Dog Names That Start With B (385 Ideas For Males And Females)

Dog Names That Start With B (385 Ideas For Males And Females)

Dogs are known as man’s best friends and they are the most commonly owned pets. Dog lovers in today’s times don’t just buy exotic dog breeds; many of them take care of stray dogs as well and adopt them so that they too can live in a loving and caring environment.

If you’ve recently bought a dog or adopted one, the first thing you’d want to do is to give the dog a name. Now choosing dog names can be confusing, as there are so many options to choose from. However, in this post, we have compiled 385 dog names that start with B that you can pick for your dog.

In this compilation, you can find names for both male and female dogs. So if you’re a dog lover, sit back, keep scrolling, and read on, as we take you on a journey through a wide array of names from across the globe along with their meanings.

Let's dive in.

Dog Names That Start With B

Girl Dog Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for girl dog names starting with the letter ‘b’, take your pick from the following list:

  1. Bessie: God’s promise
  2. Bethany: House of welcome
  3. Bambi: Baby girl
  4. Barbara: Foreign, strange
  5. Beatrice: she who makes others happy
  6. Bebe: Baby
  7. Beliarosa: Rose
  8. Bella: beautiful
  9. Bertha: Bright one
  10. Beryl: Light-green semi-precious gemstone
  11. Bianca: White
  12. Beyonce: Beyond others
  13. Bijou: Jewel
  14. Bina: Bee or understanding
  15. Blair: Field or meadow
  16. Belinda: Beautiful
  17. Blythe: Gentle and kind
  18. Bona: Good
  19. Bowie: Fair-haired
  20. Braelyn: Honorable and strong
  21. Brook: Stream
  22. Bree: Noble
  23. Brenda: Sword’s blade
  24. Breanna: Noble
  25. Bridget: Power and strength
  26. Briella: God is my strength
  27. Briseis: Daughter of Briseus
  28. Britney: From Briton
  29. Brixton: Stone of Brixi
  30. Bronislava: To defend
  31. Brunhilde: Armed for battle
  32. Brycin: Bright strength
  33. Buffy: A pet form of Elizabeth
  34. Bettylou: Queen of a bed of roses
  35. Beverly: Meadow or beaver stream
  36. Bia: Blessed
  37. Bindu: Drop of water
  38. Baano: Beautiful princess
  39. Bab: Traveler
  40. Badane: God-given
  41. Badeeda: Example
  42. Baeli: Level-headed
  43. Baghisha: Light rain
  44. Bahaar: Season of spring
  45. Baht: God’s daughter
  46. Baina: Glittering with radiance
  47. Bajila: Dignified woman
  48. Bakhita: Fortunate
  49. Beccalynn: Intellectual
  50. Belet: Free-spirited
  51. Bellefleur: Beautiful flower
  52. Benedita: Blessed
  53. Benita: Good person
  54. Bernardina: Bear’s courage
  55. Biddy: Strong
  56. Blida: Gentle
  57. Bloem: Bloom
  58. Blodwyn: Flower
  59. Blossom: Flower-like
  60. Bodile: Fighting woman
  61. Bogdana: God-given
  62. Bonita: Pretty
  63. Bozena: Divine
  64. Bralynn: Wise and glorious
  65. Branda: Sword or fire
  66. Brasen: God’s gift
  67. Breckyn: Girl with freckled skin
  68. Breena: Imaginary fairyland
  69. Breindel: Blessing
  70. Brenyn: Teardrop
  71. Briah: Strong woman
  72. Bricteva: Fair gift
  73. Brida: Strong woman
  74. Brietta: Strong woman
  75. Brija: Seed
  76. Brinn: Noble
  77. Brisa: Like a breeze
  78. Brithwen: Bright friend
  79. Brolice: Tough woman
  80. Bronnen: Rush
  81. Brula: Pearl
  82. Bruriah: God’s clarity
  83. Brygida: Esteemed woman
  84. Bryndis: Armored Goddess
  85. Bryoni: Brave and virtuous
  86. Budhila: Awakened woman
  87. Buena: Good
  88. Buhja: Delighted
  89. Bullah: Youthful glow
  90. Burgwenta: Strong lady
  91. Busayrah: Female companion
  92. Bustan: Like an orchard
  93. Byrtel: Flowering shrub
  94. Bizziza: Victory
  95. Blanda: Dazzling
  96. Blandina: Charming
  97. Blenda: Dazzling bright
  98. Blerina: Fresh greenness
  99. Bluesette: A famous instrumental blues and jazz song
  100. Bo: Precious
  101. Bobbee: Bright famous one
  102. Bobette: Little bright and famous one
  103. Bobina: Little flame burning brightly
  104. Bobinette: Little woman who burns brightly
  105. Bolatito: Joy sanctifies me
  106. Bonajoia: Bringer of joy
  107. Bonnibel: Beautiful and cheerful
  108. Boond: A drop of water
  109. Brandee: Derived from the alcoholic beverage brandy
  110. Breena: Imaginary fairyland
  111. Bri: Noble and exalted one
  112. Brianda: Strong woman
  113. Briona: Lady of numerous virtues
  114. Bristi: Rain
  115. Brocky: Feathers coming from over the hill
  116. Brookelle: Lady from the stream
  117. Brula: Pearl
  118. Bryoni: Brave and virtuous
  119. Buduc: Person who loves wearing ribbons
  120. Buhjah: Delighted and joyful
  121. Bulah: Bride
  122. Bunda: Lady with a fur coat
  123. Bunmi: My gift-to-be
  124. Bushra: Bringer of happy news

