Should I Bathe My Maine Coon?

Should I Bathe My Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are known for being some of the largest types of house cat you can own.

In researching about your coon cat, you have undoubtedly heard about how they love water because they are likely descended from seafaring ships.

But does this translate to baths?

Plenty of adult Maine Coons enjoy baths. This is because they are long haired cats and bathing them helps control shedding and keeping the coat clean. While as a cat breed Maine Coons love water, individual cats may not appreciate a bath, so kitty wipes are an acceptable alternative most of the time.

Do Maine Coons Clean Themselves?

Maine Coons will absolutely clean themselves. They are constantly grooming. Therefore, you’ll want to brush your cat at least once a week to help keep the hairballs down. If you need to train your cat to like being brushed, be prepared to reward them with lots of pets and treats.

Do Maine Coons Like to Shower?

Some cats love water, especially Maine Coons. However, letting them in the shower and turning the water on might not be the best idea. You can certainly try a couple of small experiments to see if they enjoy it, otherwise, consider just bathing them in the sink or the bathtub.

Quick Tips for Bathing

  • Bathe no more than once a month
  • Brush them beforehand
  • Use cat-safe shampoos
  • Don’t get their face wet
  • Dry off the excess water with a towel

It is important to not over-bathe your Maine Coon because otherwise they might lose the ability to regulate their temperature and their fur might get messed up. The only exception to this is if they get themselves covered in something they shouldn’t lick off like paint or oil.

It is best to brush your cat before you bathe them to prevent mats. You should also not use human shampoos because those can be toxic to cats. This is one of many cat shampoos to use instead.

When bathing them, be sure to avoid getting water or soap by their eyes and ears. Don’t spray water directly into their face. Instead, wet your hand and wipe their face with that instead. This will help keep them more comfortable.

Some cats do not like being completely submerged in water. An alternative to this is letting them sit on a stool while you wet them down. It might not be as easy to get your Maine Coon wet this way as their fur is designed to keep them warm and dry, but it is still possible.

Make sure you rinse your cat well, because they will be grooming themselves for hours afterwards. Once you take them out of the bath, wrap them in a warm towel and get some of that extra water off. Then it’s best to leave them in a room to themselves while they groom.

Once they are done grooming themselves, you can go back and brush them again to make sure to remove any mats that might have occurred during the bathing process.

Some More Information

Here is some extra information about grooming and taking care of your Maine Coon so you and your cat will have a good time.

Brushing your Maine Coon

Taking the time to brush your Maine Coon is one of the most important pieces of advice for caring for your special cat. This step helps keep the mats down and the coat healthy by getting rid of all the loose hair. Start grooming your Maine Coon at a young age to get them accustomed to all the treatment.

Feeding them the Right Diet

There are many types of cat food out there and it may be hard to choose which one is right for your kitty. You should look for high-quality dry food and feed them more than a few times a day because they are prone to overeating. Make sure you also leave out multiple water bowls for them, especially if you live in a dryer climate.

Trimming their Nails

This one comes up a lot if your Maine Coons are indoor cats. They have long nails that can absolutely shred furniture. You can clip their nails so long as you are careful to avoid the quick, but you can also choose to get them designated scratching posts to keep their nails in check.

Trimming or Shaving their Fur

Owners who shave their Maine Coons often do it with the best intentions because the cat’s fur is so long. However, this should only be done under the supervision of a veterinarian. Maine Coons can regulate their temperature even with their thick coats. Their hair should only be trimmed if it is too matted for even a de-matting brush.


Maine Coons should absolutely be bathed to keep on top of extra fur and dander. However, do not bathe them more than once a month. Bathing is just one part of Maine Coon ownership.

If your Maine Coon does not like to be bathed, you can instead wipe them down with specific cat wipes to help with odor and dander. This will not work in the event of your cat getting into a toxic substance like paint or oil, however. You do not want them to lick all of that off and get sick.

Your Maine Coon will absolutely groom itself, but the longer the hair, the harder time your kitty will have keeping on top of it without a lot of hairballs. You should brush them around once a week, and especially before bath time.

Now go and give your Maine Coon some pets and a treat!

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