on down the road.

That said, take your dog for a walk and spend some time with it. When you get to know its personality and demeanor, you’ll know which name is right. Don’t rush this step and take your time.

If you didn’t like any of the names listed here, you can always go to a post that offers Turkish baby or dog names. Unless you have a Turkish friend, then they’ll be a great resource.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Always ensure you select a name that will be short, sweet and easy for your dog to recognize. If you want to give your dog a longer name, you will have to truncate it. This will be especially true if you plan on training the dog for a specific purpose.

Also, if you find it difficult to pronounce a name, don’t choose it. It should also be simple for you to say. It is advisable that you actually select two or three names and let your dog become part of its naming process.

Simply say each name, one-by-one, aloud and see which one your dog most acquiesces to. This will be the name you should give the dog. You may have to go through this process several times, but it shouldn’t be too painstaking.


Turkish names are some of the most fun and easy to say. They’re also good for dogs because of how few syllables there are. Whether you have a Kangal, Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash or any of the other fantastic Turkish breeds, it has to have a Turkish name to match.

Remember to keep the name short and easy. It’s also advisable to make your newfound furry four-legged friend part of the naming process. You’ll come up with a wonderful name in no time.

Still need more ideas? You can find more information and ideas in our other dog naming guides found here.

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