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Boy Dog Names That Start With B

On the lookout for a name for your boy dog? Choose one from the following list:

  1. Babu: Gentleman
  2. Babur: Tiger’s power
  3. Bach: Person living by the stream
  4. Badshah: King
  5. Bahadur: Brave warrior
  6. Bhai: Brother
  7. Bailor: One with a majestic personality
  8. Bairn: Child at heart
  9. Bako: Guest
  10. Balder: Prince
  11. Baldwin: Brave friend
  12. Baldric: Brave ruler
  13. Balendin: Brave and fierce
  14. Ballard: Brave and strong
  15. Balther: Saint
  16. Balwin: Powerful
  17. Bancroft: Beanfield
  18. Bandhu: Friend
  19. Banduka: Outstanding
  20. Banjamon: Favorite son
  21. Banko: Everlasting
  22. Bannon: White
  23. Barack: Blessed
  24. Barbaros: Fierce
  25. Bardia: Prince
  26. Barin: Noble fighter
  27. Barker: Shepherd
  28. Barnardel: Brave
  29. Barnum: From a noble home
  30. Baron: Nobleman
  31. Barrant: Bear’s power
  32. Barz: Intelligent
  33. Basel: Brave
  34. Basil: Like a king
  35. Basilio: Noble and royal
  36. Bata: Friend
  37. Baudet: Joyful
  38. Baudric: Brave ruler
  39. Baxter: Baker
  40. Bayo: Finding joy
  41. Bazel: Royal and majestic
  42. Beadumund: Bold protector
  43. Beaduric: Powerful one
  44. Beagan: Little one
  45. Beal: Good looking
  46. Beaman: Keeper of bees
  47. Beanie: Cat-like
  48. Beatus: Happy and blessed
  49. Bebo: Loved one
  50. Becker: One who lives near a stream
  51. Bedwig: War commander
  52. Bellamy: Good friend
  53. Bello: Helper
  54. Bembe: Prophet
  55. Benjamin: Favorite son
  56. Benicio: Benevolent one
  57. Benoit: A form of Benedict
  58. Benoy: Polite and courteous
  59. Benvolio: Goodwill
  60. Benz: Blessed one
  61. Beorn: Warrior
  62. Beornet: Leader
  63. Berdy: Intelligent
  64. Berg: Mountain
  65. Bergen: Hill dweller
  66. Beric: Grain farm
  67. Berkeley: Place where birch trees grow
  68. Bernard: As brave as a bear
  69. Bertel: Bright and skillful
  70. Berthun: A bright person
  71. Bertrand: Intelligent
  72. Bertwin: Shining friend
  73. Beto: Blessed individual
  74. Beven: Youthful
  75. Bhanu: Sun
  76. Bhola: Innocent and polite
  77. Bibo: Peace lover
  78. Bien: Sea and ocean
  79. Biff: Playful fighting
  80. Bill: Resolute protector
  81. Birju: Good singer
  82. Bittu: Lovely baby
  83. Blagoy: Sweet, blessed, pleasant
  84. Blaike: Light
  85. Blayne: Slender
  86. Bleddyn: Wolf hero
  87. Blesi: Blessed man
  88. Bobb: bright and famous individual
  89. Boda: Army commander
  90. Bodhi: Awakened and enlightened
  91. Bodin: Defender of life
  92. Boe: Handsome admirer
  93. Bojan: Battle fighter
  94. Bolan: Little poet
  95. Bon: Good person
  96. Bonito: Pretty little one
  97. Bono: Everything is good
  98. Boran: Ancient
  99. Borge: Helpful one
  100. Borislav: Battle glory
  101. Borka: Good fighter
  102. Boromir: Faithful jewel
  103. Boris: Snow leopard
  104. Bosco: An Italian saint
  105. Boualem: Distinguished one
  106. Bouid: Learned and virtuous
  107. Boulos: Polite and humble
  108. Bourne: Seasonal river
  109. Bouvier: Herdsman
  110. Bowen: Son of Owen
  111. Boyce: Individual who lives near the woods
  112. Boyden: Messenger
  113. Bozo: Divine
  114. Brad: Clearing in the forest
  115. Brancen: Beloved and faithful one
  116. Brando: Sword
  117. Branko: Armor
  118. Bratislav: Brother’s glory
  119. Brenden: Brave and unafraid
  120. Brian: Nobleman
  121. Brice: Speckled one
  122. Broc: Like a badger
  123. Brocardo: Armed warrior
  124. Broderic: Brotherly person
  125. Bron: Brown or dark man
  126. Bruno: Brown one
  127. Bryant: One who rises to great heights
  128. Buchanan: House of the canon
  129. Buckley: Deer-like
  130. Buddy: Friend
  131. Budimir: Making peace
  132. Bukka: Sincere
  133. Bun: A type of hair knot
  134. Bunny: Little rabbit
  135. Butch: Butcher
  136. Buttel: Messenger

