20 Awesome Gifts For Dog Lovers

20 Awesome Gifts For Dog Lovers

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Dogs are man’s most loyal companions. That’s not because you give them food and shelter. Dog lovers know that there is much more to it than just that. Dogs are devoted, affectionate, never judge, and are always happy to see you. On top of that, they are super cute and cuddly.

It is not surprising to see so many people obsessed with dogs. You must also have at least one dog lover in your life.

Here are our recommendations of gifts for dog lovers to surprise your dog-obsessed friend or loved one:

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  1. Customized dog mugs
  2. Customized dog owner portrait
  3. Dog bed
  4. Dog leash
  5. Dog picture frame
  6. Dog mom baseball cap
  7. Rescue keychain
  8. Water bottle
  9. Dog carrier backpack
  10. Customized dog blanket
  11. Customized dog phone case
  12. T-shirt
  13. Dog camera
  14. Collar
  15. Stroller
  16. Dog coat
  17. Paw balm
  18. Dog print shoes
  19. Pawprint stud earrings
  20. Dog toys
Gifts For Dog Lovers

1. Customized Dog Mugs

Custom Dog Mug

Isn’t it great to start your day with a hot cup of coffee? And if your coffee mug has a super cute picture of your dog, could your mornings get any better? With these dog mugs, you can ensure that your loved ones have a super cute and energized start to their day.

You can customize these mugs by placing your favorite picture of the dog on any pattern of your choice. All you need to do is upload a clear picture of your canine friend when placing the order. If you want, you can also add a sweet message to the mug, making it all the more special.

These mugs are made of sturdy, high-quality ceramic, making them of excellent quality. Plus, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Even after a countless number of washes, these mugs will remain glossy, vibrant, and spotless. 

These dog mugs can be the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. You can buy these customized dog mugs from Pet Pattern.

2. Customized Pet Owner Portrait

Pet Portrait

The custom pet portrait can make a great wedding, anniversary, engagement, or birthday gift. It is also ideal for occasions like Valentine’s Day and Friendship Day. 

Available on Etsy, the seller will illustrate the portrait for your friend or loved one along with their beloved dog. If not satisfied with the results, you may ask for changes- as many times as you like. Since you will be given a digital copy, you can print it out as soon as you receive the file. If you would like a physical portrait, you may choose the printing option.

The dimensions of the portrait are 8 inches by 10 inches. It is neither too big nor too small. Just the perfect size to be placed on your nightstand or hung on a wall. However, if you want it smaller or bigger, you may ask for a different size.

The unique portrait will immortalize the bond between the pet owner and the beloved pet. Choose a special memory and there could be no better gift.

Buy this amazing pet owner portrait on Etsy.

3. Dog Bed

Dogs love to sleep, don’t they? So why not gift a dog bed? This L-shaped bed with dual bolsters will provide your furry friend a comfortable night or day of sleep.

The bed is lined with faux fur while the bolsters are wrapped with velvet so that your pet cannot resist snuggling into bed. It also comes with a cooling gel-infused memory foam that aligns with the pet’s body providing restful sleep.

The dog bed is available in a variety of sizes, from small to jumbo plus. So whether your friend owns a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you can definitely find a suitable size. It is also available in many colors. 

Dogs can sometimes be messy. That is why this bed comes with a removable dog bed cover that is washing machine friendly and can be cleaned easily.

If you want to buy this dog bed, you may do so by clicking the link here.

4. Dog Leash

A good looking yet functional leash can also be a good dog lover gift. To keep your dog healthy and in great shape, some amount of exercise is necessary. The best way to exercise your dog is to go on walks. Oh yes! Dogs love walks. A good quality leash is necessary to keep the dog safe during busy or dangerous walking paths.

The BAAPET dog leash is made with ½ inch diameter rock climbing rope, which is very strong. It also has a durable clip hook that will not come undone in busy walking paths. It also comes with soft padded handles for greater comfort.

The rope is made of highly reflective threads for better visibility during those late evening walks. It is also 5 feet long, which means greater freedom of your dog and yet everything in control. 

For your pet lover friend, this dog leash can be a very useful gift, perfect for everyday use.

Check out the latest price on Amazon here.

