Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

Beagles are small, compact but hardy dogs making them great companions for children and adults alike. Their incredible sense of smell and excellent tracking instincts make them perfect hunting dogs. They are incredibly popular due to their adorable size, great temperament, and intelligence. Beagles also tend to have lesser inherited health issues as compared to other dog breeds.

Many people who live in small houses or apartments prefer to keep smaller dogs rather than larger breeds. The beagle is quite popular among such people due to its small size. However, the question is-“Are beagles good apartment dogs?”

Let’s find out.

Are Beagles Good For Apartment Living?

Beagles are even-tempered, adaptable, and the perfect size for apartments. The average beagle can be around 13 to 15 inches tall and weigh up to 30 pounds.

They make great family dogs because they are mild and not too aggressive. Beagles are not very energetic but they are not laid back either.

Beagles are also extremely adaptive. Their even temperament makes them happy and easy-going. Hence, they adapt easily to life in a cramped apartment.

Beagles are also known to be highly intelligent. They are quick to learn, which helps them quickly adjust to different situations.

Due to these reasons, beagles can adapt to apartment living just as well as they could in a big suburban home. Even though beagles are good for apartment living, you still need to take care of its physical needs.

Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs

Are Beagles Good Indoor Dogs?

Beagles do well indoors provided they get their daily dose of necessary exercise. Remember, beagles were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They may not be hyperactive but they are definitely energetic.

Apartments do not have the necessary living space for a beagle to get ample exercise. You must take your beagle for frequent long walks. It is not advisable to keep your beagle indoors for long periods of time. At least one walk a day is highly recommended.

Beagles also need cardiovascular exercise to remain healthy. The best way would be to take your pet to a dog park. You could carry a ball or a frisbee to play fetch with your dog. If you do not have access to a dog park, you and your dog could run together for some much-needed cardio.

Things To Consider When Keeping A Beagle In An Apartment

If you live in an apartment and are planning to get a beagle, here are a few things you must consider:

1. Are Dogs Allowed In Your Apartment?

Not all apartments allow pets. Before you bring a beagle home, make sure you check if your apartment allows animals. Some apartments only allow specific breeds of dogs. Make sure you check all the boxes before getting a beagle.

2. How Big Is The Apartment?

Apartments come in all sizes. Bring a beagle home only if you feel that the apartment is large enough for the both of you. If you stay alone, even a small apartment is fine. However, if you live with family, then make sure that the apartment is comfortable enough for all of you and the beagle.

Consider organizing the apartment to get rid of clutter and get enough space. You definitely would not want to trip over your dog, would you?

3. Are Your Neighbors Okay With You Having A Dog?

It is quite common to hear noises from other apartments which is why no one likes noisy neighbors. Just like you can hear what’s going on in your neighbor’s apartment, they can hear yours too.

Beagles can be noisy. They are known to be big howlers and they bark a lot. Are you sure your neighbors are not going to complain?

Beagles were earlier used as hunting dogs and hence they lived in packs. They are not used to living alone. If you need to be at work for long periods, your beagle may suffer from separation anxiety causing it to howl. Also, their bark is quite loud.

Happy Beagle

How To Keep Your Beagle Happy And Healthy In An Apartment?

If you want to live with a beagle in an apartment, you must do a few things to keep it happy and healthy.

1. Give Your Beagle A Lot Of Attention And Affection

Beagles are loving, patient, sweet, and gentle. They are very compassionate and hence expect a lot of attention and affection. They love companionship and hence love to be around you. Being around your dog may not be possible all the time, especially when you leave for work.

Ensure that you never leave your beagle alone for long until you get them used to it or train them well. It is not recommended to leave your beagle home alone for more than 8 hours a day.

If you are absent for a long time during the day, your dog may become anxious and may become destructive.

Before leaving for work, make sure to devote sufficient time to your beagle. Show them your love once you are back. Feed your beagle when you have your dinner to spend some quality time together.

2. Make Sure To Get Your Beagle Plenty Of Exercise

Before you get a beagle you have to understand, that they need lots of exercise. You must take them for frequent walks and to the dog park whenever possible. If it is not possible to go outdoors, you may play with your beagle indoors to ensure that it gets adequate exercise.

Beagles should get at least half an hour of exercise daily to be healthy and in shape.

3. Keep Them Occupied

Beagles are intelligent dogs and hence they need a lot of mental stimulation. A good way to keep your dog occupied is with dog toys. During your absence from home, dog toys and chew bones can keep your dog entertained. It will also keep your shoes and furniture safe.

4. Train Your Beagle Well

Well-trained dogs tend to have considerably fewer problems. They have fewer problems from separation anxiety and are generally much more well-behaved.

When training your beagle make sure to train to be alone at home without you when at work. Training can help your dog get used to you going to work and it will feel more comfortable being alone for that period.

Don’t try to train all at once as that never works. Also, ensure that there are no distractions while you are training your dog. Reward them with treats for their good behavior.

5. Give Your Beagle A Little Free Reign

Allowing your beagle to check out its new surroundings will help it get familiarized faster. Being in a familiar environment eases their stress and they can adapt faster. You may want to keep an eye on your beagle when it explores its new apartment. Show them that they are secure and you will be there for them when they need you.


Beagles adapt really well and will definitely not pose a problem when living in an apartment. However, you need to be cognizant of the fact that they can be noisy and loud barkers.

Beagles are friendly dogs and make great companions. Your beloved pet deserves a loving home more than anything else. The size of your apartment does not matter. What truly matters is the size of your heart. Remember to love your beagle all you can and yes, keep it on its toes.

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