How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge?

How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge?

Dog walker charges vary depending on many factors that range from how many minutes they walk your dog to the number of walks a day and other factors like region, number of dogs. Etc. According to, the average dog walker charge in America is approximately $15 per hour. However, the rate varies anywhere from $10 to $60 or even more depending on the factors discussed below.

How Much Does A Dog Walker Cost? Average Dog Walker Rates

1. Daily Rates

Most dogs should walk for 20 to 30 minutes daily. Younger, more active dogs need more walking. Dog walkers usually charge depending on the number of walks per day, as well as the length per walk. A typical 20 to 30-minute walk can cost $20 to $30.

2. Hourly Rates

Dog walkers who charge hourly have rates varying from $10 to $60. However, it’s worth noting that dogs just need 20 to 30 minute walks daily. The lowest hourly rates tend to be charged by less experienced dog walkers or those interested in getting online reviews.

3. Rate Per Walk

Dog walkers in the U.S. charge anywhere from $0.50 - $1.00 per minute. Dog owners can get better rates from purchasing ongoing services.

4. Monthly Rate

Monthly dog walking rates are the cheapest. You can get a 10-30% discount by choosing a monthly rate. This option is great for dog owners who don’t have any time during the week to walk their dogs.

How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge

Factors Affecting How Much Dog Walkers Charge

While the rate you choose matters i.e., a monthly rate is cheaper than a per walk rate, there are other factors that determine how much dog walkers charge. The main factors include;

1. Number Of Walks

Dog walkers charge less if a client pays for multiple walks at a time. Dog owners can get up to 30% off or more simply by paying upfront for multiple walks i.e., a month of walks.

2. Transport Costs

If you have a preferred dog walker who commutes to get to your home, you should expect their transport costs to be included in their charges. The same applies to picking/dropping off your dog from other locations apart from the agreed location.

3. Number Of Dogs

Dog walkers who walk many dogs together tend to give discounts. If you/your dog doesn’t mind the company of other dogs, you can enjoy some significant savings. The same applies if you have two or more dogs. Dog walkers can charge dog owners with many dogs up to 50% of the charges for the second, third, or fourth dog.

4. Add-Ons

Different dog owners have different demands that dog walkers accommodate at an extra cost. For instance, if you are the kind of dog owner who likes dog walking updates every minute, expect to pay more. Updates like phone calls, texts, emails, photos, or videos of dog walking sessions come at an extra cost. Dog walker updates are necessary, especially if you are dealing with a new dog walker. They also capture priceless memories and details about each walk. If you want more than the standard updates, that will increase the cost of the service.

Add-ons can also come in the form of pickups and drop-offs. If your dog requires exercise, you may need a dog walker that does more than walking your dog around. You need a walker that can take your dog to the pack for an hour, take him/her off-leash, play fetch, etc., and drop him at home after an exercise session. Such add-ons can increase the hourly cost to approximately $45.

If you need a dog walker who will offer home care services i.e., play with your dog and/or feed him/her, you'll need to pay more. Home care services extend beyond typical dog walking tasks like giving a dog medication if needed to watering plants and cleaning after the dog. The charges can range from $0.50 to $ 1.00 a minute.

If you want a dog walker that walks your dog and does yard pickups (picks up your dog’s waste in the yard), expect to pay an extra $15 to $20. It also costs more (approximately $5 per walk) to request for walks outsider typical hours. Last-minute requests for dog walking services i.e., less than a 24-hour notice, attract an extra $10.

5. Professionalism And Experience

Dog walking charges also vary based on the experience and professionalism of the dog walker or dog walking service. While there are dog walkers who walk dogs for leisure or as a hobby, there are professionals as well who have acquired certifications, insurance, and memberships in professional bodies to ensure they deliver the best services. If you want a dog walker/dog walking services with all the necessary certifications, insurance, and membership in recognized bodies, you'll need to pay more.

The best dog walkers are those that are members of professional dog walking bodies. The American Kennel Club has a Canine Good Citizen program designed to offer everything there is to know about dogs from temperament, tracking, and training to basic handling. It feels better to hire someone who can handle your dog professionally. Membership in programs like Canine Good Citizen show a dog walker's ability to handle your dog, including providing pet first aid and CPR.

The best dog walkers also have insurance which will give you peace of mind. While walking a dog looks like a simple risk-free task, a lot can go wrong. For instance, your dog can damage property, get hurt, or hurt someone. If the dog walker has coverage, insurance can cover such eventualities when they happen.

If you want the most experienced dog walker in your area, you should be prepared to pay more. Experience matters in any profession, including dog walking. Experienced dog walkers are better in every aspect from walking troublesome dogs to administering medication and dealing with emergencies. However, be prepare to part with more money depending on the level of experience among other factors.

While anyone can walk a dog, there are obvious risks. If you want your dog play in the park or enjoy long walks in public, it makes sense to part with some more money and get an experienced dog walker.

Other Factors

Unique timelines: If your dog needs to be walked during a national holiday, you’ll need to pay more for obvious reasons.

Unique dog traits: Some dog breeds with unique traits also attract extra fees. For instance, larger and/or older dogs tend to command higher rates, mainly based on the extra effort needed to walk such dogs. If your dog has behavioral issues, you may be charged more. Such dogs need trained dog walkers capable of handling such dogs if they attack other dogs or get off the leash accidentally.

Location: Different states in America have different dog walking rates. The rates can also vary in different towns or locations within a state. For instance, if the service is common in your neighborhood, you can expect to pay less. If you live in an expensive neighborhood, the walking price will vary upwards. Here's a glance of dog walker charges in different cities in America.

Local regulations: Different areas may have different regulations on dog walking. For instance, some localities restrict dog walkers from traveling with their client’s dogs in their cars. Such regulations can result in inconveniences you need to pay for.


If you live in America, expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $60 per hour. The cost varies depending on many factors discussed above in detail. However, the major factors determining cost are the number of walks you want, length/duration of walks, the experience and professionalism of your dog walker as well as add-ons. The size/breed of your dog also matters.

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