Candy Names For Dogs (196 Awesome Naming Ideas)

Candy Names For Dogs (196 Awesome Naming Ideas)

If you are a new pet parent, love candies, but are confused about what to name your sweetheart dog, you are in the right place.

Candy names for dogs may sound quirky, but they are cute. They portray your love in every calling of their names. Moreover, the more unique the names are, the more special your dog will feel!

We have curated a list of 196 candy dog names that will help you find the perfect name for your cutesy canine.

Candy Names For Dogs

Candy Names For Male Dogs

Your precious boy needs a special name. So, why not call him with a cute name named after your favorite candy?

Here is our list of 96 candy names for male dogs curated by our team:

  1. Abba-Zabba
  2. Al – Almond Joy
  3. Almond
  4. Andes
  5. Bazooka
  6. Bubba
  7. Butterfinger: for the dog with the silkiest fur
  8. Cadbury: name for the dog that creates sweet moments!
  9. Caesar: the perfect name for the king of your hearts
  10. Candy
  11. Caramel
  12. Caramello
  13. Carmel
  14. Carmela
  15. Charleston
  16. Charlie: name is taken from the Charleston Chew
  17. Charm
  18. Cheddar
  19. Cheeto
  20. Chip
  21. Cherry
  22. Chewy: for the pet that bites everything!
  23. Chuckles: for your chuckle-partner
  24. Churro
  25. Clark
  26. Coco
  27. Coffee
  28. Cow: name taken from the Cow tails
  29. Crème
  30. Crispie
  31. Dulce
  32. Fireball
  33. Fudge
  34. Fluffy: for the fluffiest ball in your house!
  35. Goober
  36. Gumdrop
  37. Gummy
  38. Gusher
  39. Heath
  40. Hershey
  41. Hi-Chew
  42. Hot Tamale
  43. Hubba Bubba
  44. Ike: for the twin dog named Mike
  45. Jelly Belly
  46. Jolly
  47. Jujube
  48. Jujy: name is taken from the candy Jujyfruits
  49. Junior: for the smallest member in your house
  50. Laffy
  51. Lindt: creator of expensive delicacies
  52. Mamba
  53. Mars: perfect for Mars chocolate bar fans!
  54. Mar: name taken from the Marathon Bar
  55. Mike
  56. Mr Goodbar: for your Mr Good boy!
  57. Musketeer: he is your hero, your musketeer, no doubts!
  58. Nerd
  59. Nestle
  60. Nougat
  61. Oreo
  62. Payday
  63. Peanut: for the little nutty boy he is!
  64. Peep
  65. Peppermint: energetic boys deserve a sweet name!
  66. Pez
  67. Plenty
  68. Pocky
  69. Pretzel
  70. Raisinet
  71. Razzle
  72. Red – Red Hots
  73. Reese
  74. Regal
  75. Reggie
  76. Riesen
  77. Rio
  78. Ritter
  79. Rocky: a classic name for your classic boy
  80. Rolo
  81. Skittles
  82. Skor
  83. Smartie: a name for your smart boy!
  84. Snickers
  85. Starburst
  86. Toblerone
  87. Topping: not a candy, but garnishes your life sweetly!
  88. Twix
  89. Twizzler
  90. Whip
  91. Whopper
  92. Wonka: from Willy Wonka, the person who created the Chocolate Factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  93. Wrigley
  94. Werther
  95. York: For the good boys of New York
  96. Zagnut

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Candy Names For Female Dogs

We also have curated for your darling dogs who deserve the princess-like pamper from you.