5. Dog Picture Frame

Photographs are the perfect way to capture a beautiful moment in time. Dog parents tend to take hundreds of photos of their furry baby as it grows up. Gifting your dog owner friend an eye-catching picture frame can be a great way to display these beautiful moments.

You can put a picture of them together or just of the dog and it will be perfect either way. The Malden picture frame can hold one 4x6 photograph. It has a little bone design at the top with the words “Woof” at the bottom. This modern-looking picture frame can add to the décor of your home or office. It comes with a stand at the back so that you can display it on your table. It also comes with a small hole at the back if you wish to hang it on the wall. Let your animal lover friend cherish the moments with their beloved pet every time they see their face in the frame.

Click here to buy this picture frame on Amazon.

6. Dog Mom Baseball Cap

Being a dog mom can be tough and needs a lot of hard work. Little puppies can be quite a handful. This vintage style, distressed baseball cap is made of 100% cotton. It has the words “Dog mom” on it with a cute paw print and a little bone.

The baseball cap is lightweight, yet durable and sturdy. It is suitable for all seasons- summer, winter, spring, and fall. Its low profile crown and adjustable closures allow for a comfortable fit. It will definitely look great on your friend.

To buy this baseball cap, click here.

7. Rescue Dog Keychain

Does one of your friends or loved ones own a rescue dog? If yes, then this rescue dog keychain will make a great birthday or holiday gift.

This silver color keychain has a charm with the words “Live, love, rescue” on it. It is an elegant looking keychain, great for both men and women. It also comes in an elegant jewelry pouch, making it a great gift for someone who has rescued a pet.

To buy this rescue dog keychain, click here.

8. Dog Water Bottle

The Lesotc dog water bottle is a water bottle and water bowl two in one. The fold cap doubles up as a water bowl and you do not need to carry a separate bowl to give your furry companion a drink. To fill the bowl, just press the water bottle and water will flow into it. The top rotational buckle ensures that the water does not flow back into the bottle, keeping it clean. It comes with a sealed silicone gasket that prevents water leakage. So no more worrying about getting your travel pack wet.

The water bowl is made with food-grade silicone. It is BPA-free and does not have a smell. The parts are detachable and easy to clean. The water bottle is also eco-friendly and recyclable.

If you have a friend who loves to go on treks with their dog, this water bottle is one of the best gift ideas.

If you would like to buy this water bottle as a gift for your friend, click here.

9. Dog Carrier Backpack

For pet owners with small to medium dog breeds, this backpack can be an ideal gift. The dog carrier backpack can carry pets up to 18 lbs. The two-way entry of this backpack makes it easier for you to interact with your furry friend. This is a great gift idea for a friend who loves traveling, hiking, walking, riding, and sight-seeing.

The backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt making it comfortable for men, women, and children.

The backpack has two entrances so that the pet can stick out its head. Thus, it is easier to feed or play with the dog without having to put the backpack down. The bottom zipper comes with a lockable function, ensuring that the dog does not open it by itself. It also comes with 4 breathable mesh windows for greater ventilation and better visibility for the pet. The dog can have a good look at the surroundings while you travel, keeping it relaxed and peaceful. It also comes with pockets to store essentials like snacks and toys for the dog.

Available on Amazon, you can click here to buy.

10. Customized Dog Blanket

Custom Dog Blanket

A customized dog blanket can also be a great gifting idea for your dog lover friend. This blanket is bound to become the pet’s favorite new gift. With the cold season approaching, this fleece blanket is a great way to keep the cute dog snug and warm.

You can upload your favorite picture of the dog when ordering this blanket. The blanket will come with the picture of the dog on it making it a special gift for all occasions. You can have the picture printed on a plain background or a patterned background. It is going to look great both ways.

These customized dog blankets are available on Pet Pattern. If you are interested in buying one, visit the link here.

11. Customized Dog Phone Case

Custom Dog Phone Case

Everyone uses cellphones these days. They have become such a necessity that nobody walks out of the house without the cellphone. These customized dog phone cases can be a great gift for your dog-obsessed friend or loved one.

You can have their favorite picture of their dog printed on the phone case. That way, they can always carry their beloved pet with them, no matter where they go. This customized dog phone case comes with cute paw prints and little bones on the background.

These personalized dog phone cases are made with very strong plastic. They are slim, lightweight, and have clear open ports to help you connect your charger or earphones. These phone cases also support wireless charging.

