17 Flower Dog Names To Call Your Beautiful Pup

17 Flower Dog Names To Call Your Beautiful Pup

If you are inspired by nature and want to name your dog after a unique flower, well, you have a great taste! While Rose and Lily are common flower dog names, we are here to suggest distinctive names for your furry friend. May be as distinctive as your personality. We know you are looking for something extraordinary, other than those you hear at the dog park.

The world of flowers is an excellent source for choosing dog names. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding on a flower dog name for your new pup or dog. Flower names for dogs can be gorgeous and when you chose right for your dog’s personality, calling out in public can make heads turn.

Flowers come in a wide range. You can certainly find one that syncs with your dog’s breed and attitude.

Dogs are lovely, faithful animals, and we believe every dog on the planet is beautiful.

Here, we have made a list of fabulous flower dog names that you can explore:

Flower Dog Names

1. Aster

Asters are beautiful perennials found in multiple colors. Meaning ‘star’ in Greek, these lovely flowers have star-like flower heads and can make a valued addition to any flower garden. They have sharp features, bloom during the summer and extend well into the early fall.

If your new pup has a bright color, is quick and sharp, the name ‘Aster’ could be perfect. This name suits both male and female dogs.

2. Begonia

Begonia is also a perennial flowering plant, mostly grown indoors. They are found in amazing colors such as bright pink, orange, yellow, red and peach. The name well aligns with a soft dog personality, which is mostly confined to homes and indoor activities. If your dog loves to play indoors and enjoys being with your family, calling him Begonia can sound just right.

3. Calla

Calla is a shortened name for Calla lily. Calla lilies are amazing flowers commonly found in yellow, red, violet and white colors. They grow quickly and do not require much care. If you adore lilies but are bored with often hearing the name at the dog park, we suggest calling your dog ‘Calla’. It is short, sweet and sounds unique. This name also suits both male and female dogs.

4. Bonsai

Bonsai plants are a wonderful sight when they are in full bloom. They are found in multiple colors, with red, pink and purple being the most common. They are short but appear rich. Bonsai is one of the very few flower dog names that is truly out of the ordinary. If your dog exhibits extraordinary skills, is witty and cute, Bonsai is the ideal name for him.

5. Caspia

Also popularly called Sea Lavender, Caspia features tiny blooms organized in clusters. This flower is largely used for making decorations.

If you have a passion for gardening and decoration, you can name your dog after this pretty flower. It perfectly reflects your personality. Caspia also sounds funny and mysterious.

6. Cypress

Cypress Vines belong to the Morning glory family. They are tiny star-shaped flowers, mostly found in red, pink and white colors. These flowers grow quickly, are bright and look appealing, particularly when arranged in a bunch. Dog parents often end up with this name when looking for a flower name for their dogs.

If you have a cute little pup and want to call him by a special flower name, Cypress can be a good choice.

7. Billy Buttons

Billy Buttons are bright yellow flowers with thin green stems.  Also called Craspedia, billy buttons symbolize confidence, dominance and beauty. If you have a dominant dog with intuitive abilities, who does things at his own will, you can call him Billy.  The globe-shaped flowers also represent socialization and enthusiasm.

If you don’t admire ‘Billy’, you have another option ‘Buttons’! Don’t you feel both these options are exceptional?

8. Dahlia

Dahlia is the favorite of many. It is a quick-growing flowering plant, and most commonly found in different shades of pink. The flower appears bushy and has a floral pea scent. Though adored by a large population, Dahlia is much liked by girls and young women.

A close relative of the Sunflower, Dahlia is one of the top choices for female dogs.

9. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a commonly found flower yet is a beauty that deserves admiration. It is bright and cheerful, and comes in white, pink, green, red and yellow colors.

If your dog makes your life cheerful, you can call him by this flower name, but wait! This name seems to be too long! Call him Chris! Like that?

10. Daisy

Daisies are tiny white flowers with bright yellow centers. They are small but stand out when placed in a flower basket. Anyone that sees these flowers would want to take a second look at them. Such is the appealing nature of the daisies.

If you admire little things in nature, it would be a good idea to name your dog after one of the nature’s small wonders. This flower name would be even apt if your dog is white with shades of gold.

11. Cosmos

Dog naming inspiration can also come by looking at your dog’s personality. If you have a pup that is growing very fast, the name ‘Cosmos’ can be the right fit. Cosmos flowers belong to the Sunflower family, and they grow very tall within a short span of time. This name suits both the genders while you can make the name sweeter by dropping the ‘s’ at the end.

How about calling your dog ‘Cosmo’? This flower name is also perfect for big dogs.

12. Daffodils

These are bright, cheery flowers that can transform the beauty of any garden. They are bell-shaped, beautiful flowers with long, green contrasting stems, commonly found in shades of yellow. Given the joyful nature of the daffodil flower, it can make a great choice for any female dog. Call your furry companion ‘daffy’ or ‘daff’ to further sound contemporary.

Smiling at the options? We have more for you! Read on.

13. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are a wonderful tropical species found abundantly in white, pink, yellow and red colors. They can add a tropical flair to any flower garden while the hibiscus flowers can redefine the appeal when added to any flower gift basket. These vibrant blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Pet parents can consider this flower name for their cheerful and attractive dogs.

Call him ‘hib’ or ‘hibs’ to make the name even modern.

14. Freesia

Freesia flowers are beautiful cut flowers and popular for their attractive colors, sweet perfume and vase life. They are small, attractive and widely used for gifting purposes.

Freesia can be a good name choice for your dog if he is strikingly smart and active all the time.

15. Jasmine

Jasmine flowers are small and white, and widely popular across the globe for their unique fragrance. They are usually found in white color, however, rarely they are also seen in pleasing yellow. They attract bees, hence grown in the bee farms. Jasmine is certainly one of the flower dog names you need to consider when trying to choose one for your new dog.

Jasmine flower name very well suits female dogs. You can call her ‘Jas’ to sound trendy.

16. Iris

Meaning ‘rainbow’ in Greek, Iris flower is called by this name due to the wide range of colors it is found in. Iris flowers are easy to grow, elegant and can do the magic when it comes to enhancing the appeal of the space where they are grown. They have uniquely shaped petals that make them stand out from the rest.

Choose this name if your furry companion is distinctive.

17. Pansy

Pansies are round-shaped spring flowers and look like cute babies. They are bright and colorful, and for long have been the garden favorites. Pansy is the ideal name for your pup if he is too cute and chubby. While the name aligns with any gender, it is often chosen for female dogs.

Hope this list provides you enough flower dog names to choose from!

Dog Naming Inspiration Guide

If you are a nature lover and searching for a botanical dog name, you can consider looking at lists of flower names. There are hundreds of thousands of flowers and choosing a name for your four-legged friend can be tricky. However, you can shortlist a few that you feel can reflect your dog’s personality.

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a flower dog name:

  • Is my dog well-built or has a small body?
  • Is my furry friend dominant?
  • What is his skin color?
  • Does he like to be confined to the home or loves to play outdoors?

Choose The Right Name For Your Dog

Every dog on Earth is special and each comes with certain unique qualities. However, it would make the right sense when you choose to call your dog/pup by a flower name that syncs with his character and attitude.

Before deciding on a name, we suggest you get to know your new dog’s personality. Go through the list above and choose a name that fits.

Need more ideas? Check out our dog naming guides here. If you managed to find a perfect fit let us know your dogs new name in the comments section below.

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