Listed below are 100 candy names for female dogs that will help you call your sweet princess by the best name she deserves:

  1. Baby
  2. Baby Ruth
  3. Bazooka
  4. Bean
  5. Bear: from the classic gummy bears
  6. Big Hunk: tomboy dogs, anyone?
  7. Brach
  8. Bubba
  9. Bubble: not a candy, but taken from bubblegum
  10. Butterfinger
  11. Candy
  12. Carmela
  13. Carmel
  14. Cherry: the cherry on the top (of your life)!
  15. Coco
  16. Coffee
  17. Cookie
  18. Creme
  19. Dot
  20. Dum Dum
  21. Dulce
  22. Dove
  23. Godiva
  24. Hershey: a company that manufacturers sweetness - why not for your dog that starts happiness?
  25. Hi-Chew
  26. Honey
  27. Hot Tamale
  28. Hubba Bubba
  29. Jelly
  30. Jelly Bean
  31. Jelly Belly
  32. Jolly
  33. Joy: from the candy Almond Joy
  34. Jujubee
  35. Jujyfruits
  36. Junior: from the Junior Mints
  37. Kit Kat
  38. Laffy
  39. Licorice
  40. Lolly
  41. Marshmallow
  42. Milky Way
  43. Mint: a name for the energetic and fickle dogs
  44. Mocha
  45. M&M: for the matured and sturdy dog: Mr M&M!
  46. Mamba
  47. Marsh: from the delicacy Marshmallow
  48. Mary: from the Mary Jane candy
  49. Mocha
  50. Musketeer
  51. Necco
  52. Nestle
  53. Noisette
  54. Pastry: a little piece of heart and happiness
  55. Patch: from the candy Sour patch kids
  56. Patty
  57. Payday
  58. Peanut
  59. Peep
  60. Peppermint Patty
  61. Pez
  62. Pixy: from Pixy Stix
  63. Plenty
  64. Pocky
  65. Pop-pop rocks
  66. Praline
  67. Pretzel
  68. Patty
  69. Pixie: pretty princess deserves a pretty name!
  70. Reese
  71. Ruth
  72. Skittles
  73. Skor
  74. Smartie
  75. Snap
  76. Snickers
  77. Sprinkle
  78. Sugar
  79. Sweetart
  80. Sweetie: a classic name for your sweetie!
  81. Sno Cap
  82. Spearmint
  83. Starburst
  84. Sugar Baby
  85. Sugar Daddy: funny name for your sugary doggy
  86. Switzer
  87. Taffy
  88. Tic: for twin dogs
  89. Tac: for twin dogs
  90. Toblerone: for the super girl that's strong as the mountains
  91. Toffee
  92. Tootsie
  93. Topping: for the one that tops sweetness in your life
  94. Truffle
  95. Turtle
  96. Twix
  97. Willy: for twin dogs
  98. Wonka: for twin dogs
  99. Wrigley
  100. Zot Z

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Dog Name Inspiration

Finding candy names for your pup can be time-consuming. Though the names sound quirky and special, they are difficult to find and may sound awkward to people around you. But, always remember: it is the love between your dog and you. And thus, it should not matter how weird it sounds.

You may get inspirations for your dog's name from anywhere around you. There are a lot of cute names that go unnoticed in our daily lives. You can get inspiration from the pop culture: TV, movies, books, comics, novels, video games and whatnot around you.

Names can also be found from personality traits, activities, physical features, and any resemblance with your dogs. All they need to be is unique and feel-good to your ears.

Picking the right name for your dog may be a bit tedious. After all, you want your baby pet to be named the best. Try selecting a name you will love to call out in public and greet the dog with your love and respect for it.

Help Choose The Right Name

It is common for new pet parents to struggle in the beginning, finding the right name for their pets. If the pet parents are good at naming their pets, don't get disheartened if you can't find a name like them. Finding names do take time.

Names convey your love and affection for your pets. Allow yourself with some time to think and select the right name. Try calling your pets with hypothetical names or the names that sound good to you.

See how you feel when calling them, and how they respond. It is important to feel happy and connected while calling the names. Once, a name makes you feel attached, voilà! That's the name!

For example, call your dog by the name "candy bar" once. See how comfortable you are with the name and how happy your pet is with the name. Once, you enter the bubble of the comfort zone you and your dog will love the name.


Selecting pet names for your little buddies is already a precious moment. It shows how much you love your pet pals. Choosing the best way to declare your love, calling them by the same name, and them rushing back to you, it is a worth in all. And the unique names makes you a proud pet parent.

If you are into naming your pets with cute and quirky names, this list of cute names for dogs must have helped you or given you ideas for naming your furry friend. Now, it's time to call your dog with affection and with the love they deserve.

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