To buy these phone cases, click here.

12. Dog T-shirt

Your friend or loved one will simply love this super comfortable t-shirt. It says “Physically, I am here. Mentally, I am with my dog” which will definitely ring true with your friend. It is great for lounging and equally great for a day out. This t-shirt is made of 100% cotton making it perfect to wear all year round.

This t-shirt is unisex and can be a good gifting option for both men and women. Besides black, it is also available in other popular colors like blue and red. So if your friend’s birthday is around the corner, this t-shirt can make a wonderful gift.

You can click here to buy this t-shirt as a gift for your friend or loved one.

13. Dog Camera

Does your dog owner friend need to leave for work every day, leaving his dog home alone? It must make them sick with worry to leave their beloved pet alone. If that’s the case, then this dog camera can be an excellent way for them to keep an eye on their beloved pet.

The Furbo dog camera comes with Dog Activity Alert. It will send an alert to your smartphone if your dog is jumping on the furniture or chewing on cords. It also has Person Alert for when a person comes into view. If the dog misses your friend and is looking at the camera, it also has Dog Selfie Alert giving your friend the most adorable pup selfies. You can also trigger the camera to toss a treat or schedule treat tossing as you leave for work every day.

The dog camera can be an incredibly useful tool in keeping the precious pup safe. To buy this dog camera, visit the link here.

14. Dog Collar

Dog collars make great gifts for dog owners. If your friend or loved one has a new dog, they must be busy training the dog. These dog collars can be a useful training tool for new puppies. They can also be used as a correctional tool for small and medium-sized dogs to stop barking. The best part is that the dog never gets a shock. These dog collars use vibrations instead.

The dog collar senses the high-frequency barking of the dog. Hence, other dogs barking nearby have little or no chance of activating the collar. There is an option to decrease the sensitivity if there are other dogs nearby, like in a dog park.

These collars are waterproof and come with silicone covers to protect the skin of the dog. You may visit the link here to buy this as a gift for your friend.

15. Dog Stroller

Dog strollers help avoid undue stress on a dog’s body if they are unable to walk for some reason like joint pain or arthritis. It is also great if you have a small pup or a dog who has recently undergone surgery.

With this dog stroller, your friend can take his furry friend on walks without causing him any discomfort. It comes with Air Ride tires for extra comfort to the pet. It stabilizes the stroller when jogging or moving over rough terrain. It also comes with no-zip technology. Your friend would not need to fumble with zippers to access his furry friend. If the dog has had surgery, no zippers make it easier to place the dog in the stroller and take it out. These strollers come with an easy-locking latch, which is far more convenient than zippers.

The dog also gets a good view of its surroundings while you go out for a stroll or a jog. The stroller also comes with a cup holder and a storage basket. The inner liner and interior tether are detachable and can be washed easily. The stroller also comes with front shock absorbers and back wheel brakes.

To buy this dog stroller, you may click here.

16. Dog Coat

If your friend or a loved one owns a dog breed with short hair, they will surely need a dog coat for the upcoming winter months. These dog coats can be a great gift idea to keep the beloved pet warm and cozy. The soft and thick inner padded layer offers great comfort to the dog, keeping them warm at the same time.

The design of this dog coat is such that it gives good belly coverage keeping the dog’s belly safe from snow. Yet, it does not hamper the walking of the dog.

This dog coat is reversible, which means you get two coats for the price of one. It is versatile and stylish and great for indoor as well as outdoor use. The dog can wear it on either side, whichever is comfortable. 

The dog coat also comes with an elastic and hook and loop fastener combination under the dog’s belly. It makes the coat easy to put on and take off. It also offers a better fit, making it comfortable for the dog for all-day use. It also comes with a zipper on the back to incorporate any collar or harness. 

It also comes with highly reflective piping for better visibility later in the evening or at dusk. Visit the link here to buy this dog coat.

17. Dog Paw Balm

For any dog owner, the health of the dog holds top priority. Due to the changing weather, the dog may become more susceptible to allergies and dry skin. In times like these, what you need is a good dog paw balm to rejuvenate the skin of the dog.

Ruff Relief paw balm can be a very effective moisturizer for a dog’s paws, nose, wrinkles, or other problem areas.