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Cute Dog Names That Start With B

For the cutest dog names ever, read the following list:

  1. Baasima: Smiling one
  2. Bachra: Elegant woman
  3. Badi: Happy and wonderful
  4. Badra: Beautiful like the moon
  5. Bahnaz: Most lovable
  6. Baina: Glittering with radiance
  7. Bala: Little girl
  8. Balea: Carefree and happy
  9. Balganym: As sweet as honey
  10. Bambina: Little girl
  11. Baraah: Innocence
  12. Barja: With beautiful eyes
  13. Barnini: Beautiful
  14. Basafa: Pure
  15. Bashasha: Cheerfulness
  16. Bashiga: Happy and joyful
  17. Bathilde: Heroine
  18. Bayla: Beautiful
  19. Bea: Blessed and holy
  20. Beage: Little one
  21. Beccy: A shortened version of Rebecca
  22. Belanna: Beautiful and noble
  23. Belette: Extremely beautiful
  24. Belevia: Beautiful
  25. Belia: God’s promise
  26. Belita: Attractive and stunning
  27. Bellina: Gracious and lovely
  28. Belmira: Beautiful woman
  29. Belva: Beautiful view
  30. Beneatha: Excitement and wonderment
  31. Berrie: Shining and noble
  32. Berura: Pure one
  33. Betryse: Blessed traveler
  34. Bevin: Beautiful and emotional lady
  35. Beyza: Pure and white
  36. Biana: Fair-skinned
  37. Biata: Blessed
  38. Bibha: Light and radiance
  39. Bibiana: Dynamic and lively
  40. Biddie: Exalted one
  41. Bidushi: Learned woman
  42. Bienna: Good
  43. Billa: Beautiful
  44. Bimbi: Glorious human
  45. Bimpe: Beautiful and gorgeous
  46. Birdee: Bird-like
  47. Birdine: Little bird
  48. Birleana: Imaginative, happy, and versatile
  49. Bisi: First-born daughter
  50. Bitti: Early

Good Dog Names That Start With B

In this section, you can check out a wide variety of good dog names starting with the letter B:

  1. Ba: Father figure
  2. Baako: First-born child
  3. Baahi: Glorious and magnificent
  4. Baasu: Prosperous
  5. Babak: Young father
  6. Baban: Successful and victorious
  7. Babatunde: Returned father
  8. Babba: Protective brother
  9. Babbu: Diligent servant
  10. Babi: One with a clever mind
  11. Babo: Pleasing and cute
  12. Bae: High-ranked person
  13. Bahlul: Smiling often
  14. Bahur: Brilliant and lucid
  15. Bahy: Good looking
  16. Bakeet: Person who uplifts mankind
  17. Bako: Guest
  18. Bale: Royal
  19. Balendu: Young and ascending moon
  20. Balak: Little boy
  21. Balki: Young and noble child
  22. Balu: Child
  23. Banjo: A musical instrument
  24. Banny: Good looking and petite
  25. Bardo: The Earth’s son

Unique Dog Names That Start With B

The following dog names are the most unique names for dogs that you can choose from and they all start with B:

  1. Barhi: Thanks
  2. Barir: Honest and faithful
  3. Barnaby: Consolation’s son
  4. Barqi: Electric light
  5. Barric: Grain farm
  6. Bartholomeo: A farmer’s son
  7. Barto: Hill
  8. Barun: Lord of the oceans and seas
  9. Basak: Flower garland
  10. Basel: Brave
  11. Basho: Banana plant
  12. Baskoro: Midday sun
  13. Bastian: Revered and venerable
  14. Batal: Brave, champion
  15. Battu: Child
  16. Bavol: wind, storm
  17. Bayo: Finding joy
  18. Beagan: Little one
  19. Beale: Attractive and handsome
  20. Beatus: Happy and blessed
  21. Beaw: Beautiful one
  22. Behdad: Excellent gift
  23. Behrang: Good color
  24. Benedictus: Blessed and content
  25. Bengy: Son of the south

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Cool Names For Dogs That Start With B

  1. Bustan: Like an orchard
  2. Byrdene: Little bird
  3. Byrtel: Flowering shrub
  4. Benigno: Kingly
  5. Ber: Fast and furious
  6. Berdy: Intelligent
  7. Bergelmir: Mythical giant
  8. Berko: First-born son
  9. Bernold: Strong bear
  10. Berrin: Bear
  11. Bertold: Bright strength
  12. Bertulf: One who is like both a bear and a wolf
  13. Bethuel: Man of God
  14. Bevis: Bowman
  15. Billy: Another version of the name William
  16. Biswa: World
  17. Biyn: Strong one
  18. Bladen: Knife
  19. Blesi: Blessed man
  20. Bodin: Defender of life
  21. Bogart: Strong bowman
  22. Bokamoso: Future
  23. Bolt: Flash or lightning
  24. Boothe: Person who resides in a hut
  25. Borgny: Happy helper

How To Find Inspiration For The Right Name For Your Dog

What name you pick for your dog depends on numerous things. To make it easier for yourself, you should narrow your choices down based on a few factors such as gender, stature, and personality.

If you have a female dog, you should ideally choose a female name that is reflective of your dog’s feminine traits. If you have a male dog, you should pick a manly name.

If your dog is a big one, you should go with a name that matches its size, and if it’s small, then a name that reflects its small size would be the best option.

How your dog behaves and what its personality is like also matters. A brave and courageous dog deserves a name that captures the essence of its heroic personality, while a timid dog can be named using a more innocent and light-hearted name.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your tastes and preferences, and we hope that you could find a unique dog name for your pawed friend from this list.


It’s time to pull the curtains down on this list of 385 dog names that we have compiled for you. Remember, choosing the right name for your dog is important as your dog is a vital member of your family, so choose well and love your four-legged friend!

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