Dry skin can be very uncomfortable and unsafe for a dog’s foot and nasal regions. The specially formulated paw balm can help repair the dog’s skin. It is certified USDA organic. It is a quality product ensuring the safety of your dog. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and effective during both winter and summer. It can help relieve and restore damaged, dry, chapped, crusty, itchy, flaky, bleeding, or cracking skin. They are also effective for dogs with skin conditions like dermatitis, hyperkeratosis, or rashes.

For a friend or loved one whose first priority is his dog’s health, this would make a great gift option. It is also a great idea to gift a paw balm with the cold winter season just around the corner.

Find out the latest price on Amazon here.

18. Dog Print Shoes

If you are looking for a good gift for a teenage girl or a young woman who also happens to love dogs, then these dog print shoes are for you.

These Skechers Bobs Slip-on Flats are great for someone who is looking for comfort. These shoes come with adorable dog prints on a variety of background colors. They go with almost all outfits and are also super fun to wear. They are extremely comfortable that your friend would want to wear them even around the house. Of course, they are great for going out too.

These shoes are made of canvas with a flexible rubber sole, perfect for all-day wear.

Here is the link to buy these awesome shoes on Amazon.

19. Pawprint Stud Earrings

Women love jewelry. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a dog mom, then these silver earrings are the best. These pawprint earrings are made of 10mm polished sterling silver, incredible for a dog lover. Could there be a better way to show your love for your dog to the world by wearing pawprint jewelry?

These fun and whimsical pawprint earrings are petite and adorable. They are an excellent gift for women of all ages. It can be the perfect gift for your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, aunt, or grandmother.

They can be gifted on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, these earrings can also make a great wedding gift. A gift like this is sure to brighten your friend or loved ones' day.

A new pair of sterling silver pawprint jewelry is a sensational way to declare your love for your dog. These earrings also come with an elegant black velvet pouch, ideal for gifting. They also make a great fashion statement.

If you want to buy these earrings, visit the link here.

20. Dog Toys

Have you ever spent time with a dog? Then you must know that they love to play. Dogs especially love to chew, fetch, and tug. Hence, good quality, durable dog toys make excellent gift options for pet owners who have a playful dog.

Pacific Pup Products Dog Toys make toys for your dogs that are durable but with the safest materials available. This pack of dog toys is the perfect combination of toys for shaking, chewing, and tugging. Even if the dog is an aggressive chewer, these toys are better than those squeaky ones, which get destroyed in minutes. These toys are super fun for dogs and will keep them entertained for hours. These are rope toys and hence are plastic-free, making them safe for the dog.

The pack also contains a giraffe rope dog and a carrot flossie. Both of these toys are designed to provide dental benefits. They are structured to clean teeth improving teeth and gum health.

Playing with dogs can not just be relaxing for you, but it is also therapeutic for the dog. Playing with toys has been proven to reduce anxiety in dogs. It stops them from chewing on furniture or other items in the house. Great way to protect your shoes too. Whether your friend has a small or a large dog, these toys are going to be perfect for any dog breed.

You can buy this toy pack here.


Dogs are man’s best friend. That is why dog lovers shower their beloved pets with so much time, energy, and love. Few animals in the world can be as loyal as a dog. Doesn’t it just melt your heart when you see a dog overjoyed at seeing its owner return home? Whether the owner was gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the excitement is just the same.

Dogs and their owners share a very special bond. The owners love their dogs as part of the family. In turn, dogs have been known to have stood by their owners through thick and thin. It has also been medically proven that people who keep dogs tend to live longer. Dog owners tend to have a lower risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. The health benefits can be attributed to the calming effect that a dog has on its owner.

A dog is probably the only animal in the world that loves its owner more than it does itself. The happy barking and the vigorous tail wagging all point to that. They are selfless and never ever judge you. The love of a dog is unconditional.

When you buy a gift for the dog lover in your love, the gift should symbolize the special bond that they share with their loyal companion. It should help the dog owner cherish the happy and special moments spent with his furry friend. It is great to give them gifts that symbolize their love and affection for their pets. Gifts that are useful for day-to-day use or which makes their life more convenient are also greatly appreciated.

So, here’s our list of the 20 best gifts for the dog lover in your life. We hope you gained some insight into the perfect gifts for devoted dog lovers, and your chosen gift is much appreciated.

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